Monday, August 31, 2015

State Fair 2015

Greetings my friends!  We went to the Oregon State Fair on Friday and I have lots of fun photos to share with you.  Our son Travis, his wife Kristi and the boys headed to the fair in the morning.  A lot of the photos are from my son's phone camera.  We arrived later in the afternoon to meet up with them.  I love this shot of the boys on this ride, they loved it.

They got them some new sunglasses to wear.. :-)  Here they are in the animal barns petting a baby goat.  

They even got to pet an alligator.... :-P

They are finally tall enough for some of the big rides.. here they are on the swings flying about!

All set to go!

The one they are on in the first photo.  My little daredevil grandsons!

Caleb petting a Wallaby!

When we arrived we visited the Artisan's Village first thing and I said hello to an Indian woman from whom I've purchased a beaded item in the past.  I love her work.

A card wallet.

A beautiful round beaded medallion.

This hair piece spoke to me, I tried it on and we purchased it from her.  :-)

We went into the building where the quilts and flowers were - I loved the selection of orchids on display.

Here is a pretty one.

I LOVE the lime green and purple one!

Lots of Dahlias were on display, too.

People submit their jams and jellies and win ribbons on them.  A colorful display.

I loved the weaving this woman was doing.  These beautiful robes are used in ceremonial dances and pow wows.

I always love looking at the quilts on display, here is a blue ribbon winner!

The fine needlework on this was amazing.

Here is an eye popping geometric.

This one put me in a Fall mood.

A favorite of mine are the simple traditional designs like this wedding ring quilt.

I love the vintage cotton prints.

Last year I fell in love with some Indian flutes but did not get one.. as we were walking around in this building I heard a familiar sound of flute and my antenna went up.. and lo and behold.. the flute maker was there again!  I tried out several in different tones while Dayle and the man talked about their experiences serving in Viet Nam.  

This mellow toned beauty came home with me.  :-)

When we walked out of that building we met up with the kids.. we went to the Oregon Parks courtyard and I snapped this photo of the boys looking at the big fish in the tank.  :-)

We went to the animal barns and I said hello to this draft horse.. I think a Percheron.

Some HUGE cows resting up.

Some of them outside the building being shown to the judges.

This huge healthy calf is still nursing on this huge healthy momma!

We got an ice cream at the Oregon Dairy Wives booth (one of the most popular at the fair) and sat on benches in this tent to eat them.. the boys saw a stage (music was being played over some speakers) and they went up and began dancing, it was cute and funny.. pretty soon the people on the benches started applauding!  

I had chocolate, of course.  

Kristi had gotten tickets for the evening music entertainment for them and we were going to take the boys home.. but Kristi decided to let Hayden go to the concert of "Everclear" with Travis and she and Caleb played games on the midway.  We headed home and they stayed on.  Hayden enjoyed meeting the band and listening to music.

Travis snapped this photo of the ferris wheel for me.  :-)

They got home very late, tired but they had a great day.  In the morning they showed us all the toys they won in the midway games.

I snapped this the other night and though you'd enjoy it.  A colorful cloud moonrise.

I converted this photo Kristi took at Waldo Lake into a watercolor using "Waterlogue".  I thought it turned out neat.

I hope you enjoyed our fair adventure.  I'm off to swim today... what are you up to today?  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Wonderful! Such fun. I always loved the swing ride -- in fact, I probably still would! The quilts are lovely.

  2. Love the watercolor photo. It's gorgeous.
    Boy, you all had quite the day at the fair. The boys sure are growing. Are they back in school yet? Portland schools started early this year. I think it's a same to start so early. Wish they'd do away with a few holidays so the kids could start after Labor Day like they should.
    Take care and stay cool - I hear Fall should be on it's way soon - fingers crossed. (smile)

  3. I'm so glad you had a great time at the fair and shared it with us! [thanks to all the good photographers]. The beads, flowers, flutes, jams, rides, ice cream, animals, quilts, dancing, and all were very exciting to see! I love the photo of the moon you got and the result of your Waterlogue photo. Have a good time swimming :) xx

  4. A fun filled day at the fair. Today was my youngest's first day of his senior year and for me, it turned out to be one busy day that went by awfully fast. Time to hit the hay now.

  5. P.S. The moon shot turned out great. I tried to get a good one tonight with the tall buildings. Looked so cool. But didn't translate to the camera well since I only had my iPhone with me. Too many street lights got in the way of the glow of the moon.

  6. Wow. All of your photos were gorgeous.

  7. Gorgeous photos from the lake Teresa and the fair looks a whole lot of fun.
    Jacquie x

  8. Ah the state fair! The Spokane County Fair begins September 9 and I'm looking forward to going to it with some friends. I haven't been to it for a couple of years. My favorite is the hand work exhibits. Your pictures of the boys are fantastic. They look like they're having the time of their lives.

  9. What a fabulous fair, the photos are brilliant, especially the boys on the swings. The animals for petting are quite exotic, no alligators around here! I love the orchids, and the beaded hair brooch is gorgeous. The Indian flutes look lovely, I really like handcrafted things, they're in a league of their own. A good buy indeed! Glad you all had such a good time. CJ xx

  10. Gorgeous quilts and that die for!!

  11. What a fabulous day out and the crafts on sale there are just gorgeous. Love the flute with its carving. Happy 1st September x

  12. All your photos are amazing. I have to admit that I usually give up on posts with lots of photos. But I made it right to the end of yours. Those quilts are fantastic. I wonder how long they took to make.

  13. What a great fair, such a lot to see and do. Love the hair piece that you purchased, such beautiful bead work, a very talented woman. The quilts were amazing, I wish I had that sort of talent they were so professional. Lovely to see the boys having so much fun.

  14. Gosh, so many amazing crafts!!! The quilts are incredible aren't they!!! You must have really enjoyed seeing all these wonderful things. The bead work is gorgeous too isn't it. Looks like a really great fun day out for the whole family! xx

  15. What a great day out. We clearly both had a good weekend :o)

  16. Fairs are always interesting. I would be in with the quilts if I went. Heavens, it has been years. Looks like there was enough to keep everyone entertained. The hair clip sure is pretty. I think you picked a good one that goes well with your hair color. Looks like those grandsons had a great time seeing the animals and playing the midway games. I'm sure everyone was good and tired when the day ended.
    (((HUGS))) Susanne :)

  17. I absolutely LOVE a good fair and it looks like this was a winner! Oh your hair piece is lovely and I also must add so is the color of your hair:) what precious animals you saw and oh the quilts-sigh...
    My Mom entered her roses in the county fair (many years ago) and walked away with some blue ribbons.
    This was a fun post!

  18. Such a fabulous time all had and so glad to enjoy it all here with you Teresa ♥ and now I have that state fair song stuck in my head again lol I am heading off tomorrow to visit one of my boys for the weekend, he lives close to 10hours away ☺☺☺

  19. A simply fabulous day. So colorful, so much to see and experience. That beaded piece looks beautiful on you my friend, your hair is gorgeous. The boys look thrilled with the day. Very fun, fun, fun.

  20. Lovely photos Teresa - what a wonderful day such fun, colour and excitement. Anne x


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