Friday, June 19, 2015

Sternwheeler Cruise

Yesterday was so much fun!  We got to go on a cruise up and down the Columbia River on the Sternwheeler Columbia Gorge.  Our son Travis and two grandsons accompanied us, and I invited my blog friend Gracie to join us!  It was her first time on the Sternwheeler and I believe she really enjoyed herself.  The weather was perfect.  Our vessel awaits us.

Years ago when I was the executive director of the Friends of Vista House, I called the sternwheeler office and asked if they'd like to take our volunteers on a cruise so we could better recommend them to our visitors from all over the world.  And to this day they have a "volunteer day" for free cruises for the FOVH and the Friends of Multnomah Falls.. and State Parks volunteers.  This was that day.  We can take guests, which we usually do.. but we pay for their fare.  Here is our son and grandsons.

Near Bonneville Dam were many Cormorants.. waiting to eat fish.

We cruised by an Indian fish camp - they have fishing treaty rights to fish all they want.

It was a beautiful day and many of the fishing family members were swimming in the river.

A young mother and her children.. the baby actually looked like she was asleep in her mother's arms.. in the cold water!

Hayden and Caleb had a blast on the boat.. a woman had a miniature Dachshund named "Precious" on board and they spent a lot of time petting it.

I zoomed in on an Osprey, aka Fish Hawk, in a tree as we passed by.

Heading back towards the Bridge of the Gods, up river.

People enjoying the cruise and the perfect weather.

Going under the bridge I snapped a car driving above.

A nice lady offered to take a photo of our family.. :-)

Two sailors were racing along in their Laser sailboats.. these are very similar in design and size to our Sunfish that we sail.

I took Gracie to the stern of the boat to watch the powerful stern-wheel paddling along.

A pair of nesting Osprey had built a nest on top of a channel marker - do you see the father brought a fish to his mate and her babies?  

Several sailboarders were enjoying the river and sunshine.

Travis took the boys up into the wheelhouse to meet the captain and have their turn at driving the sternwheeler!  

Caleb took his job at the controls VERY seriously.. grandpa took this shot through the windshield.. lol.

Hayden at the controls. 

We were cruising towards Wind Mt. and Dog Mt.  Can you believe that I climbed to the top of both of these mountains while attending Girl Scout camp at Camp Wind Mountain?  First was WM and then DM the next summer.  

These guys are "kite-boarding"!

The boat at rest between cruises.

Gracie and I after the trip.. a bit windblown but happy.

Back home.. the Hydrangeas are coloring up at a record rate with all the nice weather we're having.

Pretty, pretty.

View from the gazebo.

My pretty Dahlia.



Yum, yum!

Hummingbird lunch.

And last but not least.. our Hollyhock is RED!  Gorgeous!

OK.. must pack up.. off on another adventure.. will tell you more later.  :-)
((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. A friend of mine was playing jazz this last couple of weeks on the sternwheeler.

  2. We have one of those here in Oklahoma up on Grand Lake called the Cherokee Queen. They are a lot of fun to ride on. Course, the water is all so high here that I don't think anything is out on the lakes because of debris in the water.

    Your photos of your flowers are gorgeous!


  3. What a lovely day and such gorgeous weather Teresa x

  4. Wow, the river is absolutely gorgeous, it looks like a wonderful cruise. The ospreys are magnificent, how lovely to see them there. The photo of all of you together is great, it's one to treasure I think. Well done for thinking to have it taken. I hope you and Dayle have a good weekend. CJ xx

  5. Gorgeous photos and what a fantastic day out!! Everyone looks as if they are having a wonderful time...not surprisingly really! Oh! and the photos of those flowers lovely!!!


    Amanda x

  6. Once more you have captured "the story" in great photos and narrative, Teresa! I did have a wonderful time and appreciate it all the more due to this post. [Your Girl Scout hikes must have been awesome! ] Thank you and yours so much for including me in your fun. Now I am going to download my photos to see what sights I captured :) xx

  7. Hello. What a lovely time you had and as Gracie said you have captured it perfectly. How lovely that Gracie went as well.Beautiful photos as always- I wonder is that the Lumix camera ? I am thinking of getting one - mine has broken! Hugs Anne x

  8. Nothing makes my heart happier than seeing you and Gracie together smiling away. It looks like it was a wonderful day.

  9. What a great day! I love that you were able to get such a great shot of the osprey nest! I only see ones FAR up in the trees. Great shots from home also. Looks like your gardens have been going for awhile now. Ours are just coming into a bloom that can be seen from the house. Funny how things really start popping. Love the picture of the hummingbird. Haven't seen any here yet this year.

  10. Well THAT was fun. and it was fun to see Gracie!!
    You have a way of enjoying all that nature provides. I love seeing the water birds. Glad to see you had a hat on. I'll be wearing my hat on vacation all the time! Must stay away from the sun

  11. Looks like a great adventure! That's awesome that Gracie and some of your family were able to come with you:)
    Blessings, Aimee

  12. A lovely trip I just had with you all! The sky is such a brilliant blue-our blue skies are not nearly as radiant as yours. I enjoyed seeing your family-a great family outing.
    Keep those flower photos coming-I live to see your blooms!

  13. Such a wonderful post again Teresa! I just love your blog! Pat x

  14. Thanks for taking us along on your! You take wonderful pictures. I always enjoy the flowers, and the hummingbird picture is amazing.

  15. Such a great trip, sharing a wonderful day with family and friends. You managed to get some great shots of natures finest.

  16. What a fabulous trip and on such a glorious day ... thank you so much for sharing this, I felt like I was right there on the river, I could practically feel the breeze in my hair!

  17. Fabulous, from beginning to end. The picture of you and Gracie is wonderful!!
    XO Kris

  18. I have always enjoyed watching the sternwheeler plying it's way up and down the Columbia as I drive on I-84. And always planned to take a ride on it myself someday with my girls. That probably won't happen now but I can still go along with you, (and now Gracie), by seeing your beautiful pictures. I sometimes pull off the road and watch the kite boarders at Hood Fiver and The Dalles. So exciting and very scary to me. I'm glad to see that you all had such a good time.


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