Thursday, July 23, 2015

Cowboys and Indians

Hi my friends!  First, I want to thank my blog friends who are still commenting on my road trip posts even though I rarely have time to comment back.  You are appreciated.  Now.. on to share more of our road trip across the SW and Midwest of the United States of America.  After we left our home town of Watonga, we headed to Oklahoma City to see the amazing National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum.  The first thing you see upon entering is this huge and amazing sculpture called "End of the Trail".  It is by American born artist Earle Fraser. See more history here. (You really should read every word of that text as the end of it will amaze you.)

We were not allowed to take photos of the huge collection of paintings in the museum but suffice it to say, they were amazing!  Finally we found the Indian part of the museum and I was able to take photos of the artifacts with no flash and used my iPhone.  Here is a beaded Indian dress.  

I love the flag inspired motif on these moccasins.  Even though the US Govt. did not treat the Native American Indians well, a peace was built and many Indians became proud of being a part of the USA.

I was so impressed with this intricate coiled basket on display.

Another beautiful hand beaded leather dress. 

An impressive hand made silver and turquoise squash blossom necklace and bracelet.

Another coiled platter shaped basket and an amazing piece of Indian made pottery.  This was likely made using coils of wet clay and built up and smoothed as it took shape.

I was impressed with these hand-beaded gloves, aren't they amazing?

This museum was HUGE and we came upon this section set up like a rodeo set.  This is a life size bronze of cowboy holding his saddle and rope.

They had a LOT of vintage saddles on display.  This looks very similar to the saddle I used when I had a Quarter horse for many years named Lady.

The had a tableaux set up of a chuckwagon that was used by the trail cook to feed the cowboys on long cattle drives across the country to bring cows to the towns across the young nation.

They had a whole town set up in the middle - but it was very dimly lit and it was difficult to take photos.  Here is a gorgeous painted stagecoach.

That evening we met with all my siblings in the old stockyards part of Oklahoma City for dinner.

We dined here at this old and beloved steak restaurant.  They gave the eight of us a private dining room!  

While most of us had iced tea, Dayle and my brother-in-law Steve had a big bottle of "Double Deuce" beer.

This is a bit messy looking but I had to show you this big 10 ounce bacon wrapped filet mignon I had with a baked potato and fresh baked yeast roll.  YUM!

Oh.. before we left Watonga we stopped to visit my Uncle Dwayne, a real and true cowboy who raised cattle all his life and rode his horse a LOT.  He married our family friend Norma Lou Knisley some years back and they are so cute together!  

Their house is gorgeous and decorated with all kinds of wonderful Western art.  Here is a favorite of mine, showing how the old farmers would raise up a new windmill using their horses.  He traded a small herd of registered horses for about 4 or 5 of these amazing paintings.  They also have bronzes and a small covered wagon that was quite something.

After we left OKC we headed through Tulsa and on to Pryor to visit Dayle's older brother, Allen.  Here are the two of them together in front of his home.

His great wife Debbie, too.  She and I sat out in their back yard and had the best talk.  She is part Cherokee Indian.

The next morning we stopped at the Amish Store and next to it was this awesome old elevator.  Isn't it neat?

We sure had fun here.. 

Every flavor of jam and jelly - canned fruit and vegetables - pickles and relish.  We got cherry jam and orange marmalade.

Chocolates, licorice, nuts and gummies.. anyone?

Dried fruit, nuts, crunchy things galore.  They also had a cafe and a bakery - and even quilts for sale.  What a neat place!  We also got a roll of butter and some farmer's cheese, plus a few more things.

After a 4 hour drive we found our hotel in Osage Beach, Missouri and checked in and rested a bit.  Then we found our condo we move into on Friday for 4 nights with our daughter and GDs.  Our girls arrive in a few hours and they'll spend one night here before we move there tomorrow.  I am so excited to see them!

This place has a balcony overlooking the pool and lake.  We should have fun there!  OK.. I'll sign off for now.  Again, thanks for the comments, they keep me going.  :-)  I hope you're having a fun summer!  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. When do your arrive home. I am planning a trip with parents up to Multnomah falls and crown point - the old highway. I have next two weeks off - somewhere in that first week of August. Hope to meet up. Only 82' today. Our rain forecast evaporated.

  2. Hi Teresa, it looks like you're having such a good trip. Sorry I haven't been commenting; life has been pretty hectic lately with my son's surgery and at-home recovery. I've just started being able to read/comment on blogs in the past couple of days. I hope your trip continues to be lots of fun and I wish you safe travels along the way as you head back toward home.

  3. What a wonderful trip; you are so lucky to have that time with family! Great museum; reminds me of The High Desert Museum. I'm in love with that elevator!! Have fun with your girls. <3

  4. What a wonderful road trip Teresa which I am enjoying from over here! Have fun with those girlies, you must be SO excited x

  5. Love all the history!!! The jewellery etc is gorgeous. Have fun with the girls. Anne x

  6. Wow, the Amish place looks amazing. And the craftsmanship on the Indian artefacts is fantastic. How lovely that you had a meal with all of your siblings together. Your trip sounds fantastic Teresa, I'm so glad you're having such a good time. A fine adventure! CJ xx

  7. The End of the Trail and the Native American craftwork are so impressive, and thanks for the link to the interesting article. It is wonderful to see you with your family and to know you are gearing up for four Grand Days with the girls and Amy :) Enjoy!!! xxxxx

  8. I live through you and those amazing dinners Lady! I love all these vacation posts. the museum artifacts are beautiful. Safe travels!

