Saturday, August 1, 2015

There's no Place like Home

Hello my friends.  We are home.  ::whew::  We said farewell to our daughter and two granddaughters on Tuesday morning and headed North and West away from Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri.  We were traveling through picturesque country back roads quite a while and saw many cornfields and farms.  Our first night we spent in Grand Island, Nebraska after about 7-8 hours of driving.  Eventually the scenery turned to desert and rocky mesas.  I thought this rock was interesting.. it was pretty big!

We passed by many "wind farms".  Rows and rows of huge windmills.  I left the highway orange traffic cone in the photo so I would remember to tell you that we passed through MANY, and I mean a LOT of highway construction across this fine country.  Most of them had no obvious work going on.  Whoever is selling traffic cones is making a massive fortune.  :-)  Our second night was spent in Rock Springs, Wyoming.

I took all these photos from a moving car.  :-)  This rock formation was before we reached Salt Lake City, UT - but actually we took the bypass and didn't go through the city.  

This is the mountain range north of SLC and where we got on Interstate 84, which would bring us all the way home!  Our 3rd night was spent in Meridian/Boise, Idaho.  I am thankful for my cellular iPad - I was able to play Scrabble, Words With Friends, check my email, read Facebook and post occasionally.  I also read the book by an author that is a friend of mine called "Stoneheart" by Baer Charlton.  I bought the book on my iPad and highly recommend it.  I finished yesterday.  Dayle drove the entire way home.  Verizon had amazing coverage all across the country for me.

Yesterday halfway through our way home we approached Pendleton at lunchtime.  I googled for restaurants and we dined at "Roosters".  It was good!  Then we drove back through town to the old original Pendleton Woolen Mill and visited the mill store.  Dayle actually bought a king size blanket for us!  I'll show you later.. it's sage green, gold and rust.  

This place is so wonderful!  I'd never visited the home of Pendleton and so I was doing a bucket list visit.  

These are all the designs.. which one do you want?

There is a small museum area off the sales room.. I loved this carved wood Indian on his pony.

This vest is completely hand beaded with seed beads!

I was drawn to this seed beaded medallion necklace.  I've done a similar one.

This is the blanket that Dayle got for us.  The green looks great in our green bedroom!

We then went to a very famous western store, Hamley's.

This fabulous bronze sculpture of an Indian chief on his horse all dressed up in his Eagle feather headdress greeted us at the door.

I was amazed at the gorgeous hand made chandeliers of wrought iron, the base is painted rawhide and there are rawhide teepees on the top all lit up and also painted.  See the copper metal ceiling tiles?

Need a hand made leather saddle?  Some rope for catching calves?  No problem!

This place is famous for it's custom made saddles, here is the saddler at work in the wonderful workshop.

I love this amazing bronze statue of a bucking bronco and cowboy!  This is the hat room.. ALL the guys out here are sporting their summer straw hat.  

They sell new and used saddles.

Men's Western clothing and a big bronze statue of a chief.  See the pretty copper ceiling?

Unfortunately we didn't find anything to buy, although I was lusting after these handmade pocket knives.. but they were very spendy.  Next up we drove by the big beautiful Pendleton Round-Up arena.  I've never attended the famous rodeo but it's on my bucket list.  Click on above link for the history of this rodeo.

A life size bronze sculpture of a bucking bronco and cowboy on the street side of the famous rodeo arena.

Leaving Pendleton we see the Columbia River greeting us.  Can you believe how arid and desertlike it is here?  

We were actually surprised to see Mt. Hood looming above The Dalles!  Snap, snap... from the moving car.  And we're getting some trees now.  I have to tell you something amazing!  I saw a bunch of big white birds on an island in the river and they were White Pelicans!  What?  So, I googled it while we zoomed along and sure enough, they breed on the islands of the Columbia River near Arlington!  We were not able to stop to take a photo in that area of the freeway.  :-(  But I will never forget seeing those big white birds with big long orange bills.  They have the the biggest wing span of any bird in Oregon!  I also saw a Bald Eagle sitting amongst a bunch of sea gulls!

