Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Grand Canyon Adventures

Hello my dear friends.  We have had quite the two days since we left Vegas.  I just had to put this photo at the beginning of this post as I love it.  We drove a long day and finally got to our hotel in the late afternoon and I'm so very glad we drove on in after a short rest - as it was sunny dusk and the Grand Canyon was glowing just like I'd hoped.  Isn't it amazing?

But let's back up a bit.  This is Lake Mead as we drove down near it after a LONG day of driving through the Nevada desert.  We did not have time to visit Hoover Dam.  

As we came up out of the lake area there was a scenic viewpoint so we pulled over and I snapped this shot of the Colorado River.  There was a Navajo woman with some blankets spread out with a lot of her handmade jewelry.  For $10 I bought a carnelian arrowhead necklace and hung it on our rear-view mirror for the rest of the trip to bring us luck.  :-)

We finally reached Williams, Arizona and had lunch in a fun diner in their charming old town.  And look.. we were on Route 66!!!

This is the newer sign.

We finally made it to Tusayan - and checked into our hotel.  Whew.. we were tired.  So we rested for a bit and then I said.. we need to go see the canyon!  So, off we went.  When we were in line to get into the park in our car I snapped a photo of these cute fuzzy pink flowers.. I have no idea what they are.

These flowers were on the Juniper trees.. they must turn into the berries?

We did a LOT of walking and climbing to see the different angles of the canyon.  It was truly awe inspiring.

I wonder if that rock was up on the rock on the right and how it fell off?  See the people on the left?  Of course I had to walk over THERE and climb down to see for myself.

Oh pretty!

I love the red rocks in the canyon.

As I walked along the path I was amazed at a bush full of gorgeous red flowers.  I did find these on google.. they are called Scarlet Bugler.

The sun slanted lower and the colors got all glowy orange and gold.

When we were ready to head back, we saw a mother and daughter ELK!

Aren't they beautiful?

I am so very glad we headed into the park last evening as today when we went back in, it was cloudy and the colors of the canyon were just all grey and it was very disappointing.  Do you see the rain falling?

We visited the Visitor's Center and watched a movie all about the canyon - it was neat to see the history and the animals and flowers and all.  Seeing the Condor program and how they let one go after they'd raised it it brought tears to my eyes.  Not long ago there were only 22 Condors left in 1987 - and with the breeding programs now there are 425 in the wild and in breeding programs!  We then visited the South Kaibab trailhead, Yaki Point and Pine Creek Vista and snapped some more dramatic weather photos.  

A flowering bush.

Some yellow flowers.  Soon the rain we'd been watching all afternoon reached us and we headed to the car!

In our adventuring around we actually found the El Tovar lodge and went inside to see it.  It was dinnertime and so we got a table in the dining room.  :-)

We shared a lovely salad, it was delicious.

Our handsome Hopi Indian waiter told us of the evening specials and I chose a delicious filet mignon with Bordelaise sauce, perfectly cooked green beans with cream cheese mashed potatoes.  Dayle had a yummy chicken dinner.

This is the lobby of the wonderful log lodge.  

We walked out on the front porch and sat for a while in these great rocking chairs.

I snapped a photo of this Juniper branch loaded with berries in the hotel courtyard.

This amazing Hopi House is a fabulous gift shop of local Indian crafts.  We got a pair of Navajo dolls for my granddaughters and some other things for the boys.

We then walked back to the viewpoint in front of the lodge and hoped for some sunshine and sunset photos.

Our patience paid off with some sun slanting below the clouds before the sun set.

Pretty, huh?

We made a new friend while watching the sun lower.. Nick.  Hi, Nick!  I gave him my blog card and hopefully he'll visit this blog and see himself.  :-)

The last rays of sun of the day.

Goodnight and goodbye Grand Canyon.  This was our first visit.. a bucket list thing.  It did not disappoint.  We may never get back here but the memories will last and bring me joy with every memory.

As we pulled out of the parking lot we snapped this shot of El Tovar Lodge.. a must see if you come here.

As we left the park.. what did we see?  But an bull Elk with a huge rack of antlers covered with velvet!  The photo is a bit fuzzy as it was low light and he was grazing and so did not stand still.. but isn't he handsome!?

Around the corner I saw a young doe grazing too!  

I do hope you enjoyed the photos of the Grand Canyon.  Now to bed I go as we have an early morning and drive halfway to our destination of Roman Nose State Park in Watonga, Oklahoma.  (Where I was born.)  We may be staying the night in Albuquerque, New Mexico!  I hope you're enjoying riding along with us on our adventure.  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Wow, it's amazing, utterly amazing. And you've photographed it beautifully. The gold rocks lit up in the sunset on your second evening are enchanting. So glad you had such a lovely time, it certainly is an excellent adventure. CJ xx

  2. What a wonderful tour you took us on today, breath taking. A great adventure maybe one day... it is a tour I would love to do.

