Monday, July 13, 2015

Las Vegas City of Light

Hello my friends!  I'm looking at this view as I type.  We stayed in the Planet Hollywood hotel on the 30th floor and I've really enjoyed seeing the fountain shows in the pool of the Bellagio hotel you see on the left.  If you look you can see some of the fountain play there, but I'm here to tell you, it is amazing with big shooting water and all kinds of patterns and movement, it's like a water ballet!  On the right is the Paris Hotel's half size replica of the Eiffel Tower!  In the middle is Caesar's Palace.

We drove 8 hours from Lake Tahoe down through the desert of Nevada on Monday.  When we got here we had to stay one night in the Excalibur Hotel as we had to bypass our plan of visiting Yosemite due to.. snow!  On Saturday we packed back up and then did some sightseeing by car to see all we could.  Then we had lunch at the In 'n Out Burger and then checked in to the Planet Hollywood.  This is one of the things we saw while driving down Las Vegas Blvd.

I wanted to slip a photo of the desert we drove through.

Here is a shot of the view with the fountains at work.

When driving down the blvd. we snapped a photo of the Luxor hotel, we stayed here our first visit here.  It's pretty amazing!  Our last time we stayed at Bally's.

It's a pyramid and in front is a sphinx with a face on!  

Dayle snapped this shot of the tower from the car as we drove on the blvd.

The bed here has been divine.. so soft and comfy!

PF Changs restaurant is here in PH and we went there for dinner our first night here.  Oh my goodness friends, it was fantastic!  In front are Prawns with Honey Walnuts and honeydew melon balls.  Delish!

After dinner we walked outside to enjoy the sunset and see what we could see.  This is the front of our hotel.

What a pretty sky and all the people going by.

The pretty Paris balloon all lit up with the tower behind.

Las Vegas Blvd. in July on a Saturday night.  Crazy!

We saw these two ladies coming by and I asked if I could take a photo and they were more than happy to oblige.. Dayle enjoyed this.  :-)

Back in our room.. I tried to get a good shot of the fountain at play but it's definitely more impressive as it's going.

The water would shot WAY high up into the air!

This photo in the day shows the structures under the water that create the fountain displays.

So pretty.. I watched these water shows each time they came on, every half hour.

Yesterday we walked over to the Paris hotel and walked around inside and then took the elevator to the top of the Eiffel tower.. this is a shot south of the blvd.

This is looking Northeast and there is a big ferris wheel.

Looking dead east.. this city is in a big flat valley surrounded by mountains all around!

Coming down in the tower elevator.

We went to the Paris also to find a place for dinner.. but our meal at PF Changs was SO good.. we ended up going back there last night and having the exact same thing.  :-)  Back in our room we were treated to a golden sunset.

So pretty!

The fountains looked wonderful at dusk, you could still see the buildings but the lights showed up in the darkening day.

And the lights began to come on.

Goodnight Las Vegas.. it was fun to visit you again!  

Today we're packing up and heading to the Grand Canyon.  It's just a 4 hour drive.  We have a room for two nights there so should have time to get some good photos of the canyon.  No, I won't be riding a donkey down to the bottom.. like my friend Gracie did when she was young.  :-)  OK, I must dash and pack up the last things and head out on our next adventure!  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Wow, what an adventure you are having sounds like great fun and the meal looked delicious. Looking forward to the next instalment.

  2. Loving sharing your holiday pics as you go! Ive never been to Las Vegas, it looks totally bonkers. Husband has been a few times with work though, I'm a bit envious ..

  3. Fabulous. thanks for sharing Teresa. Enjoy the grand canyon, you're doing a similar route to my daughter and SIL on their honeymoon in 2012 x

  4. Oh, this is a real treat. Thank you for posting so many great photo's. I feel like I've been with you two on the whirlwind visit to Vegas. Wasn't it fun there with all the people, shows, nightlife and good food. I've only been there once but it's a trip I'll never forget.
    Looking forward to the Grand Canyon adventure.
    Be safe & drive carefully.

  5. I LOVE Las Vegas! John did quite a few trade shows out there and I always got to go too. Sounds like you are having a great trip. Beautiful photos. Travel safe!


  6. Teresa..what camera are you using? Fantastic shots..I would have eaten what you ate:)
    I see hubby is having fun;)

  7. What a magical, exciting and colourful city !! So different to the pictures we usually see of Las Vegas - I'm so glad you posted these photos. Wow, can't get over so many people on the streets - and the traffic would be a nightmare - something we never see in Canberra. I can tell you really loved that water fountain display :) Is that the Statue of Liberty? I always thought that was in New York ?? Travel safe to the Grand Canyon and I'm looking forward to seeing your pics of that. xox

  8. I heard about the Yosemite SNOW!
    This statue of Liberty is infamous as being used - inadvertently - by the post office on their last 41 cent stamp. USPS pronounced it as THE statue of Liberty until an eagle-eyed philatelist burst their bubble by denoucing it as the Las Vegas Hotel Statue of liberty - and clip art at that.

  9. LV is sooooo different than my memories of it when I was there probably 40 years ago! Thanks for sharing all the amazing photos, Teresa! With all there is to see there I can understand why there were hoards of folks all around you...I said "WOW" more than once as I read this post. Thanks, too, for linking to my blog. You may not ride down and up Bright Angel Trail as I once did 44 years ago, but I think you and Dayle are very brave to explore all you are exploring. xx

  10. Teresa, wow, what an amazing place, there's nowhere else like it in the world I think, it's eye popping. Lovely to see how the whole city is ringed with hills and desert. I'd have definitely gone back for the same meal again if I enjoyed it that much as well, it certainly looks delicious. I'm looking forward to seeing the next stage of your fantastic adventure, I'd love to see pictures of the Grand Canyon, I bet it's absolutely sensational. Enjoy! CJ xx

  11. i think i have to go just once!

  12. Amazing pictures Teresa. I'm sorry I've fallen behind on everyone' blogs but I'm feeling better today for the first time and so I'm trying to catch up. It looks like you're having a wonderful time. I would love to see those fountains.

  13. I am enjoying your trip! We stayed at the Luxor a few years ago. Nothing like Vegas!

  14. Wow what amazing pictures you have taken here, Teresa! Just catching up, and am enjoying coming along with you and Dayle on your adventures :)
    Helen xox

  15. Amazing photos Teresa - what a fabulous time you are both having!! Hugs Anne x

  16. Just beautiful and you take wonderful photos.. with all the lights and dusk and twilight, etc. I'm enjoying your trip immensely and looking forward to the Grand Canyon photos! I've been "through" LV once about 43 years ago.. and have been to the GC once and stood and looked over the rim.. but never rode down the trails.... don't think I would have even 43 years ago! looks too scary for me. Thank you for sharing your trip with us.

  17. What an amazing place! Thank you for all the photos. You must be having a wonderful time!

  18. Wow I live in Vegas and you gave us a great review! I love the pictures. You drove right by my house it looks like. Maybe next time we could meet and eat as I like to say! Enjoy the rest of your trip.


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