Monday, June 15, 2015

Lost and Found

Hello, how was your weekend?  Ours was.. productive.  :-)  Our DIL Kristi decided that our front closet needed purged and organized.  So, she proceeded to take everything out and put it in the front entry and the living room.  She even took our the hanging rod and shelf.  It used to be a coat closet but now is more of a pantry - we have a small kitchen.  She had a nice steel shelf unit that fit like a glove.  Then she put most everything back and very nicely organized it.  Here is an AFTER photo... I didn't want to show you the BEFORE. :-)  Needless to say, we have to find somewhere else for the COATS.  :-)

On Saturday our older son Shawn texted and said they'd like to come visit, so we had an impromptu BBQ and they boys had a grand old time running about the farm and the woods and climbing the apple tree.  One had a plastic gun, one used the spyglass from the play structure and the littlest ones were using sticks.  Boys!  

Kristi also offered to help clean out my bedroom closet.  She took every single thing out and put it on our bed and on the floor and then vacuumed the carpet in there.  You cannot imagine the square footage of what came out of that closet!  Again.. no photos will be shown.  BUT, we did FIND some things.  Such as this book that I got when we attended on of Paul McCartney concerts.  Did you know that Dayle and I and my sister Denise attended a BEATLES concert in Seattle when I was 16?  He drove us up to Seattle from Portland in his baby blue bug-eye Sprite!  That was such an exciting trip!  My parents took Denise up and we met them at the Coliseum.  Dayle and I attended at least two McCartney concerts in Seattle, also.

Also found in my closet is this old woven cloth piece that I had picked up somewhere.. I didn't even remember having it!  I wonder where these old folks are from?  Any ideas?

Another FOUND object is this painting I did using octopus ink!  I vaguely remember painting this!  Do you recognize this?  It's Yaquina Bay Bridge in Newport, Oregon.. you know.. the one I always take a photo of every time I go there?  :-)  I must get this re-framed and hung up.

I have two last hats for Taci for her Baby Hats for Brazil project (pictured on the bottom below).  AND I got a package from Judy Payne from Cornwall in England with 2 little hats with matching baby washcloths!  She's in my "I Love Lucy II" group on Facebook.  Thanks, Judy!  If you're on Facebook and want to join the group, type that title in the search bar and request to join and I'll hit the "join" button and we'll see you there.  We have 1,435 members! I created the group to honor Lucy at Attic24 blog and for FB'ers to have a place to share crochet projects.  A nice bunch there!  

Our red geranium is bursting into bloom!

The Bolivian Begonia is like on steroids!

This Dahlia is continuing to do well.. one of the others is NOT doing well.. maybe because Dayle accidentally knocked off the hanging geranium right on top of it?  :-)

Now to the LOST part of this post.. Caleb lost his 4th tooth!  It was hanging there wiggling for days until it fell out.. he did not want to swallow it.  He wanted the funds from the Tooth Fairy!

Hayden proudly showed us his LEGO helicopter he put together yesterday.  

I have a busy week ahead.  I'm trying to get things done before we leave on our epic road trip.  I made reservations at a hotel in the Grand Canyon yesterday - it's right across from the GC visitors center.  We're adding in a visit to Lake Tahoe.  Fun fun!  Any trips planned for the summer for you?  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Seriously, Kristi needs to come pay me a visit. I could use her skills! :D lol You have a bunch of good looking grandsons. :) Enjoy your vacation! No vacation plans for us. The company dh works for recently was sold, and he is lucky to still have a job. However, the vacation days he had accumulated from working for decades are history. He is starting out back at the bottom as far as that goes.

  2. Teresa - How great to have an organized DIL to even offer to do your closets. What an angel!! Your flowers are so pretty. Will someone take care of them while you are gone. Let me know when you'll be in Pryor - maybe we could have a coke or something, OK?

    Travel safe.


  3. Wow, you had a very busy weekend indeed! Your closet looks beautifully organised, and of course the hats for Taci's project are great aren't they. Lovely to see your beautiful flowers, the geranium is enormous isn't it!!! It is so lovely. I hope that you enjoy your time at Lake Tahoe when you stop there, it is a wonderful place that I love a great deal! xx

  4. How great is must be wonderful to get sorted.What great finds! Your trip sounds great fun, we got home from Sicily yesterday...a superb relaxing. Enjoy the week x

  5. Well you can consider yourself organized. DIL Kristi is a blessing and a dear to do what she does for you all. She could start a business organizing & decluttering for people.

    Isn't it fun to find things we forgot we had. I remember seeing the Beatles at the Hollywood Bowl way back in Aug. 1964 - I was 14 at the time. I went with three girlfriends - we had a blast. I remember having our family 8mm motion picture camera and taping the Beatles as they played. Everyone in the bowl were screaming so loud you couldn't hear yourself think. Oh fun times . . . LOL

    The farm flora is pretty as always. I just have to grow some geraniums. Did you know geraniums come in rose fragrance as well as several other nice fragrances?

