Sunday, July 26, 2015

Spending Time With The Girls at Ozark Lake MO

Hi my friends.  We are at the Lake of the Ozarks.  Dayle and I got here a day ahead of my daughter Amy and the two girls.  So, after checking into our hotel we did some driving around trying to get an idea of landscape.  Right next to the dam that created this massive meandering lake we stopped and snapped a photo.. if you look close you can see a boat pulling a parasail.  

Our hotel had a neat pool which I knew the girls would like.

Our girls arrived and we were all so happy to see each other!  I snapped a photo of the girls after lunch and the sun was blinding them! :-)

I'd been looking for a Cardinal since I arrived and asked my granddaughter Jenna that if she saw one to let me know.. she looked out the window and said "There's one!".. I didn't believe her at first, but grabbed my camera and looked and LO and BEHOLD.. look what I saw!  I'll never forget that.

On Friday we had some time to kill between checking out of the hotel and into our condo so we went to an antique store.  Oh my.. the Village Antiques was full to the brim of really nice things.. I should have taken more photos.  I thought those of you who like buntings and banners would like this.. they took vintage hankies, cut them in half and folded them to make this cute banner.

This entire old closet was filled with vintage linens.. embroidered and crocheted lace edging.. oh my!

I actually bought two vintage oak splint baskets, a tiny milk glass cream bottle and a wire laundry basket that I've been wanting for years!  But I have not photos at this time as they're still in the car! :-)

We finally checked into our condo and this is the view we have of a little bay of the lake.  This is from the nice deck off the condo.

This is Jenna in their cute little room.. I love the nautical decor on the wall.

Here is the dining area.

Here is the kitchen.  I didn't take a photo of the big living area as we've already piled it up with crochet bags, dolls, pillows everywhere, etc.  LOL!

Amy and the girls went swimming yesterday, I walked down with them to snap a few photos.  There is this gorgeous planter by the pool.

Does anyone know what this pretty pink flower is?  ETA - LacyKnitsDaily said it's a Mandavilla!  Thanks!

The girls ready to swim.. now my friends.. I'll be honest.  It's horrifically hot and humid here and I was about to die just walking down there and taking some photos.  I quickly retreated to the lovely cool condo with grandpa while they swam.  I hope to swim with them tomorrow - we might go on a boat cruise today.  We're still googling to find one.

The girls are happy in the water.

Snap.. snap.. and quickly back to the cool condo!  LOL!  It was 95 deg. F. and the humidity is 77%.  This Oregon girl and Dayle too.. are having a bit of difficulty with this heat.  We're looking forward to heading to a cooler climate on the way home.

Okay.. time to hear more stories from the girls.  Paige was just telling me about going to camp and walking in the mud there.  :-)  Oh.. forgot to tell you that we saw a little herd of deer the other night in the trees by the condo and last night we saw a bunch of fireflies in the brush, too!  I hope you're having a good weekend!!  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. The plant you refer to is a Mandeville. A very lovely plant.
    So happy your both enjoying your trip. How wonderful to be with family.
    Safe travels.

  2. Looks like you are staying at a really nice place. The condo is nice, the pool is bad about the heat and humidity. Now you know why I was so happy to run from it up here. We are enjoying a high in the low 60s today! It's downright chilly! So glad you are getting to enjoy the girls. The shopping looks fun too. I hope you get to take that cruise and get some good photos to share. Have fun!

  3. Ah heat and humidity, not good for you overall but great for you skin and hair! I think you should try swimming with the girls in the evening right before bed, it will tire them out and you will not feel the heat as much. Enjoy our time together.

  4. I know you will enjoy your time with these lovely girls! Despite the heat/humidity!

  5. Hi Teresa, oh, you are having a wonderful trip . . . have fun with your three girls and enjoy that pool:) Oh, how I miss fireflies . . . I'm originally from Indiana :)
    Your blogging sister,
    Connie :)

  6. Have fun with those gorgeous girls and keep cool! x

  7. Looks absolutely fantastic. We have the rain back again - very cool too. It's supposed to be summer! Glad you are all enjoying yourselves!

  8. I'm with you Teresa and could not cope with the heat! I know though you will so d joy havi g precious time with the girls. Hugs Anne x

  9. Sounds like an amazing trip, always good to spend quality time with family. The pool looks so inviting, the girls must be having a great time. Love the bunting, such a simple but effective idea...might have to steal that one!!!

  10. The girls are growing up so fast! I'm sure they were excited to see you and Dayle. That's the kind of heat that Mandy has too. I just can't deal with it anymore even though I grew up in the Midwest. It's been so cool here but the heat is on again for the weekend. Bleh. I love the antique store photos. You know me and vintage linens. I love them. Have a wonderful time with the girls....I know you will.

  11. Sounds as though you are having a wonderful time! So glad for you. The condo looks lovely doesn't it, so does the pool! Hope that you can find some cooler activities to do. xx

  12. Some wonderful memories being made, Teresa! :)

  13. Hi Teresa, I'm so glad you and Dayle were able to meet up with Amy and her girls. It looks like you're having a wonderful time together. I'm sorry it's so uncomfortably hot right now but it looks like the pool is very nice. I hope you enjoy the next phase of the trip.

  14. Teresa

    LOVE that pool, I'd have to jump in . Glad you are spending fun time together. Come here anytime for Cardinals. We have a nesting family for years and years in our evergreens

  15. Fantastic Teresa and gee you even snapped the Cardinal with it's beak open.....clever clever lady lol
    Awesome family time and loving your adventures at the moment xoxo


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