Monday, August 3, 2015

Miss Organization

While we were gone on our trip of 3 weeks and 3 days, our daughter-in-law Kristi embarked on a major organization of my craft studio.  I've talked about this space before and honestly called it my own version of "Hoarders".  I think a lot of you reading this can relate.  Crafty/artistic people are known to get interested in many crafts and tend to buy more supplies than they might need.  :-)  I had supplies for basketry, calligraphy, watercolors, embroidery, sewing, jewelry making (beads, wires, tools, etc.) The YARN I have purchased is in a whole another category of excess.  When we arrived home Kristi had a towel hung over the French doors so I could not see in the studio.  She wanted to see my face as she showed me what she'd accomplished.  Would you like to see?  OK, come on in.  There is my oak copper paneled pie safe - it used to hold a LOT of yarn.  Not any more!  The walkway is clear!  You can see the desktop!

K put some of my holiday decor on top and some dolls and shells.

She hung this on the door as you go in.. I got this for my Mom's apartment in the assisted living facility where she spent her last years.  It was sweet to see this on the door.

If you're new to reading my blog, our son Travis and Kristi and our two grandsons live with us while they save money for a home.  Kristi and Travis actually made this jewelry display organizer for me!  She hung up all the earrings, bracelets, necklaces and strands of beads here.  I made most of these for when I did craft shows.  Some are my own.  I am going to do a giveaway soon on my blog of some of this jewelry - and put many in my Etsy store at sale prices.  This organizer will really help me keep track of what I have.  Which is a LOT.. wouldn't you say?  :-)  Didn't they do an amazing job?

This is the studio from back in the corner - the desktop is a great and spacious work area.  I look forward to setting up my Singer Featherweight sewing machine there and do some sewing.  Kristi put some organizers under the desk and put all my jewelry making supplies in there!

This desk is huge and has a lot of organizational space.  Kristi put all my craft books in one place, there are drawers of papers and tablets, envelopes, etc.

This huge pine cabinet was my mother's.  She had it in her kitchen.  It's deep and big.  I had a lot of holiday decor items in it along with a mish-mash of a LOT of other things.  Kristi brilliantly decided to put all my YARN in here in bins!  Each bin has a label.  I've asked Dayle to oil the wood, it's a little rough looking.  I know a lot of people would paint this - but I cannot bear to cover the pine wood.  I'm a sucker for real wood grain.

And here is the cabinet contents.  Bins of yarn and fabric, etc.

I was telling my sister Roberta about how organized everything was and she asked how I would find everything and I told her.. she labeled EVERYTHING!  :-)


Kristi - the Label and Bin Queen!  She said she had to go out each day to buy more bins.  :-)

My vintage seamstress model looks nice in there now!

Kristi found all my pens, pencils, rulers and put them in Ball jars.

Kristi even found a new book and bought it for me.  

Caleb enjoying the tidy studio and me in my chair checking out everything.

Here is my pie safe open to show you the other bins.  Calligraphy supplies, watercolors things, fabric, basket supplies, candles, ribbons.. :-)

Standing outside the French doors looking in.. I have some ideas about some lace valances and some other decorative touches.. more crochet in here! :-)

I found a vintage folding wire laundry basket at the antique store we visited in Osage Beach, MO.. I told Dayle I'd been looking for one and he sent me back into the store to buy it.  :-)  I'm going to keep crochet projects in here and some yarn.

Here is Kristi the miracle organizer.  :-)

She also took good care of our dog Buddy, the chickens, the koi and pond fish and the flowers.  Look at this amazing mass of Stargazer lilies in a pot on the garden shed deck! 

These are the flowers that I love which smell divine.

The kids also got a fuchsia and a canna lily for the pond.

Some other flowers Kristi got while we were gone.

The unusual leafed Moss Rose is a gorgeous color and is doing well.

See how lush and lovely everything looked when we got home?

I want to pick a tiny posy of Sweet Peas.. I got these in honor of my blog friend Helen Phillips as I've admired hers each summer.

I'm happy that this pretty Dahlia is still producing blooms although the excessive heat we've had is not helping the flowers.

I wanted to show you the things I brought back from our trip.  The vintage oak splint baskets were very reasonable.. like $12 and $15!  I found a vintage canning jar by a different maker - Amazon!  A tiny cream bottle like they used to use in diners, this one in milk glass.  A hard to find pattern of Jadeite - Laurel.  And a funny sheep from the Grand Canyon.  The pot... more below.

