Thursday, August 6, 2015

Friends, Flowers and Fish

My blogger friend Gracie and I have both been traveling a lot this summer.  But we got together for lunch yesterday and then went swimming and got caught up on each other's news.  We had a delicious crab salad and chatted through lunch.  As we went to get into our cars I snapped this "selfie" of us.  I must admit that I almost NEVER take selfie's but this one came out kind of fun.  I had given Gracie a vintage cobalt bead necklace that I had not been able to find, but after Kristi's re-organization of my studio, there they were!  I wore my graduated cobalt beads from the 20's and tried to get both necklaces in the photo, but you can only see Gracie's.  Gracie collects cobalt glass.

I picked up the posters that I had made for an upcoming 100th anniversary celebration at Multnomah Falls.  I'm the event chair and contracted an old friend, Steve Terrill, to do the poster.  Steve is a very highly respected Oregon photographer and I got to know him while serving as the executive director of the Friends of Vista House.  I took the new poster to get framed.. I can't wait to see it all matted and framed up!  Do click on on his link and prepare to be amazed at his work.

Yesterday Kristi re-potted the trumpet vine that my sister Roberta gave me and then she made a trellis for it to grow on out of black bamboo!  Isn't it awesome?  I love it!  I can't wait to see our first orange trumpet flower.

Our weather has moderated and the Dahlias are making a comeback.

I sure do like these little yellow daisy flowers.

Some new blooms are coming out on my Hydrangea.. most of them are rather dried up.

Our newest tuberous begonia has done very well in the pot we stuck it in.  I hope we can winter this one over successfully.

Our son Travis was invited to go fishing with one of his friends from work - Ernie.  He took the boys and this is a neat photo of Ernie and the boys on the boat.

Hayden caught a nice big Steelhead!  Steelhead is a rainbow trout that goes out to sea and then comes back to spawn.  They don't die after spawning and can re-spawn for several years.  This was a LARGE fish!  Caleb also caught a big one, but his was a wild fish and had to be released.  Guess what we're having for dinner tonight?  Baked Steelhead on the pellet grill!

I took a photo of the guys with their fish before Travis cleaned it.  What a big day for the boys!

We are getting organized to leave for our lake camping trip in a week.  I will be taking my rainbow crocheted bunting to hang around our shade canopy.  I will also be taking some pink yarn as I have two pairs of pink booties to make for two new baby girls we'll be welcoming to the family.  One is for my niece and the other is for my cousin Nancy's daughter who expecting her first child, a girl!

I will be doing some giveaways when I return.  Are you making the most of your summer?  Our leaves are turning here already.  I saw a whole row of them all yellow.. some maples are turning red already!  How quickly the seasons come and go!  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Nice selfie you two!
    I collect cobalt blue wine bottles. I think that rich blue looks so pretty in the garden. I even painted our bench with the back in cobalt blue. Very striking!
    Just where would you be without sweet Kristi's powerful energy? She organizes, plants, weeds, takes down thunderous blackberry bushes. Man that girl is a whirlwind of energy! Seriously she could turn that energy into a full time paying job.
    All the flower pic's are lovely. Our summer is winding down - sort of feels upside down with all the intense heat in the beginning and the cooler temps later. Seems our entire weather system has changed in OR - and not for the better.
    Oh well, it is what it is. Enjoy your camping trip - looking forward to a great photo pictorial.

  2. Lovely that you managed to catch up with Gracie. Well done Kristi, she does work hard at making things pretty. My middle boy is desperate to try fishing. It does look like your little chaps had fun. I've been thinking how quickly the summer is flying by as well. WIshing you and Dayle a good weekend.

  3. What a lovely photo. ..great beads. Enjoy your upcoming weekend Teresa xx

  4. That is some fish the boys caught, wow! Good for them. It sounds like you're all having a nice time since you got back from your trip. I love the photo of you with Gracie. You are sweet together. I hope you have a great weekend, Teresa.

  5. Nice to see your grandsons enjoying that fishing experience!

  6. ***you need a selfie stick***
    All over the place in Japan, I saw quite a few at Multnomah falls this afternoon.

