Friday, October 30, 2015

Happy Halloween

Hello my friends!  We are all decorated for Halloween here and the boys are very excited about tomorrow!  I asked Kristi to bring down my Halloween things on Wednesday - and the boys opened the bins and started looking through things and got all excited and were saying "I remember this!"  They started putting things where they were last year and Dayle and I got the biggest kick out of watching them decorate.  I told them we needed to take off the tablecloth and put on my Fall-inspired orange one, so pretty soon they were taking the things off the table and removing the tablecloth and putting on the new one.. and continuing to decorate the table.  Dayle hung up the big orange paper lantern pumpkin in the dining room and they boys hung a big skull on the door with lit up red eyes.  

And above is exactly how they set things up.. so cute!  Below are my collection of handblown glass pumpkins. 

I try to pick up a Halloween decoration when I fall in love with them.  This set below is one that I adore, it's porcelain, a black fence backdrop with 3 cute little Trick-or-Treaters.

Here is our big old paper lantern Jack-o-lantern that we've had for YEARS.  He casts a warm orange glow in the house while we have him up.  I kind of miss his glow when we take him down.

Some of my other favorites...

I can't even remember where I found this - but it's a porcelain scarecrow candelabra - as you can see from years of wax drips we've had him a long time.

Another one I fell for.. a cat all dressed up holding a hat and pumpkin with a wire edged black cape that you can pose making him look like he's standing outside on a windy dark night...

And this funny little witch - her pumpkin can hold a candle, but then you can't see her cute little face.

My glass pumpkins.. I love the the light behind them makes them glow.

The boys put my collection of pumpkin tea light holders on the TV cabinet.. here they are all lit up.

I forgot to show you the thoughtful gifts that Betsy and Gracie gave me when we met up for dinner when Betsy and her husband Dennis were passing through Portland.  Betsy gave me a crocheted scarf that is so soft, and a New Orleans inspired Christmas ornament and a cute little fridge magnet.  Gracie gave me a book of crochet ornament patterns and a bookmark she made.  Sweet!

Such a cute ornament and magnet.

One of the designs in the book Gracie gave me.  I read through it and there is so many different patterns it was amazing!

I was sitting at the table taking photos of the decorations when I looked outside on the deck to see Simba staring at me.  He's looking better every day with the good food that Kristi puts out for him.  I think we need to make a warm hideaway bed for him for the winter.

We need to get a few candy bars on the off-chance that someone will actually come trick-or-treating here.  We haven't had one for years.  Do you have trick-or-treaters come to your house?  How many?  I hope you have a fun time tomorrow!  

 *H*A*P*P*Y* *H*A*L*L*O*W*E*E*N*!*

((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. We have kids on the street again!!! (banish the crotchety retirees)
    We try to make it worthwhile for the neighborhood kids to show off their delightful costumes.
    You would enjoy my one and only Martha Stewart idea of floating apples in your roaster pan filled with water with space in the apple carved out for a tea light. I have these on the porch for the trick or treaters and when the wind blows, the apples move, causing the lights to flicker and dance. Float your apples first to find out which side stays upright.

  2. What wonderful memories you are making with your grandsons! I love all of your Halloween decor! We live in a neighborhood where there are a lot of trick-or-treaters...some years we've had around 200. We moved to a new location last December which is in the same community but we are now on a Court so should be less traffic...but I'm prepared! Have a Spook-tacular Halloween!!

  3. I can just imagine the fun that you had watching the boys decorate. I don't decorate for Halloween, but I do have fall and harvest decor out with leaves and pumpkins. Have a great weekend my dear friend.

  4. Your table looks so festive. I enjoyed looking at all of your Halloween goodies. I am coveting your paper lantern. Tell those boys that they did a fantastic job decorating. I think they could be fledgling photo stylists...if that's the correct term.
    We have lived here for about 35 years, and in all of those years, I think that we have had three (count them, three!) trick- or- treaters. I do hope the weather will cooperate for the boys' fun. We have a chance of big time rain and wind gusts.

  5. Love all your Halloween bits..Your house looks fab. Enjoy . Happy Halloween.

  6. Everything looks perfect Teresa, I can feel the boys' excitement. We're in Southampton daughter has some sweets ready if anyone calls there. It's not that big here in the UK but she has some friends with youngsters. Happy weekend x

  7. PS that dear SImba is looking stronger, how good your DIL is to feed him. Bless her and you on his behalf, you're so kind x

  8. LOVE your new header! All the pumpkins are delightful.
    Your friends Betsy & Gracie are so thoughtful & very giving. Everyone should have friends like them.
    I like your idea for Simba having a hideaway bed, perhaps two. (smile)
    Even here in North Portland we have very few trick or treaters. Last year there were only about a dozen.
    Have a good Halloween and snuggle up to the fire with a nice mug of spiced apple cider.

  9. We do get quite a few trick or treaters if we put a candlelit pumpkin on the doorstep, although we were out last year and missed most of them. I love those tea light holders, they're brilliant, and your pumpkins. The boys have made a great job of decorating, I hope they have a fantastic day. CJ xx

  10. Your glass pumpkins are beautiful aren't they!! Quite the nicest that I have seen. All of your decorations are lovely, they boys did a great job didn't they. Beautiful gifts from your friends too! Hope you have a good Halloween! xx

  11. We live too far out to have anyone come trick-or-treat!

  12. I love how you always have a theme for the different times of the year. Your Halloween decorations look fabulous. I do hope Simba becomes more friendly over time. You and Kristi are so good in looking after him. The gifts from your friends are lovely - very sweet of them. Have a great weekend. xox

  13. Your header photo is so pretty, and I can imagine the boys excitement rediscovering all the decorations :)
    Good memories! We now have a blue x painted on the back concrete driveway. The leak finder guy is fairly certain that is where we have a leaking water you have a favorite plumber? I think the guys are going to dig up the site tomorrow...Happy Halloween :) xx

  14. I enjoyed seeing all your amazing decorations today! Happy Halloween to you all, Teresa!
    Helen xox

  15. All your Halloween decor is wonderful. The Glass pumpkins are really cool! I love the windblown cat. You are so good to feed the cat visitor I know there are many sites on line that show how to easily make a cat shelter from two tupperware storage bins.

  16. Love all your decorations, Teresa. The boys did a great job with their grouping, too. :) We get exactly three trick-or-treaters each year...the grandkids! :D lol Also wanted to say I love the goodies that your friends gave you. Very nice!

  17. Fantastic Teresa, always love all of your decorations and that kitty is cute. We attended a haunted house here thanks to an American guy who moved to Oz many years ago....just blogged about it and it was a fun time. No trick or treaters as we were late home but I did have some come last year and my house always has skulls and bats etc so same all year round lol xoxo

  18. I love the glass pumpkins.

    Just two trick or treaters here this year, a couple of teenage girls. Last year we saw no one.

  19. So happy I stopped by for the post Halloween merriment-Halloween, cheerleading and the time change seem to have my internal clock askew!
    Looks like some fun times were had by all:)

  20. Dear Theresa,

    I wanted to thank you for always leaving such sweet comments on my blog! Your Halloween decorations look lovely! I hope you and your family had a lovely time.

    Wishing you a happy week!

    Madelief x

  21. You have a wonderful collection of Halloween decorations Teresa. We have had no trick or treaters here. Went out with my granddaughters and their mummy and daddy to my friend's to do trick/treat and also called at a couple of other houses . Lovely gifts from Gracie and Betsy there. Hugs Anne x


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