The sheep was made by a Navajo Indian.  The pot is very special.  When doing archeological digs in the Grand Canyon of the native people that inhabited it dating back to the Ice Age - they found pottery shards with beautiful designs.  A potter is now making small pots using designs found on those ancient pots - isn't that cool?  I had to get a small one.

I wasn't sure who made the Jadeite cup and saucer that I bought.. but K googled it and it's McKee and the pattern is Laurel.  I love it!

A closeup of the Laurel design.

My blog friend Kathy from Running with Rocket asked how I could tell a basket's age from looking at the bottom.  So here you go.. for one it sold at one point for $1.50.  And see the stains and rough spots?  Also, the cracks in the oak splints.  This basket has had a long and useful life.  :-)

So, now you're at the BOTTOM (teehee) of my long post.  I will bid you adieu and hope you have a wonderful week.  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Kristi is fearless. She tackled that room like a warrior! Now you can use your room without having to hunt for supplies. Everything is at your finger tips.
    Kristi should be the first one to get a "free giveaway" that's for sure. And a special lunch for just the two of you.

    Aren't those laundry round baskets fantastic. I have a vintage one with wheels and it folds down into a flat pancake shape for easy storage. I can't wait to see yours filled with crocheted projects.

    Those Oriental Lilies are spectacular and the fragrance is powerful - very intoxicating.

  2. Amazing! If Kristi want to stay with me awhile... : ) Angela

  3. Yes, please send Kristi to ME!!! She would love Vermont and I would love her : ) She did an amazing job! Love all your vacation finds and purchases, thanks for sharing. Everything is so green and lush in your yard, enjoy the rest of the summer. xoRobin

  4. I've said it before, I'll say it again, Kristi is an absolute gem. What a wonderful surprise to come home to, it's a really lovely space. And now that it's all so neatly organised you will no doubt feel inspired. Your decked area is looking beautiful at the moment, you've all clearly put so much hard work into, it's very well worth it though, I'd love to sit there a while and enjoy the flowers and greenery. Glad you're happily ensconced back at home. CJ xx

  5. Wow! I hope you know what a GEM Kristi is! She is an organized chick!

  6. Kristi is the best! I swear she needs to set up an organizing business. She is so good at it. I bet you were just thrilled to see it all set up in such a fantastic way. Your space is perfect now.
    Have fun with it all.

  7. What a wonderful Welcome Home!!! The jewelry display is amazing for its organization and its display of more of your beautiful work, Teresa. Your flowers are so lush, I can almost smell the lilies through the computer screen :) Wishing you and yours sweet, restful, creative times xx

  8. She sure did an amazing job of getting your room all tidied up for you. I love those small plastic containers, I have several myself and there are so many endless uses for them. I love that all one has to do is glance at them and can pretty much see what is inside. The labels make it easier. I know what you mean about "hoarders" I have often referred to my room as that too. I have a closet jam pack full of stuff and all around the perimeter of the room. I wish at times to have shelves but will just be happy the way it is now. Those cupboards are the perfect place to hide a mass of things. You give that girl a big hug, and I'm sure you have plans to do more (wink, wink). She did a great job taking care of your home while you were away. Your flowers look amazing too. Love the little sweet pea.
    (((HUGS))) Susanne :)

  9. Gosh - could I rent out Kristy for a few weeks? She did such an awesome job on your craft room. I would probably have to have her for at least a month. LOL What a sweet girl.


  10. Such a sweet welcome home from Kristy and Travis. She did an amazing job on your craft studio and that jewelry display is perfect. I'm so impressed and bit bit jealous. I thought I had lots of yarn, but I believe you have me beat! :-). I think my favorite of your vacation finds is the Amazon jar. So cool!
    Love and Blessings,

  11. What a nice surprise for you by Kristi organizing your craft room. How special is that gift? I like the pine cabinet from your mom's kitchen as well. Wood is beautiful in it's original way. Your baskets you bought on your trip are great. I love baskets myself and right now have not any more room for one. Thanks for sharing your room and I am sure you will really enjoy it now more than ever! Have a good week....xxxx

  12. What an amazing thing to do! Can I borrow Kristi? I think I need her for a while ;) 'Crafty/artistic people are known to get interested in many crafts and tend to buy more supplies than they might need' made me burst out laughing... just a little bit, right?