  9. This trip sounds wonderful. I love the End of the Trail sculpture, a true classic, and the Indian beadwork and those paintings your uncle traded some horses for.

  10. Hi Teresa! I did read the entire article and loved learning the artist grew up in Mitchell, SD. I've spent a lot of time there on the plains of South Dakota. The pictures draw me in and make me want to visit that museum. I have often felt a burden for the way the government treated the Indians, especially around the Black Hills since that was the area I knew best. I think that is a lot of the reason I craft and knit a lot for the Pine Ridge reservation. Oh, I know you're going to have a wonderful time with your girls. Enjoy the love my friend.

  11. This looks like such fun to me. Wish I were there!!!!!!!

  12. How could we not comment, you are taking us on a wonderful tour of the United States to places I have never seen. I love your travel posts. Have a wonderful time with all the girls, I am so excited you get to see them and have a vacation with them.

  13. Been loving your trip Teresa and clicking like all over facebook lol.....I have been a lurker as been out of blog land for a little while and slowly slowly coming back xo

  14. How I have missed reading your posts and seeing what you're up to! I'm settled in enough at the new place and finally have Internet and computers all up and running. I'm going to backtrack now and see what I've missed of your trip! Y'all be safe!

  15. Very interesting....I have never been to this part of the country. Have a great time with your girls...make some great memories.

  16. So many interesting pictures, the beaded artefacts are especially fascinating to me! So glad you have had happy reunions with lots of your family......and wishing you a wonderful time with your daughter and granddaughters.......what fun that will be:)
    Helen xox

  17. Thanks for sharing your wonderful road trip photos! Love learning about the history of the SW and
    Midwest of the United States of America.

  18. Loved all your pics, as always, Teresa! I especially enjoyed the Indiana clothing and such. I have some Indian in me. Although by this point, the Indian is pretty "watered down". lol But it's from my maternal grandmother's side. :)

  19. Hello Teresa !
    There are never too much pictures. Oh no !
    It's so fabulous.
    It's a so so big trip and so well organized.
    Thank you to share this tresor.

    See you soon again.
    Best regards and best moments with your dear daughter and GDs.

  20. Am so enjoying this part of your trip as have never been to the places you are going to. How neat to be with your extended family and love the family pictures. I'm partial to all of the Indian artifacts and bead work. There used to be a little store up by The Dalles, Oregon, across the river on the Washington side, that had amazing beaded work by the Indians there. The lady who owned it/ran it was Indian and she knew many of the people who made them. I don't think it's there anymore. My son, who was 12 yrs old at the time when I lived in The Dalles, had a real empathy for the Indians and how horribly they were treated, and we would make trips over there almost every week so he could just wander and love (and want!) so many of the Indian bead work, leather, and jewelry. I even made him a beautiful soft gray leather shirt that took me months to make! We bought the leather there, which did have some little holes here and there, and I painstakingly patched each one by hand with little pieces of leather. He also did some bead work on the yoke which was beautiful. He has since passed... and every time I see Indian things and artifacts, and most especially bead work, it reminds me of our days in The Dalles, and how much he felt for the Native Americans. Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful trip.

  21. I am enjoying living vicariously through you right now Teresa! Each post has me eager to see more of the places I have seen many years ago and those I have never seen! Loved the western museum with the incredible Native American artifacts! The painting was awesome too! And --- you know I LOVE any type of water feature:)
    Have a great time with your granddaughters and daughter!

  22. What an incredible museum, you must have really enjoyed visiting it so very much. It looks amazing. That store looks incredible too, so many wonderful things and I imagine that they are all very tasty! I hope that you enjoy your four day break, you need it I imagine after all of that travelling! xx

  23. Wow! girlfriend you are really packing a lot into your trip . . . it is so much fun tagging along. You must have abounding energy . . . you're doing so much and visiting so many amazing places. Oh, and the food . . . I'm drooling, LOL. This museum tour was great. I love that statue at the beginning of your post. I always enjoy learning about the making of our country and the pioneers and native Americans that knew it before freeways and bridges when it was wilderness and untouched land.
    Here's wishing you more adventures and a safe trip home.
    Connie :)

  24. Another wonderful and fascinating blog post. I'm really enjoying reading about your trip. Those beaded gloves are beautiful. Have fun with your grandchildren and daughter! :)

  25. I am enjoying all of your road trip posts....backwards. Looks like you had a good time and lots of fun things bought as well. I would love to do a road trip one of these days but that will have to wait a few years. Maybe I'll find a spot of the coast and stay a week is my fun thing to try! Thanks for sharing!


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