Friday, June 12, 2015

Life is like a Bowlful of Cherries

Our wild cherries are RED.  In early JUNE.  Global warming?  Climate change?  At any rate.. aren't they pretty?  The birds are happy!  These are way on the top of a 30 foot tall tree.

Cherries are such a pretty fruit, aren't they?  

We are making progress with Betsy Ann.  Dayle washed her and has been cleaning and polishing the chrome.  Travis has installed new locks as Sally had lost the key.  We have all the parts to replace the brake system.  That will be next.

The old chrome is pitted and not perfect, but you should have seen the "before" and "after" when he polished it.  Isn't it pretty?


I volunteered at Multnomah Falls yesterday and decided to drive home on the Historic Columbia River Highway instead of hopping on the freeway.  This rock outcropping is called "Bishop's Cap" for obvious reasons.

Driving on the historic highway really is lovely.. I just cruised slowly with all my windows down and the sunroof open and enjoyed the aromas of the woodland and with my eagle eye looking for wildflowers.

I passed by Latourell Falls.. not much water going over right now!

I drove around Vista House and just beyond I was amazed and thrilled to see many more wild Columbia Tiger Lilies in bloom!  Pull over.. park.. grab camera.. get out of car and walk up to the flowers.. snap snap.. OH.. pretty!

My beloved lilies in their natural habitat.. mixed up with grasses and in front of the big trees with the Columbia Gorge behind them.

Love love love.

I was very happy how these images came out.  The first 3 photos of them that I got were awful and blurry and I was so unhappy.. then the next ones were perfect and then I was overjoyed.

I'm not even going to apologize for so many images.. coz I love them.  :-)

Which photo of them is your favorite?

Of course I stopped at Portland Women's Forum and got my obligatory shot of Vista House.

The wild Sweet Pea is in bloom.

How lovely is this?

There are also wild roses at PWF State Scenic Viewpoint!

OK, time to head home.

The "rock" at the entrance to PWF.  Not long ago one of the bronze plaques was pried loose and stolen.  It was a huge project to have a new plaque made and installed.. but it's back.  Our group donated funds to have the new plaque made.

After driving through Corbett, I admired the patterns of the newly plowed field and stopped to snap some photos.  They will be planting cabbage here, every year they plant them and I admire them as they grow.

It's like abstract art.

This plant comes back every year but I haven't identified it.. do you know what it is?  ETA:  I found it by googling "fuzzy pink flower - it's a Pink Spirea!

It comes out between my red Azalea and Star Magnolia tree.

Kristi's Lily is in bloom!  Our Stargazer Lilies are nearing bloom, too.

I thought you'd like to see the geodes that the boys cracked open.  So pretty and filled with crystals.

They were fascinated with them.. and so was I!

Kristi has two tomato plants going in pots.  We also have a Zucchini blooming!  Yay!

How does YOUR garden grow?  Do you have any vegetables or fruit in your yard?  I'm off to swim again.. I hope you are having a lovely day, too.  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. My favorite fruit ~ CHERRIES!!!!
    The lilies are magnificent, so rich and bright. And I just love the fragrance of Sweet Peas.
    The Chevy is looking better all the time - great work on that chrome.
    Are you getting anxious about your up coming trip? Is going to be so much fun for you two.

  2. Lovely road trip today with you Erma, oops, I mean Teresa! :-). Everything is so pretty this time of year. It's my favorite season. Before I left home something was munching on my green beans. I'm hoping, probably fruitlessly, that they are faring better now. I hope you enjoyed your swim and that your weekend is a wonderful one.

  3. Goodness, this was a breathtaking journey and I enjoyed every moment of it!
    No garden for me this year, but I will be enjoying yours from afar!

  4. I just love visiting with you, so many beautiful things to see everywhere you look. Those geodes look really cool. Kristi is a wonderful Mother and DIL that is for sure. Hugs to you Teresa, have a wonderful weekend.

  5. I love all of your floral shots...great photos! Your tomatoes are way ahead of mine. I have a table garden on the back deck; or as a friend calls it a "salad table"....basil, sage, thyme, lettuce and a couple of tomato plants as well as one in a pot. I never knew how easy it is to grow lettuce! And so much better than what you get at the market.
    Just can't get over this amazing weather we're having in the Pacific NW...I love living here, too!

  6. Yay! me.
    Pink Laurel
    some other names

  7. Ah, cherries. I hear from my darling hubby that the birds got all of ours :( Very cool rock outcropping! Love newly plowed fields for the same reason you do. LOL Your new to you car is coming along--looking good!

  8. Thanks for the amazing, fabulous photos, Teresa! I enjoyed each one. Tim has been spraying some of our plants with Tabasco water to try to discourage the munching critters. We have some little red cherries on our huge tree, and flowers on our tomato plants. Betsy Ann is looking very spiffy :) I hope you and yours have a great weekend. Tomorrow is Knit in Public Day. You can bring a chair and sit outside Little Lamb and Ewe between 10 and 4 to knit! xx

  9. There is always such beautiful scenery and flowers to admire when I visit, it takes me awhile to soak it all in. You are certainly blessed living in such a beautiful area. Have a great weekend.

  10. That is really early for ripe cherries it a good year in my books. I am hoping my garden is surviving my holiday. As I type this I am looking out at Mount Etna puffing out some plumes of smoke...magical! Enjoy your swim and weekend x

  11. Isn't it a great feeling to love where we live?

    And it does look so beautiful there.

  12. Beautiful. Could your mystery plant be Kalmia?

  13. So much loveliness in your post today! I love that you pulled over to take pictures of the tiger lillies to share with us!! They are gorgeous aren't they!!! xx

  14. awwww. The falls in their tiniest stream reminds me of Yosemite Falls when we were there in late august a few years ago. Very little water, almost dried up, but lovely anyway. My roses are finally in bloom. My moss roses are in bloom too. Their little papery flowers are gone in a day or so
    My cosmos seed is up and doing well in the new spot I am trying out. ;0`

  15. I think you live in a beautiful place and I'm glad you're always interested in sharing it with us. :)

  16. Beautiful photographs Teresa....I always love to see pics of your corner of the world!...Betsy Ann is looking pretty wonderful too x
    Happy Weekend to you and yours!
    Susan x

  17. Beautiful photos. I've really enjoyed reading your post and am looking forward to reading some older ones too!!

  18. More beautiful pictures Teresa. I am attempting beans this year! Hugs Anne x

  19. Oh I do love our part of the world.
    The critters got all our cherries this year. Hmphhhh!

  20. What a bunch of beautiful shots you have here. I can't believe the cherries are already ripe, but I guess that's due to the mild winter; blueberries are early this year as well.

    Aren't those plowed fields cool?


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