Monday, June 22, 2015

Big Blue Pool and Celebrating Father's Day

On Friday we headed around Mt. Hood to Kahneeta - it's a wonderful hot springs pool on the Warm Springs Indian Reservation.  We drive from Corbett to Sandy and up over the side of the mountain to the high desert beyond, take a left and travel through the tumbleweeds with expansive views - this is Mt. Jefferson to the south.  Our son, DIL and two grandsons drove ahead and went to the alpine slides on Mt. Hood - and met us at the pool.

A bit of a zoom.  Mt. Hood is to the right.. but we were too busy trying to get to the pool and didn't take as many photos as usual.  

I snapped a few photos before we took the plunge.. the water was perfect, warm but not too warm.. the boys got to go down the big slides this time.  Actually, my very first blog post was about our trip to Kahneeta - 5 years ago!

There is a shallow end that is safe for the kids - a middle part that adults can stand up in - and a deep end where I like to swim.  I love looking at the mountains around the pool while I swim.

They have three bears in the middle, each holding a salmon which shoots a stream of water into the pool.  It's so fun to stand under the water and have it hit you on the head.  :-)  

Kristi took a photo of us and the boys with my camera. :-)  We swam for 3 hours and all had a great time.

I asked the lifeguard to recommend a place for dinner and he told me that "Eagle Crossing" in Warm Springs was a good family place, so after we all showered and dressed we headed there across the desert and down into Warm Springs.  Dayle had breakfast and I snapped a photo of it.  Can you believe the size of that slice of ham?  I had chicken fried steak but forgot to snap a photo.  We were all pleased with our meals and will be going back again.

Then we headed back over Mt. Hood.. this was our first peek of the mountain.

Around each corner I would go.. OH OH.. wow.. and pull over and snap a shot.

Then around the last corner there was an area to park and I snapped this wonderful image of the mountain.  This was the last opportunity for a photo before we were around and headed away from it.  As you can tell we don't have a very good snow pack this year.. the streams will be running slowly this summer.

When we drove through Sandy I took the road to Jonsrud Point to see if there was still some alpenglow on the mountain.. and we got the last rays of the day painting the mountain a lovely pink.  Isn't it interesting how different the mountain looks from different sides?

Goodnight my mountain.. and we drove over hill and dale and through the countryside and got home at dusk.  A good day.

We awoke yesterday to Father's Day.  We enjoyed our day, I made Dayle some egg salad sandwiches for lunch and we just took it easy.  The Streptocarpella that I got has put out lots of new flowers!  It's got a fuzzy leaf and is a relative of the African Violet.

All of the geraniums that Dayle wintered over in the basement are flowering out beautifully.  Have you tried wintering them over?  It's a great way to not have to buy new ones and they get bigger each year!

Kristi has done a great job of keeping the plants watered on the deck and everything is looking lush and with lots of flowers.

My beloved Lantana.. I love watching these bud out and bloom as they change colors all through the process.

The weather lately has been so warm and pleasant and the forecast is for another week of sunny warm weather.  I love enjoying the birdsong on the deck and watching the koi swim in the pond.

This is our third summer of keeping this Bolivian Begonia going and this year it's getting HUGE.

The sounds of the waterfall also are like music in the garden.

Soon the Astilbe will be fluffy and pretty.

Buddy lays by the pond and watches the koi swim about intently.. then he barks at them.. aren't we lucky to have him protect us from the fish?  

Kind of looks jungle-y, huh?

The Goldfinches are enjoying the thistle sock.

This plant is called "Sweet Tea Heucherella".  

Japanese Painted Fern.. it comes back every year.

Autumn fern.. it comes out orange tipped which is pretty.

I got a new tablecloth.. good ol' Amazon.  I think I need to go through my tablecloths and donate some of the old ones.  

One branch of the Hydrangea makes a bouquet for the table!  I also brought out my crocheted stones.  Have you tried doing this?  It's fun, inexpensive and makes a great paperweight or gift.  

Dayle did some tractoring.. there were some weeds going to seed in the back of the garden and he used the brush hog on the tractor to make short work of them.  

Last summer I crocheted this string of rainbow colored bunting so I asked my son to help me hang them up on the gazebo, so festive!

