Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Moon and Rainbow Rocks in No Mans Land

Oh beautiful moon, how do I love thee?  Let me count the ways.. my DIL got this photo night before last, the moon wasn't totally full, but when it's like this you get to see more craters on the bottom.  Isn't this gorgeous?  She uses a Nikon PowerShot SX50 HS.

We have a section of the garden that we call "no man's land" - it's beyond the deck and was a constant source of annoyance - all that grew there were insidious weeds, the kind that you could NOT pull out, big leafy awful weeds.  We would dig them up and it would be DIRT.. and then in the blink of an eye there would be more BIG ugly weeds.  For years I would implore my husband to put down rocks or more deck or something.  It never happened.. but our wonderful daughter-in-law Kristi has finally fixed it and it's gorgeous!  She dug the weeds, laid down weed barrier fabric, drove our big farm truck to the rock place and picked out a ton of some really pretty Montana rainbow colored rock and put it down and spread it out.  Isn't it wonderful???  Buddy is smelling it and checking it out.

I just love all the different colors in the rock.

Kristi got this plant to keep the mosquitoes away, it's called a Citronella plant and even smells lemony.  It's gotten huge and is blooming with these pretty lemon-scented flowers!

Our Crocosmia "Lucifer" is blooming.. I had wanted these plants for years and finally have them going and I love them!

Do you have these flowers where you live?  They are really popular at the beaches along the Oregon coast.

Last night Kristi called us out to see the Planetary Convergence of Jupiter and Venus.  Here is my not-that-great photo of the event.

After my shot of the planets, I got this one of the fuller moon with my pocket sized LUMIX DMC-ZS40 camera.

We are getting excited about the 4th of July - we'll have a BBQ with family after watching the fun Corbett parade with all kinds of tractors, horses, floats, kids and ponies.  I'll share some photos after the event.  I'm off to the pool soon.  I hope you're having a wonderful day.  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Kristi is the brightest gem in the crown of creativity & ingenuity. I sure wish she was my DIL.
    I sure hope you let her know how wonderful it is to have her in your life. Just saying!

    Love seeing Buddy in your postings. He's the "smile" one needs everyday.

    Hope people don't go wild with the fireworks this year. Our area is much to hot & dry. No one can afford to have their property go up in flames over misuse of fireworks. Besides all the poor animals & war Vet's can't take it. Be safe - Be sane

  2. Another fab project by the amazing Kristi, what a help she is Teresa. Love the moon shots, it's full tonight and looking gorgeous in a clear sky. Enjoy your swim and 4th July Celebrations x

  3. Boy, I tell you what, that Kristi is a keeper! :) She did a great job. I tried to get photos of the convergence last night but it was a no-go with my iPhone and I never did get the good camera out. Happy July!

  4. Hello Sweet Lady!
    Love this moon, and do you know the first thing I thought of was Tony Bennett singing
    "Fly Me To the Moon." What an amazing photo from your DIL and YOU!
    Your yard and the colorful mixture of Montana rocks are beautiful, I so enjoy your garden-but you knew that!
    Happy Fourth of July!

  5. I have a stretch the driveway..on the right..:(
    The bane of my garden existence.
    If I had a tractor..gone...
    One day..
    You take great pics!
    No Crocosmias here..must be our winter~
    Those rocks look like edible chocolate rocks;)

  6. Kristi strikes again!! My goodness that girl has some energy doesn't she? That area looks so beautiful now and I think that rock is gorgeous. Montana Rock huh? I may need to get some of that. Buddy looks like he approves. It is so dry here. We had planned to be at the lake for the 4th, but if it stays this hot we may come home before then. I'm having a hard time with the heat this year for some reason. I never like it, but it sapping all of my energy right now. I hope you all have a wonderful time on the 4th and enjoy your time together.

  7. Hi Teresa your D.I.L. is amazing. That space looks great now. I have that plant in my garden. Also made one out of sugarpaste. :-)

  8. Pressed send too soon. DH and I sat outside last night and the moon looked wonderful! Hugs Anne x

  9. Kirsti is such a blessing, she has made such a great job of your no mans land, Love the rock you have used, fits perfectly with all the colours of your beautiful flowers.

  10. Yay for Kristi and her artistry! We had a big patch of Crocosmia in Crescent City and I loved them even after a local told me they are considered a weed by some folks. I don't consider them a weed! xx

  11. There is always something beautiful to see here. Kristi is really amazing, she seems so helpful and hardworking, always making something better. What a nice person. I love the rocks too. When I was a kid, I loved to dig in the gravel that would collect in the gutter on my street because there would often be colorful pebbles and even something that I thought was real gold mixed in. :)

  12. As the others said, your DIL is amazing! I wish I had one of her at my house! Does she live very very nearby? what does she do with her yard? it must be gorgeous.. and how does she find the time with two little boys? simply amazing. My husband and I saw that moon the other night and stared and stared and oohed and ahhed... then he saw those two planets and kept saying "they're not real"... "must be UFO's"... and then after awhile, he decided maybe one was Venus and one Mercury.. I showed him your post and said it was Venus and Jupiter. Wow.... they were so so bright here in central Oregon. When we lived up in Washougal, just due north from you, we had Crocosmia also and just loved them. I brought the bulbs to our home in La Pine, OR and they did survive a very hard winter but didn't bloom much the next summer. We've moved since and didn't bring them... so when we get settled into our own place, we will definitely find some and plant them here! I think they'll do fine as long as I give them lots of water. Love all your photos!

  13. The rocks are so pretty! And the Crocosmia -- wow!

  14. Kristi really is a great gardener isn't she!! She certainly had a very green thumb when it comes to all things gardening. It all looks great! xx

  15. Can I have Kristi for a few weeks? My front yard would look awesome done with those pretty pebbles. Your moon shots are fabulous. Do you need a tripod for them? xox

  16. Could you please send your garden helper my way? I am desperately in need of weed control!
    Those rocks are so amazing. I love the colors!

  17. WOW! Kristi did a great job! What a job she had! Love the rock colors. Lucifer is not very hardy here. It might come back with a heavy winter mulch. But iffy, even with that. Your moon shots are great!

  18. Plants that are beautiful and keep mosquitoes away . . . that is most certainly the perfect plant:)
    I was gazing out the bedroom window at the moon the other night; I love when it is full and when it shines it's moonbeams through our bedroom window.


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