Getting closer to home.. I truly cannot tell you how happy we were!  I was soOOooo tired of sitting in the passenger seat all cramped up!  Let me out!  

It was this hot when we passed through The Dalles.. one hour from home.

We finally pulled in and Kristi let Buddy off leash and he ran to us and was so happy to see us!  Then the boys ran and hugged us!  Everyone was talking at once and we were so happy to be HOME!  Kristi took us into my craft studio and showed me that she'd organized EVERYTHING!  There were labeled bins in the cabinets and the desktop was clear and they'd built a jewelry display behind the door and she'd hung up all the jewelry I'd made!  I will do a whole post on that.. soon.  Kristi is amazing!  And so.. we're resting in our beloved easy chairs.  Kristi and I both went out and took photos of the "Blue Moon".  I must say our bed felt truly fabulous after sleeping in different beds for so many nights.  

5,379 miles we drove.  Ahhhh.  Home.  I hope you're enjoying your summer!  Today is the 1st day of August!  It's going fast.  OK.. time to rest some more.  
((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Welcome home dear Teresa...and yes there is no better place. How wonderful that you now have a craft room organised by dear Kristi, that girl is a real treasure.Enjoy the rest ..your bedspread is just wonderful. Hugs xx

  2. Welcome home!
    Good eye Dayle, you sure picked out a beautiful blanket.
    That beaded vest - what a work of love.
    I sometimes think the very best part of traveling is that first night home in your own bed . . . sigh.
    Kristi does it again. Sending hugs her way.
    Sweet Buddy sure missed his humans. I bet he's sleeping better, too.
    Did you see my post about the name of the bridge you asked about?
    Again, welcome back to OR!

  3. Welcome home, Teresa. Thank you for sharing your holiday - I've so enjoyed reading about your trip. Enjoy your home comforts! xx

  4. I had a customer report a bald eagle sighting near The Dalles. Ours, that we had in our backyard last fall, sadly, have not come back.
    I am so jealous of your Pendleton Mill Store visit. The blanket bedspread looks fab!

  5. Wow, Teresa, what an epic journey! And Dayle, major great work on the driving! Welcome home to you both! xo, alicia

  6. I know I've said it before, but I really do need Kristi here. You should see my stash room !!!! Well, on second thoughts maybe you shouldn't see it !!! Its always nice to get home (even after such a wonderful trip away) - bet you enjoyed your first sleep in your own bed for awhile. Dayle has excellent taste - that blanket he bought is lovely. Wow ... 106 degrees !! Wish just a little bit of that would come our way. Its still rather cold here and I can hardly wait for the warm weather. xox

  7. What a FANTASTIC trip, you've seen so many amazing sights. The saddlery is wonderful, and how lovely that you saw white pelicans. My eldest would have been beside himself. No doubt it's wonderful to be home. I always think that Kristi is amazing, she's quite a gem. So is Dayle for doing all that driving. Glad you're both home safely and that you had such a great time. Take it easy for a few days now! CJ xx

  8. Wow that was some road trip.

    Glad that you are home safe and sound!


  9. Welcome home Teresa!!! Love your post of your drive home, so many interesting places! Funny about the highway cones and OH so true. "Where is the Construction" ???? Love your new Pendleton blanket, just gorgeous, good job Dayle! Welcome Home guys, xoRobin
    Great welcome home from Kristi and boys!!!

  10. I would love to visit the Pendleton store!! I know you are glad to be home.

  11. It sounds like you had a fabulous trip, Teresa! But I know you are so happy to be back home!

  12. I can't believe how many miles your trip was, what an adventure!!!! Kristi is the best, I can't wait to see your studio. Glad you are relaxing today.

  13. Wow, what an amazing trip you two had. It was fun to follow along via your blog. I'm glad you're feeling good to be back home, now rest up. :)

  14. Wow that was a lot of miles but an amazing trip. Spending time with loved ones is the best but there is no place like home and your own bed. Loved the new blanket, beautiful. Looking forward to a peek into the craft room.