  7. So fun to see you and Gracie together. Such amazing women. I love the fishing stories.

    I cant wait to see your camping decor!

    Summer is going way too fast here for me Teresa. I'm enjoying my retirement so very much.
    I have knit and read more than ever this summer. I need to swim this week. I haven't yet.
    The crickets are chirping, Im sitting on my screen porch, and it is so beautiful and dark out. Just a firefly or two in the yard now. :)

  8. I'm sure the freshly caught steelhead was delish. My flowers are happier with the cooler temps. It helped that I fed them last week. I have seen a few yellow leaves but thought it was from the drought conditions. I enjoy Steve Terrill's photography as well. I like the old blue glass canning jars and have a few of them. I have tea bags stored in them. Enjoy your lake get away!

  9. Two of my most favorite women! I love your selfie and the necklaces are beautiful. Great job on the fishing trip...the grins show the happiness. We're having a grand time with my sister and BIL. Jamie and the kids come tomorrow. I must admit I'm getting tired but loving every moment. Life is too short to sit on the sidelines! Recent events have shown me that!!!! I'll rest when everyone is gone.
    Blessings my sweet Teresa,

  10. Great photos and great smiles!!! You both look very relaxed and content must be all the travelling,catching up with family and lots of eye candy going by the splendid photos here.

    Thanks for your comments on my latest post!!! I hope to get my giveaway sorted soon .

    keep well

    Amanda xx

  11. Fantastic picture if you and Gracie! And that is one big fish the guys caught.


  12. Great selfie and loved the necklaces. Yet again Kristi has impressed me with all her hard work. What a great experience for the boys they all look so proud. Have a great weekend and enjoy your trip.

  13. Love the selfie of you and Gracie - you both look so happy and your necklaces are gorgeous. Wow what a fish - bet it tasted good and what a thrill for the boys to catch such a biggie. Kristi is a real gem isn't she? Your flowers look wonderful. Gosh, you're off again on another trip? You're becoming quite the grey nomads eh? xox

  14. That is a wonderful picture of Travis and the boys on the boat with their fish! They will be looking at that one for years to come. Ah, memories! How neat that y'all will be having it for dinner too. Nice picture of you and Gracie too! The necklace you gave her looks good with her purple blouse. I definitely plan to come see all you girls over in Portland or wherever we decide some day, probably after this winter. I hope Betsy and I can make the trip together. That will be a fun roadtrip for us and will be so neat to see and meet all of you in person! Enjoyed seeing your flowers, as always. That is a neat trellis that Kristi made! Your idea of bamboo on the side of our driveway to hide the DOT next door is a great idea. I think the land belongs to them, but I don't think anybody would give a care if we planted something over there. That'll be one of my many missions next spring.

  15. Teresa, I treasure our friendship, and enjoy seeing more of your flowers, Kristi's creativity and the boys great catch! Fun!!! Tim and I drove down to Santa Rosa via 101. Gorgeous! But some smoke from wild fires. We head down to Burbank soon . The cobalt beads you gave me are beautiful! Thanks for being such a true blue friend :) <3 xx

  16. First of all I could eat you both up, you and Gracie that is not the fish, although I bet that was yummy too. Good for the boys having such a great day with their Dad. I am not making the most of my summer as my summer is very much like the rest of the year with work and such.
    Hugs to you,

  17. The necklace was a very nice gift to a good friend, something to be cherished. The grandsons will remember those days spending time with their dad. Even simple pleasures make for lifetime memories. Catching the fish was just frosting on the cake. My summer is nothing but work and when I'm not working I'm thinking about what needs to be done. I turned down a trip with my sister-in-law and her friend to go to Cleveland today because of shrubs needing trimmed. It is almost 1:30 in the afternoon and I still haven't made it outside yet. I think I'm stalling. Some jobs that I use to enjoy are nothing but headaches anymore. I have become a procrastinator and expert whiner.
    (((HUGS))) Susanne :)

  18. wonderful blog Kristi! it seems you do enjoy summer and friendship! your flowers well..the queens of the garden!


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