Saturday, August 8, 2015

Making the Most of August

Hello my friends!  Are you squeezing everything out of the last month of Summer?  If not.. you should!  When the snow is flying, you don't want to regret not taking advantage of the warm barefoot weather.  We have a little "volunteer" moss rose and Kristi told me we have a pink one in bloom.  Isn't it pretty?

My dear little dog, Buddy the Cairn Terrier.. he is always nearby.  I thought he looked fetching laying on the carpet.  :-)

Kristi's birthday occurred while we were gone on our road trip - so we treated her to dinner at PF Chang's - they gave her a complimentary dessert of a Bananas Foster roll-up with coconut pineapple sorbet.

We got the boys a huge slice of chocolate cake which they polished off nicely.  The adults were lucky to get a few bites.  :-)

We snapped a photo of the big horse statue outside and the boys.

We BBQed one half of the Steelhead night before last and decided it was so good that we repeated the same dinner last night.  We lay the salmon skin side down on the foil, spread it with sour cream, salt and pepper and sliced lemons and bake 425 d. for 20-25 minutes, or until you test it in the thickest part to see if it's opaque.  You don't want to overcook it.

We cooked up some rice and peas to go with it... both nights!  It was DELICIOUS!

I was looking at admiring the vintage laundry basket I picked up in of all places, Missouri, and found this old tag on it.  The wire is galvanized metal and the tag is bright aluminum.

I really LOVE this basket.  I plan to put all my cotton in this to keep it easy to get to.  It was funny, the lady in the antique store told me it was a "chip" basket - that grocery stores used to hold their potato chips for sale.  I told her that it was actually a vintage laundry basket used in commercial laundries.

I have been going through more of my containers of "stuff" using my tidy new craft studio.  It really feels good to get organized.  This is my view from the desk chair.  Excuse the dried up fern, it did not fare well during the heat wave we've had.  The Hostas are sun-burned, too.  Poor things.

I picked up the framed Steve Terrill print yesterday and will show it to the Friends of Multnomah Falls 100th Anniversary committee at a meeting on Monday.  I think it turned out well!  I had it framed at Americana Frame by my friend Baer Charlton.  He has written many books - click on his name to learn more.  I really enjoyed his book, "Stoneheart".  It was about a war hero that did a great thing for an Oregon community.

We are planning and organizing for our Waldo Lake camping trip.  We leave on Wednesday.  The photo in my banner is me sailing my Sunfish on the lake last year.  I look forward to doing that a lot soon!  OK.. talk to you soon.  I will be doing one more blog post before I will be gone for almost two weeks.  But being "off the grid" is good sometimes.  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Yes, we're trying to make the most of August here too. An afternoon at the country park today. Nothing terribly exciting, just relaxing, enjoying the sun, playing cricket, feeding the donkeys. Quite blissful. I hope Kristi had a good birthday. The pudding certainly looks good! CJ xx

  2. If it's all the same to you - I wish summer was done & gone. Not a fan of hot dry weather. I'll gladly take a double helping of fall & winter any day of the year.
    I'm glad you corrected the antiques lady on the laundry basket. So funny! I wonder what else she's selling with misleading information.
    I'm happy you're using your newly organized crafts room. It will be so nice to work in there now.
    Hooray for Kristi a free belated birthday dessert. It sure looks yummy. And oh that salmon, too.
    The best of all is Buddy, laying on the rug. I think he wants to keep you in his sights. Will he be going along on your trip to the lake?
    The framed poster is lovely. I framed all my counted cross stitch samplers, myself. It's not easy but it's so worth it.

  3. Your Buddy is cute. Terriers have always been one of my very favorite dogs. I have 2 myself. They are never boring. I love fish but for some reason salmon has never been my favorite. I know it is one of the most nutritious though. Your head must be spinning with all the travel you folks have been doing. I guess if that is what you love to do then more power to ya. I waited 18 years to get my brick home and I intend to enjoy days here. There is no place like home and it is my soft place to land. Yeah, I should have gone with my sil, but there were some other reasons I didn't. She and my brother are world class travelers, they leave for a 2-week trip on the 15th which involves a Scandinavian cruise of Norway, Sweden and Finland. She loves to travel, my brother doesn't, lol. He says he is content to remain in Ohio. That chocolate cake looks chocolate, yummy!

  4. I'm coveting that laundry basket w/tag. What a great find!
    Would love a nice thunder storm...looks like it might want to do that now but just a tease.
    Hugs for Buddy...Cairns are wonderful!

  5. I would like summer to stay forever...but with a little rain. We had two more fires start in brush today. It's scary to look out the window and see smoke billowing. Jamie and the kids are here tonight. We took them to the lake swimming, kayaking and paddleboarding today and now both kids are in the shower. They, and Grandma are exhausted. So fun to be planning another trip already. I know you'll have a wonderful time.

  6. We are certainly making the most of the summer here, getting out and about as much as we can and trying to get the outside jobs done. Glad to hear you are using your newly organized craft room, it will come into its own once the weather turns and you are inside more. Wishing Kristi a belated birthday, the desert looked wonderful. The fish was a delight, that would be the perfect meal for me.

  7. Hi Teresa we did have lots planned. Some things on hold as mum as had a dreadful fall and is in hospital :-( love the vintage laundry basket. Hugs Anne x

  8. I have had a lovely time over the last few weeks being away from work. The weather hasn't always been the best but have still really enjoyed myself!

    Certainly looks like you have made the most of every minute!


  9. We had a wonderful 50th Anniversary party for my sister and her husband last night and are going to their house today for a barbecue. Belated Happy Birthday to Kristi! The salmon looked perfect. Please give Buddy some love pats from me :) xx

  10. You are always on the go and having a good time. Your steelhead looks delicious. I'm going to get some salmon at Costco soon to put in the smoker. Happy belated birthday to Kristi, I hope you all had a fun celebration. We like PF Chang's too. Hope you have a good week, Teresa.

  11. Dear Theresa,

    Wishing you and your husband a lovely holiday! Have a good time in Oregon!

    Madelief x

  12. You are going to have a wonderful time, so much traveling and adventures for you this year. That recipe sounds amazing.

  13. I'll miss your posts but you deserve a great trip! I LOVE your posts.
    The kids are adorbs. The view from your window is so green lush and balanced, the stones are the perfect railing

  14. The chip basket - lol - maybe it's a west coast thing to put laundry in the chip basket?
    Your frame and matting turned out beautiful.

  15. Teresa do you ever stop! Or sleep! I'm sure your days are longer than mine, you make the most of every month, not just August! Love the laundry basket - perfect for yarn - and Happy Birthday Kristi :)

  16. How good it must feel to be in your craft room. Enjoy your trip x

  17. You're having such a wonderful summer dear Teresa (time is just flying by as always, isn't it?)...Such a lovely view from your looks wonderfully tranquil...Enjoy your camping trip lovely and bring back more of your gorgeous pics,
    Susan x

  18. If only we were having sunshine here this summer! The brief glimpses of sun are few and far between. But we just make the best of it for before long it will be autumn. Those desserts look yummy.


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