  3. I'm certainly enjoying the trip along with you Teresa. The Grand Canyon is awesome and you got some beautiful shots. I was hoping to see some pics of the Indian crafts you bought - maybe another time? You and Dayle always manage to find interesting places to eat - your dinner looked yummy BTW !! Nick looks like a lovely young man - I hope he does visit your blog as I'm sure he'd also enjoy seeing your gorgeous pictures. Look forward to your next post. xox

  4. Hi guys, oh I so enjoyed this visit to Grand Canyon! Truly so many stunning photos! Loved them all, thank you so much! Be safe you two and enjoy every moment, xoxorobin

  5. I'm soooo envious. I visited the Grand Canyon 25 years ago on a road trip during the summer break from Uni. I'll blog about it someday maybe! We had 2 days at the Grand Canyon. The first day was grey and rainy, we have photos of ourselves on the edge with umbrellas up! When the rsin cleared we were treated to spectacular rainbows above and below. The second day was stunning. I just coukdbt get over the scale of it all. I still don't think it's reak, I think someone dropped a huge roll of a painting down from the sky. Lol
    Looking forward to hearing about the next bit o your trip!

  6. Wonderful photos! Thanks for sharing...

  7. I REALLY want to see albuquerque so I am looking forward to the next post.
    LOVE all your images of GC. I have never been. SOMeday.....
    I do all the gift shop/lodge stuff too when I go to a National Park

  8. Thank you for sharing your wonderful pictures and your adventure. Grand Canyon is on my bucket list too.

  9. I am just in awe of your pictures Teresa. I've been scrolling through them over and over. I have never been there and Dennis went as a child. I think it's somewhere we need to go. The rain photos are just as beautiful in their own way. It's such a mysterious landscape. Thank you so much for sharing. Watch out for the Midwest weather. Lots of storms so keep your eye on the sky my friend! lots of love and safe travels my friend

  10. Yes, I am enjoying your adventure! Thanks for making time to snap all these wonderful photos and publish this post, Teresa. The Canyon is Grand, rain or shine as you have captured it in your photos and narrative, and Lake Meade is pretty impressive, too. I still have strong sensory memories of hiding on mule back down and up the canyon on what seemed like a very narrow trail much of the time, on hot sunny dry days in June 44 years ago. I'm so glad you and Dayle are making a happily memorable trip there as well...I'm asking God for continued safe travels for you. xx

  11. Rain or shine the Grand Canyon never ever disappoints. (love ALL the photo's)
    Oh my, the El Tovar lodge is beautiful.
    You two are having a great time. And we here at home are happy to be sharing it through your blog.
    Safe travels!

  12. Oh my - even more amazing Teresa. Now I would really, really, really have liked to be there. I have wanted to visit The grand Canyon for as long as I can remember!!! What a wonderful experience. Thanks for sharing. Anne x

  13. ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS PHOTOS! I hope to get to Grand Canyon someday. It is so pretty.


  14. I can't believe this was your first trip to the grand canyon.
    Beautiful photos. Keep 'em coming.

  15. Your photos should be on their brochures there! they are unusual, never before seen, and just so stunning - the rainy and weather photos have their own unique beauty. I've pinned some of your LV photos and will pin some of these, just so others can see them too! I was hoping to see a photo of that "handsome Hopi Indian"!!!! and yes would also love to see the gifts you buy at each place.. it's so fun travelling along with you!

  16. Love your pics of the Grand Canyon! Truly one of the wonders of the world:)

  17. Lovely photos of the Grand Canyon. We were there years ago when our daughter was just 4. So I got to relive our visit through your blog post. Have a good trip and be safe out there, my friend!

  18. It was years and years ago when I visited the Grand Canyon. What an amazing, dramatic landscape and so beautiful when lit up by the sun! Your meal looks yummy and the porch chairs look inviting...and I LOVE the elk! Hope you made it to New Mexico--I would love to go there someday:)
    Blessings, Aimee

  19. Teresa, I love this post. I have always wanted to see the Grand Canyon, too. I mentioned that in front of my Momma once and her reply was . . . "well, you have seen it, we took you there" . . . I was around 18 months old . . . I really remember that, LOL. Anyway, maybe after Steve retires. We talk about taking a road trip and seeing some more of our beautiful country. I'm having a great time tagging along with you, thanks for the photos. These were fabulous:)
    Your blogging sister, Connie :)

  20. As always, Teresa, I have thoroughly enjoyed your photos! I've never been to the Grand Canyon, and highly doubt I'll ever get there, so once again I am living vicariously through you. lol Thanks so much for taking, and sharing, such amazing photos! :)

  21. It is incredibly beautiful!!! I don't suppose that I will ever get there, so I am glad that you did and that you shared it with us! Thank you!!! Glad that you are having so much fun! xx

  22. Simply stunning Teresa...such a beautiful part of the world ...and like you..I particularly love the top photograph too...it's definitely amazing!! ;-)
    Wishing you a wonderful weekend!
    Susan x

  23. I am getting all caught up on your trip Teresa, it just looks like you are having a wonderful time seeing so many amazing sites. What a fantastic adventure.
    Can't wait to see your nest installment.

  24. Stunning pictures, Teresa....you are taking us to some amazing places this trip! I love that top picture, it is beautiful! Hope you are having fun this weekend, wherever your travels are taking you now.
    Helen xox

  25. Beautiful pictures, Teresa. Thank you for sharing :)

  26. After a month I did come to the blog and saw myself! Great post and beautiful pictures. It was great to meet you and your husband. I really enjoyed his war story. Settling in LA and hopefully planning a camping trip your way soon! Let's stay in touch. N


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