  6. What a wonderful organiser your DIL is!! I do admire being able to do that :) You found some great things too! I love your bright geraniums. Good luck with your trip plans and packing :)
    Happy week, Teresa.
    Helen xox

  7. Brilliant Lego-ing, and well done Caleb on four lost teeth. My littlest boy has recently lost a couple as well, it makes him very happy when the tooth fairy visits. It all sounds beautifully organised at yours now. A big clear out and tidy is a good thing isn't it, there needs to be a bit of that around here as well. Just need to find a few spare hours! I hope you have a good week Teresa. CJ xx

  8. Good for you guys, doing all that cleaning and organizing. I still think I need a Kristi around here. Maybe my son will marry a helpful person like her someday. :) My daughter has lost four teeth now too. She didn't lose any until she was almost six and a half, then she lost four teeth in less than three months. She was making up for lost time, I think. :)

  9. Wow, God bless Kristi! I wish I had her! She is an awesome organizer and very neat. She's lucky to have you and you are lucky to have her. Boys are so cute and what fun to all get together. Excited for you and your road trip. I can't even imagine how many photos you will have.
    Take care and have a great week, xoRobin

  10. Please Zend me Kristi lol I am busy decluttering , cleaning and reorganising! My GD has a wobbly front tooth - she can't wait for tooth fairy! How wonderful to be going to GC! Another place ony wish list! Your grandsons are lovely handsome boys! I had finished some hats for Taci and then read her latest blog post - seems like she has enough so I will send mine to another charity. Hugs Anne x

  11. Kristi sounds awesome! We just came back from a coastal Georgia trip.

  12. My, my! Kristi is one busy bee. That closet looks great and I imagine yours does too. I like your found treasures and I recognized the bridge right away. We looked at a condo on the Embarcadero one time that looked right over the bridge. We couldn't short term vacation rent it to others though, which was the plan until retirement when we would move there. Bummer. It had a beautiful view. Fun times with your family. I can imagine that the farm is like a paradise to those boys. I head home tomORROW evening. It's going to be awful leaving my girls. It just never gets any easier. I'm looking forward to your trip though.

  13. Teresa,
    I love the way you write! You have one neat family and those boys are handsome fellows! I just imagine your home is the hub and heart of it all. Your flowers, truly are fantastic and I just love seeing them.
    It was good hearing from you today and I'll pass the congrats on to Amanda too!

  14. i haven't figured out what we are doing this summer. We are probably going to get our house and garage re-roofed. So no big plans til that is done. Alot of times we wait til later to go places since it is cheaper in the fall. But who knows? Nice of Kristy to re-organize your closets. I don't have a pantry at all but have figured out how to store things in my grandma's buffet. I do need to clear out one side so there's more room. Your flowers are lovely. Have a good road trip! Be safe out there!

  15. You definitely need to frame and hang you ink drawing of the bay, Teresa, ... no more having it hidden away where no one can admire it! I enjoy seeing more of your pretty flowers and busy boys :) I planted some purple morning glory seeds and a purple clematis plant and other plants this weekend and enjoyed our four busy little girls around here, but no loose teeth among them at the moment :) Your travel plans are getting more exciting by the minute! xx

  16. Love the photo of your grandsons in the tree--very nice! Ah, your sweet DIL again did such a great job in organizing! Kudos to her:)
    This last weekend was busy between yard work, a family BBQ and watching my Dad while my sibling was gone (not necessarily in that order). I hope to start soon a little organizing project of my own which should keep me out of trouble for quite awhile:)
    Blessings, Aimee

  17. Maybe Kristi could come to my house and clear out some of the cupboards?

  18. I've always wanted to see Lake Tahoe. i will look forward to your posts.
    Your DIL is a wonder ! WOW. She must love to organize. My Al loves to organize too, she would love to live in the Container Store. We are going to the Outer Banks and I want to see the wild ponies.
    Fireman and son Zach are camping in Wisconsin one weekend in july.
    I feel like I Want to make a summer list so It doesnt just escape me!

  19. Thanks for finding me today. Come have tea with me. I also blog about Portland at

  20. Do you rent Kristi out to your blogging sisters? I love your painting of Newport . . . and I'm happy to hear that you plan on hanging in your home again.

  21. Is Kristi a professional organizer? If not, she should be. I don't know anyone who likes organizing as much as she does. I need to do that around here but can't bring myself to even start because I know it will create such a mess and there's always something in the end that I can't find room for. You then wonder how it all fit in the first place. Looks like you are having busy but nice days there. Beautiful yard for the kids to run around in which is nice. I'm planning our summer trip, too. Won't be staying in the Kenner hotel as my girlfriend in New Orleans East insists that we stay with her that first weekend. Take care, Tammy

  22. Hi Teresa - thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment! Although I don't comment much on your blog, I do read your posts and enjoy updates on your creative projects. :)


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