  15. No place like home after taking a long trip. I went back and read all your posts from the trip. I don't know where you guys find the energy to do all that you do. I have been so busy that the last time I even came into my sewing/craft room was about 7-8 weeks ago. For 2 weeks we had so much rain that it seems like all everyone around here did was to mow grass on the breaks in between the thunderstorms. Water was everywhere and much flooding for miles around. People spent a lot of time dealing with flooded basements, but I was one of the lucky ones. It had to be nice to come home to a nice organized craft studio. Glad you had a safe trip all the way around. You sure got plenty of great scenic shots to share.
    (((HUGS))) Susanne :)

  16. Teresa - So glad you had a great trip and are home safely! Sorry we didn't make connections. Have enjoyed reading about your interesting trip.


  17. I so enjoyed see all your photos on the way home. I know you are glad to be there! That was such a long trip for y'all! Just driving the 2,000 up here one way was more than enough for me, but we didn't get the luxury of staying at any hotels either. Sleeping in the car is for the birds! Never again! Hope you are settling in at home. I can't wait to show you what I did this morning, Teresa! I'll be posting about it tomorrow, and there's a picture just for you. XOXO

  18. I loved this last "leg" of your journal as you were travelling in an area I lived for 5 years (The Dalles)! I was always amazed at seeing Mt. Hood looming up behind The Dalles, as I came from the East.. what a contrast between the arid desert and that big cold white mountain. I used to see that view (the photo on your blog header) 5 days a week, as I drove to work from The Dalles to Hood River... I never ever got tired of it. There is a similar store to Hamley's, and it's in of all places, The Dalles! I hope you find time to visit there... it's called Tony's. I used to love going in there when I lived there.. it's a smaller version of Hamley's. And white pelicans? wow I never saw them.. but I do see them here in central Oregon up by Crane Prairie Reservoir.. I was amazed to see them here in this dry country. The Skamania Lodge store also has WONDERFUL Pendleton blankets. We have 3 that we've bought there over the years. I've loved your travel diary and I bet it does feel so good to be home.. I love little road trips, but it's always so great to come back home again. I'm sure we're all wishing we had a "Kristi" in our home too! Take care.

  19. I have thoroughly enjoyed each and every photo and retelling of your trip. THANK you from my porch

  20. Glad you are safely home Teresa. It was an amazing trip you took. x

  21. Welcome home, Teresa! :) I have so enjoyed your pictures. Thanks so much for sharing your vacation with us. Do you think Kristi would like to come to Pennsylvania? I have a lot of organizing that needs done! ;)

  22. Welcome, welcome home dear Teresa! I loved all of your photo's. (You know how I feel about Pendleton Woolen Mills), but my absolute favorites were of the ones in Oregon. Mt. Hood, The Columbia. I adore Oregon and I know that you were so, so, so anxious to get home. I can just imagine the excitement. But what a trip you had! So many sights and sounds and love you had. Can't wait to see Kristy's latest transformation. You are blessed my friend. Thank you for your sweet comments on my blog. It's been a long haul and one I'm very tired of already.

  23. Fabulous Trekking Teresa and I do love seeing the Pelicans we have around here they just glide in the sky ☺ Your bed looks great with that beautiful blanket....welcome home always a good feeling xoxo

  24. Welcome home, what a lot of exciting travelling it has been for you both! What a lovely greeting from Buddy! Wishing you a happy August, dear Teresa....and a nice rest now :)
    Helen xox

  25. What an amazing trip - our country has so many different beauties, doesn't it?

    How lucky you were to visit the Pendleton store! When I was little there was a shop at Disneyland (in Frontierland, of course) that sold Pendleton goods. We always oohed and aahed over the skirts and shirts and fabric.

    Love the photos of the saddlery - like a step back in time. :)

  26. There is no place like home!!! I'm so glad you had a safe trip, and I have really enjoyed your photos and narrative of it...and seeing white pelicans, and a bald eagle...amazing!!! xx


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