Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Magic Watercolors

I was perusing through my iPhoto file and found some photos that I'd used the "Waterloque" app on and thought I'd share with you.  Here is one of my sunflowers.  :-)

The whole bouquet.. fun.

Below are the flowers of the Stonecrop Kristi grew from a little snip.

My velvet pumpkins.

The evening shot of a ferris wheel at the State Fair that my son snapped on his phone.

The beaded necklace made by an Indian woman at the fair.

I've been meaning to show you the amazing flower Kristi bought.. it's a Flowering Maple!  Isn't it amazing?

This is the center.. pretty, too.

We are taking care of the boys this week while our son and DIL are off on an adventure to celebrate their anniversary.  Caleb decided he wanted 2 dinners off the kids menu.. so of course as grandparents we said okay.  He almost polished it all off and then had a chocolate sundae afterwards.  :-)  The boys are waving to you.

Well, I'd better pack my swim bag and head to the pool.  Have a wonderful day!  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Beautiful photos. That Flowering Maple is awesome. I have never seen one of those.


  2. Oh my word . . . those sunflowers are beautiful. I can not believe how cool that software is. It's remarkable how lovely your photos transform. You should turn them into your own personal note cards.
    "From The Garden Of Teresa Kasner"
    Have a perfect day!
    Connie :)

  3. Caleb is a growing boy and two kid's meals sound just about right. 🍳
    Grandparents can get away with extra spoiling. It's a 'thing" you know. πŸ‘΅πŸ‘΄ (smile)
    LOVE the flowering maple. I don't believe I've ever seen nor heard of such a beautiful plant. Lucky you! 🌺
    That watercolor app is fun! Love seeing what you do with it.

  4. The photos turn out brilliantly in watercolour mode don't they. Love that new flower, I've never seen anything like it before. What lucky grandsons, I think they'll have a very good week! I love how close your family is, it's really lovely. CJ xx

  5. Beautiful pics. love the flower so pretty. sending a wave back to the boys.
    Rosezeeta x

  6. Your watercolors are so pretty. What fun to be able to do that. Looks as if the boys are having a great time.

  7. That's such a clever app but knowing how good an artist you are, I bet you could do just as well with a brush and paint ! The flowering maple is very pretty. Poor Dale looks as though its all too much LOL - probably caught at just the wrong moment. Enjoy your swim. xox

  8. Every time you show your watercolor app photos/paintings, I want to march out and buy an i-phone.
    I adore the one of the velvet pumpkins on the sunflower tablecloth.

  9. These are so awesome! I just love the colors and I also love sunflowers!

  10. That watercolor app is amazing. I think sunflowers are such "happy" flowers don't you? You are so lucky to have your boys there with you all of the time. I hope swimming was good.

  11. Wow my dear friend. It has been a while since I have made a comment. I read yr news but it is so hard for me to write as I always read in bed before going to sleep. I love yr water colors and yr flowers are just as gorgeous as always. I'm so happy you continue to have fun with the boys. Hope to see you soon my dear friend. :)

  12. Your Waterlogue pictures are so pretty and Kristi's flower is amazing! I'm glad you are having good times with the boys. I enjoyed exploring the Thyme blog :) The song of the loons reminds me of the songs of the whales! Xx

  13. I love that app, how wonderful technology is these days. Isn't it great to spend quality time with Grandchildren and spoil them?

  14. Wish I could create wonderful watercolors like that (the real kind, not the app variety :) Have fun with those grandboys.

  15. Hi Teresa those photos using that 'water colour' feature are so fabulous. Love the flowering maple. Our eldest grandson - Harry now has to have adult meals - he's just turned ten and kids meals are just not enough! Growing up so fast! Every time you say you are off for a swim I wish I was coming.! Need the exercise as well. Hugs Anne x

  16. It's nice to see you're still enjoying that app, Teresa. It does make very interesting pictures. I hope you're enjoying yourselves with the boys. You are nice to buy two dinners! I think my kids want to come stay with you guys for awhile, lol. Hope you're having a good day.

  17. HOw nice of you to sit! I love the watercolors. Your sunflowers are perfect.
    Your grands are so sweet

  18. Fun watercolors and a totally AMAZING flower! Very cool and unique!

  19. Hi boys!! :D Love the watercolors, and the Flowering Maple. I have seen them in-laws used to have them. :)


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