We had to call Dayle in from the tractor to get showered so we could all go out to Chinese dinner to celebrate Father's Day.. it was a great day.  How was your weekend?  Soon I will meet the printer at the Friends of Multnomah Falls storage unit to unload 50,000 new brochures that I worked a LONG time on - having it updated - new colors and I edited it long and hard.  I hope it turned out good!  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Gorgeous photos, as always, Teresa. You live in such a beautiful area! Love all your blooms and ferns, too. Glad you all had such a nice Father's Day! :)

  2. I so enjoy seeing photo's of Buddy, he's a very sweet little Cairn. Makes me sure miss my Gus-Gus even more.

    All the geraniums did very well, wintering off. Smart fellow that Dayle! I sure love Lantana. It's everywhere in California. Grows like a weed there along with African Daisies & Ice plant - all very drought tolerant.

    If I was a meat eater I'd say that slab of ham would make several meals. Hash browns do look good though

    1. Lacy, he brought half of it home and had the rest the next day. :-)

  3. The pool looks amazing and the mountain a sheer delight. You really do have a wonderful daughter in law looking after the watering of those stunning plants. Your garden is stunning. Glad you had a good family celebrations for Fathers day, funny how it is the same day for fathers day as here but different dates for Mothers day.

  4. All of your photos are just so bright and clear and beautiful. And that pool is big and blue. The mountains are lovely at every angle. And your yard is lush and green and gorgeous. Love that bunting. Have a restful week. You need it after that busy weekend. Ha! :)

  5. I always like your photos of Kahneeta. It looks like so much fun. My favorite picture is of your deck with all of it's beautiful flowers and just screams summertime to me. How did Dayle over winter the geraniums? I tried two years ago and they all died completely. Have a wonderful afternoon Teresa.

    1. Betsy - he just puts the pots in the basement before the first freeze, he does not water them all winter, but they do get light, they are on a landing to the basement in front of a windowed door. After the chance of a freeze in the Spring, he puts them out on the deck and waters them completely and removed all dead foliage. He's been doing this for about 7 years and the geraniums AND begonias are doing well!

  6. Teresa, can you please tell me more about your new tablecloth? It is stunning! I think I just might need to have that too! ::)

    1. Marian, there is one left on Amazon -

  7. Hi Teresa what a lovely weekend you had. Never tire of your photos. We had super time in Yorkshire with Matthew,Caro and boys . Got home in time to see Jonathan,Sarah and girls. X

  8. You live in such a beautiful place.....the mountain looks breathtaking. I intend to visit Oregon someday.

  9. You have such a beautiful homestead! Looks like all of you had fun at the water park!

  10. What a great getaway! The photos of the mountains are just gorgeous. Your back yard and patio is beautiful with all of your flowers and ferns.


  11. I've overwintered the geraniums too. No basement - they go into the garage. We buy used carpet for the hangar at sales and I cut 9" strips (leftovers) to lay underneath the geranium pots so they aren't directly on cold floor. They seem to do fine. I mostly forget to water them during the winter.

    I had one neighbor who successfully took hers out of the pots and hung them upside down in her basement. They come back in the spring.
    I had my eye on a luscious banana plant this spring until I remembered I would have to haul it into my garage come winter.
    Love the drive over to Kahneeta.

  12. Your garden and deck look spectacular!! :-)))

  13. Everything about this post made me smile.
    It's such a big smile that it may even carry me into tomorrow :)
    Oh, your Lantana, is amazing. I have never seem anything like it.

  14. That pool looks like a lot of fun. It's a long time since I've been down a water slide!

    Your deck always looks so lovely and lush with greenery. And what a beautiful new tablecloth.

    I hope you'll post some photos of the new brochure when it's out. :)

  15. Teresa .. I'm having so much trouble trying to leave you a comment - just lost a whole message for some reason. Anyway, I hope this goes through. Love all your pictures. xox

  16. Your mountain is fantastic. I live near the Mournes and it's amazing how different the mountains look at different times of the day and from one day to the next. Your family day out looks great and your garden is so lovely. We get lots of goldfinches in our garden too.

  17. Ahh, more fun and so many beautiful photos. [I like the one Kristi took with all of you and your bunny ears, too :) ] My geraniums I brought in last winter are now lush outside, too, but so far just one of my plants has the red and white striped blooms and the rest are all white...curious because I thought I had an even number of both colors! I'm getting better but not well yet. At least I am well enough to post again! Wishing you and yours happy summer days...are you running your air-conditioner yet? I guess Sat. is supposed to be our hottest day so far this year. xx

  18. Teresa, Your posts are a peaceful fun gift to each of my days. THANK you. I Loved the ham photo and I wanted some! I love your peaceful flower filled yard. You have shown me that I have Astilbe in my yard. I thought we had moved some barren strawberry, but I see now its astilbe and it is blooming.
    I Love your posts!

  19. Well aren't you just having so much fun lately? Happy Very late Father's Day to Dayle.


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