  13. What a special way to welcome you home Teresa, Kristi is just amazing. You can now start to have fun in your organized craft room...enjoy x

  14. I was wondering if Kristi wants to come over for a holiday and organize me a little. She has done a really great job, you are truly blessed. Love the baskets a real delight.

  15. What a wonderful organiser, Kristi is!! So professional! I could do with Kristi to sort out my crafting things too :) The jewellery display stand she and Travis made is perfect! How nice to come home to such an orderly arrangement........and all those gorgeous flowers....and you have sweetpeas too!! So kind of you to mention me....I shall be picking a bunch of my sweetpeas today and will think of you, Teresa.
    Helen xox

  16. Wow, Kristie is a wonder isn't she!!!! She did an amazing job of your craft room making it into a wonderful place for you to work!!! What a wonderful daughter in law you have!!! Kristie should go into business organising spaces for people, she is very good at it!!! Lovely to see all your treasures from your travels, they are so lovely!!! xx

  17. Kristi did a magnificent job in your studio. I like the ideas of labelling all the crates and think I might have to steal that idea myself. I do have little tags attached to my containers of yarn but wouldn't have a clue what's in all the crates and boxes on the shelves. Your stargazer lilies are stunning as are all the other lovely flowers in your garden. Everything looks amazing - what a lovely surprise for your homecoming. xox

  18. I didn't know they lived with you:) Love that..
    But that girl..wowsers.
    What a doll.How kind and thoughtful and well done!
    I can't believe your lilies!

  19. Like everyone else, I need Kristi to come stay with me for awhile. Instead of a jewelry give-away (which would be fabulous), I wonder if you could swing a Kristi loan-away?? LOL

  20. I will sew you anything if you give me Kristi.

    They ought to sell Kristi organizers at Fabric Depot.

  21. Kristi is a really amazing person. I think she must be a very kind and giving woman, she is always helping out and leaving the world around her better than it was when she found it. Your studio looks beautiful and I love all the wood furnishings in it. Your souvenirs are all lovely, you picked a lot of the same special things I would have. :)

  22. Okay SHE"s AMAZING!!!! WOW. I can't say it enough. She surely appreciates your letting them move in. I love the green glass cup and saucer. ! Jewelry giveaway! I'm in!

  23. Love how Kristi organized your craft room!! What beautiful blooms in that drop dead gorgeous garden that you have!! And lucky you with your terrific finds!! Thanks so much for sharing!!


  24. How nice to come home to such an organized space! She did a truly wonderful job. Doesn't it feel good?? I know it does! It must have taken her hours and hours. Love all the goodies from your trip. So you are leaving again a week from Wednesday, huh? You are just a busy bee! We're taking a rest day today. We've been going and going every day for a while now. Yesterday we went on a picnic to a mountain stream. It was so pretty and peaceful there.

  25. Teresa, I have thoroughly enjoyed catching up with you! Wow, what a trip! I could NEVER do it! I am a homebody! How wonderfulmthatbyou could go, and not have to worry about a thing at home! And such a wonderful gift, for Kristi to do such a wonderful job organizing your craft space!!! She obviously thinks very highly of you Teresa!!!! The lush patio looked so very inviting too! Oh my gosh, that blanket is to die for! I wanted to buy one when I was in Santa Fe, but they were so expensive!!! What a treasure. And that laundry basket, well I am just downright jealous!!!!! I have been on the hunt for one for a long time!!
    Welcome home my friend. And now you leave again to camp? What a busy summer you have had!!!
    XO Kris

  26. Kristy is FABULOUS!! What a fantastic job she has done and love how it is all sorted ♥♥

  27. I'll gladly let Kristi stay here for a while! I have closets and a craft room that need organized big time! ;) lol

  28. Kristi has done a wonderful job of organising your craft room. Look forward to seeing what you do in there, Anne x
    PS can I borrow Kristi :-) Hugs


  29. Teresa, it is nice to know that you made it home safe. I had fun traveling along with you and enjoying your adventures. There's no place like home, and what a lovely and grand gift, to have your creative space all gussied up and organized . . . a blank canvas ready for your artistic testaments to shine.
    Welcome home!
    Your blogging sister, Connie :)

  30. Your daughter-in-law is an awesome organizer! Can she come do my craft area?? ;)


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