Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Family Time and Heading Home

I sure did enjoy spending time with my three girls.  We went to a fun old time area of Osage Beach which had gift shops and an arcade and such.  We got the girls each a stuffed kitty and here they are with those and the Navajo Indian dolls we got them at the Hopi House at the Grand Canyon.  They're so cute!

Each evening as we returned from going out for dinner there was a small herd of deer in the same grassy wooded area, there were two fawns in the group.  Aren't they cute?

There were several does and we saw one buck with a small rack of antlers.

What a joy to get to see them often.

One day we took the girls to Randy's Custard and all enjoyed some ice cream.  It was EXTREMELY HOT AND HUMID there.  Like a steam oven.  

For one of our dinners we tried this place with the funny name and even funnier quote on their sign.  It had high ratings.

I got smoked ham and turkey and it was delicious!

In the arcade area was this fun painted VW Bus which I loved.

Did I mention it was HOT? :-)  It got up to 98 d. F while there.  Oh my.

I liked this old clock.

A pretty sunset sky on one of the evenings while there.

Here is a vintage basket that I got for a nice low price at the antique store.

It's an oak splint basket and I could tell it is old from examining the bottom.

I spent some wonderful time in the pool with the girls, they LOVE to swim and we all had a great time on our last full day together.

Grandpa took some photos for me from the balcony.

Water babies.

Our last supper - a cute little girl crawled up and joined us and we had fun with her.

Our only group photo - at Starbucks as we parted way.  Hugs all around.  

As we headed North out of Missouri we passed miles and miles of corn fields.  We passed through a corner of Iowa and into Nebraska.  Corn fields the whole way!

We passed over this neat bridge - can anyone tell me where it is and what it's name is?  LOL!

We stopped at this neat Amish store in Nebraska and I had to take a photo of the fun way they painted their water tower.

We love the Amish stores!  So many fun things in there!  We got a pecan roll and shared it as we drove.

Have you ever wondered where the "boonies" are?  This is where.

We made it to Grand Island, Nebraska and got a hotel, went out for a very late soup and salad dinner.  When we returned to the hotel this pretty moon was posing for a photo.  Goodnight, Moon.  :-)

We are now up and ready to hit the road again.  We have a whole state to cross into Wyoming where we'll head to Jackson Hole and to see the Grand Tetons.  :-)  Then?  Oregon or Bust!!  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. What beautiful girls with such lovely smiles, they look a lot like you. Sounds like a great trip with some amazing places visited. Love the basket, a great find. Safe journey home.

  2. It looks like your time with the girls was really wonderful. I'm glad you're having such a great trip. I wish you safe travels back toward home.

  3. Fantastic picture of the moon!! Love your new basket too.

  4. What special family time. Enjoy the next leg of your road trip x

  5. Wonderful memories made with you loved ones! The heat doesn't sound good but we are facing that here in Portland area again this coming week...minus the humidity. Enjoy Wyoming and the Grand Tetons. Such a beautiful place.

  6. So glad that you have had such a great time! I love the 8 ball water tower, that is a lot of fun, and the Boonesville one! Hope that the rest of your travels are safe and fun. xx

  7. Loving your traveling pictorials. Aren't the antique shops wonderful in that part of the US. I've found more fun things in Missouri & Arkansas that anywhere else.
    That VW bus was so cute.
    The girls are getting so big. What a gift to be able to spend time with them on your trip. I'm sure you all had a blast even if it was hot & humid.
    Speaking of hot. Here in Portland we're due for at least 7 days of high 90's. So if you encounter any rain on your way back home please bring it with you - we sure do need every drop.
    The bridge is the Christopher Kit Bond Bridge in Kansas City MO, sometimes referred to as the New Paseo Bridge. Hope this helps.
    Safe travels!

  8. What fun! This has been a really BIG trip with lots of neat memories. It's been fun following along with you. That BBQ sign is hilarious. I just love good BBQ anything. Your granddaughters are getting so big! I'm so glad you're able to see them like this even tho they live so far away. I hope your trip home is fun and full of memories too. Keep the fun pictures and stories coming!

  9. What a great time you shared with your daughter and grand daughters......such happy pictures! You have seen so many interesting places, Teresa. Enjoy the journey back......happy trails.
    Helen xox

  10. Enjoyed all your pics, Teresa. So glad you got to enjoy your granddaughters for a while! :)

  11. What a fantastic trip, and I'm so glad you got to spend time with your gorgeous granddaughters. The photo of you all together is absolutely lovely, one to treasure I think. The Amish stores sound fantastic, I'd definitely like them I think. Enjoy the next leg of your trip Teresa. CJ xx

  12. Im having SO much fun following you. Im not even tired. :) Are you knitting at a ll in the car?
    Your swim buddies are too cute. I swam with Fireman for 45 minutes with a kick board today. It is good for his back to swim and he swam in HS and loves to swim. It was a nice way to start our lazy day .
    Keep posting when you can. I Love the posts

  13. Lovely photos and memories Teresa. I have teared up thinking of you saying goodbye to the girls - I know how it would be for me. Take care on your journey home. Hugs Anne x

  14. Precious family times, and interesting views, even if it was soooo hot, Teresa =) Thanks for keeping the posts coming! I'm enjoying a beautiful time at the beach and it is supposed to be hot here, too. Wishing you more happy days and safe travels XXXX

  15. I'm so sorry it was so hot Teresa and you seem to be coming home to more...except less humidity. I have enjoyed your trip so much. The happy faces on your photos say it all. I'm glad you had a good time crossing Nebraska. It can be a so-so, non-scenic drive, but it looks like you found some fun there! :-) Safe travels.

  16. I knew where the boonies were but I had no idea the Amish were in Nebraska.
    I love road trips. Back up to HOT here - nearly 100' today.
    I might manage to see you at Multnomah Falls or maybe the Clackamas County Fair.

    p.s. you will have to do a post as to why the basket is old just by looking at the bottom.

  17. Oh I have so loved your trip Teresa ♥ and even shed a tear with thinking how much you will miss those girls.....beautiful country and do so hope I can get there again one day xoxoxo safe trekking ♥

  18. What a lovely family you have - and I'm glad you got to go swimming during all that hot sticky weather! The barbecue sign is hilarious.

    I used to think Nebraska was boring, but the last time we drove through I realised it has a quiet beauty of its own. But you are right - lots of corn!

    Have a wonderful time in Wyoming.

    Great moon photo, by the way! I can actually see the craters. You must have a heck of a zoom lens. :)

  19. Hi Teresa, What A lovely time you had with "Your Girls"! So happy for you two that you have had such an adventurous trip. Safe travels home, xoRobin

  20. I wish I could have hitched a ride... what a wonderful and beautiful trip you have enjoyed and thankfully shared with your readers!
    Take care and we all look forward to your next posts and your return home....

  21. Wow what an amazing road trip!

    You really are making the most of summer :-)


  22. The girls are getting so big and your daughter has the most beautiful face. I love this post about your wonderful trip.


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