Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Summer Science and MF Brochure

Hello!  First I want to share two photos that I converted to watercolors using the app "Waterlogue".  No, they don't pay me.  :-)  The first is one of Kristi's photos of the Oregon Swallowtail Butterfly on the Sweet William flowers.  I love how this looks!

The second one is my favorite shot of Mt. Hood I got when we returned from Kahneeta Hot Springs.  It really amazes me how much like a real watercolor these look after converting them on that app.

I snapped this image of the Streptocarpella from the inside the other day.

Now to the Science part of my post today.  Our DIL Kristi decided to get some fun projects to work with the boys on during the summer to keep them learning.  These little chrysalis arrived as fuzzy caterpillars and will soon hatch as butterflies!  I hope to have a photo of them when that happens.  

She also got two tadpoles.. which will turn to frogs.  They have legs now.  They will be letting the butterflies and frogs loose after they are ready.  She also got a "mining" kit - and they boys were able to break clay and find these pretty stones inside.  :-)

The butterfly habitat and the frog home.

This is a chunk of flourite - I love it because it's green, blue, yellow and purple.

This is amethyst crystal.

Pyrite - aka "Fools Gold".

Calcite - it comes in many colors, too.

Quartz crystal.

The tadpole was very shy and I couldn't get a good photo of it, but you can see the legs in this image.

I think it's neat how Kristi uses the outdoors as a classroom.. a pretty nice atmosphere for learning!

The Astilbe is fuzzing out more!

I am captivated by the lime green and purple of the Hydrangea flowers as they open.. they then turn solid purple.

I like how the red Japanese Maple gives a pretty backdrop for the blooms.

Our new orange Begonia is doing well.. but I think I need a red one.  :-)

My all yellow Lantana.  I must say I prefer the one that turns color as it opens.

My favorite color.. fuchsia.. cerise.. magenta.. what do YOU call this color?

Someone asked to see the brochure I've been working on for MONTHS.. it was time to re-print these.. we get 50,000 at a time.  Well.. the old one needed freshened up design-wise and edited for errors.  That's where I came in.  I worked with a guy who owns a print company and gave them guidance on the colors, added my favorite old-style font, fixed the "directions" part which had several errors.  The company's graphic designer did a great job and the owner of the company went the extra mile for making sure it was done on better paper and brighter colors, etc.  And here is the result!

This is a large brochure that opens once, then another time, then again.. you'll see what I mean.  

Opening again.  Lots of information is included and a great map on the bottom.

The last opening which becomes quite a large page.  The photos are MUCH better in this brochure than the last one.  But we used mostly the same layout and text.

We added a compass to the map and better information - this is the part that was the worst in the old brochure, with many errors.  They are correct now!

Well.. I must dash.  I have to meet Taci for lunch and give her the 4 hats and 2 washcloths for her "Baby Hats for Brazil" project.  That makes a dozen that I've made!  Then I head to the pool for an hour's swim.  Busy, busy!!  I hope you're having a fun summer!  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Teresa - Once again, beautiful photos. Love the watercolor of the mountain. Gorgeous. Your folder turned out really great. Sounds like the kids will have a very "learning" summer. Good for them.


  2. You DIL is wonderful, such a great Mama to those boys with all those interesting projects to work through with them. The brochure looks amazing, a great job.

  3. Busy indeed, but what a lovely post. Kristi is fantastic, I love the projects she's found for the children to do. The stones are beautiful, I especially love the green colour of the fluorite. I always like to go and look at the different stones at the local museum. Your garden is absolutely gorgeous in the first photo of it. I'm SO envious of your perfect hostas. Don't you have slugs and snails where you are?! Well done on that new brochure, it looks brilliant, full of information, not an inch wasted. It's been beautifully put together. I hope you're having a good lunch and swim. CJ xx

    1. CJ - we do have slugs and snails and have some holes in our hosta - but luckily it's not too bad this year. I had such a nice lunch with Taci and gave her 4 more hats and 2 baby washcloths to take to Brazil. She leaves in a week. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  4. Love the brochure, it is gorgeous and well worth keeping if you are a visitor at the Falls. Have a wonderful time with Taci, she is going to love your generous gift.

  5. Kristi is a wonder - she organizes - she's a photographer - she's a teacher and so many other good things. You're a very fortunate MIL to have her around!

    Love the new brochure. Everything you need to know about the falls - nice poster fold, too!

    I spy sweet Buddy behind the first photo showing the brochure - the little fellow is too cute!

    Try to stay cool this weekend & next week. We're due to hit triple digits. So happy we had an AC unit installed last year.

  6. Do you know what type of butterflies she has? It is really magical to see that transformation and give the butterflies their freedom. Tadpoles are a fun project too. I especially love the watercolor picture of Mt Hood.

    1. Marilyn, it's a "Painted Lady" butterfly. :-)

  7. The little tadpole and butterfly took me way back to my childhood days. It is fascinating to watch how they develop and what a great learning tool for your boys. That water colour app does an amazing job doesn't it? The one of your mountain looks fantastic. Hope you enjoyed your lunch with Taci. xox

  8. You have had so much fun with the Waterlogue app, I finally downloaded it and just posted my first picture onto Instagram :) It is fun! Tell Kristi I want to sign up for her summer school! I guess I would call your flower magenta. The brochure really looks great and full of good information! Bravo! Hope you had a happy afternoon. xx

    1. We missed you at lunch, Gracie.. get well soon!

  9. Your old font is perfect for this brochure.

    1. The font is called QuaintGothic-SGOT.

  10. Beautiful pictures Teresa, your watercolors are fabulous. I love the Columbia Gorge area and especially the Apples days Hood Fruit Loop.

    Hugs Diane

  11. love love love the waterlogue app. You nailed it with those images being painted.
    I LOVE your brochure. Oh my. You should be so happy.
    I put a lot of photos on my post today to try to be like yoU! I love all your photos
    When my kids were growing we did tadpoles and butterflies too ! I wish i had some for the cats to play with now! I may have to catch a butterfly for them!

  12. Your garden is look magnificent! So beautiful are the hydrangeas and hostas and that ORANGE begonia! That big Streptocarpella in your window is such a pretty thing to have to look at from inside your house. Looks like the boys are having a very educational summer. Kristi seems like such a good momma. What a nice family! You are so lucky to have such a nice daughter-in-law that seems to love and respect y'all and your home.

  13. What fun for the boys and great projects to learn with too! I smiled at the tadpole legs. I used to catch tadpoles in the lakes we camped at when I was growing up in Nebraska. Then I would watch them change to frogs and let them go. My favorite stone is the amethyst crystal...but then, you probably knew that already didn't you?
    You did a wonderful job on the brochure. I have one of the old ones and this one is Much, Much better. Yay!
    I'm still arguing with Verizon. They have called me everyday this week with still no resolution. So frustrating.

  14. Nice brochures! I just love the Gorge and the trail above Multnomah Falls is one of my favorite places!

  15. Good Morning,
    Sitting here basking in the beauty of theses photos!! Your DIL, is a special gal, isn't she. Sounds like she is one in a million and that the two of you have a lovely bond. Brochure looks great!

  16. Wow to everything! That watercolor app is amazing... looks like someone painted those pictures! And your entire garden, and deck, and waterfall, pond, etc. are so beautiful. You are one lucky lady.. and I know it has taken TONS of work to make it so beautiful. You are one busy lady too! The Multnomah Falls brochure is so perfect for the story it tells.. you did a fantastic job. Stay cool this coming week!


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