Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Stuff and Things

I couldn't come up with a clever title for this post.  :-)  What I was thinking of calling it was "Life on a Dimmer Switch".  But I thought that was kind of.. bleak?  But the light has gone off here with the long summer going away and it's darkish, dim, grey, misty, cold.. but it's okay.  I just went out to try to capture the Pin Oak tree leaves as they turn and hid my camera lens under the eave of the house on the deck and actually found a neat image of the branches and red leaves.

I heard a humming behind me and turned to see a darling little hummingbird at the feeder just a foot away from me and went to get a photo and BING.. my battery died.  SHUCKS!  So, I came in and put a few stitches in the never-ending wedding gift blanket.. and Buddy curled up on the side of my lap.  The fire is burning and it's cozy inside.

Kristi got some good photos of Simba.. our adopted feral farm cat.  She's worried today as he hasn't touched the food she put out for him but I'm going to think positive that he's okay and will show up later.  Right?  

He looks pretty healthy sitting down, but when he stretches out to walk his is very thin and has the skinniest tail ever.  I hope he fattens up for the winter and thrives here.

I did well making doctors and dentist appointments - I got in to the chiropractor on Monday afternoon and hope he can help me with a painful hip issue - and got my mammogram already yesterday.  I'm sure you were dying to hear all that exciting news.. :-)  Dayle took me to both appointments, which I think is sweet.  After the appointment yesterday we went to lunch and then we went to Walmart to see the Pioneer Woman merchandise.  I was disappointed in how they had the items in like 6 different places instead of putting it all together, but we found most of it I think.  :-)  I love the dishes.. I have a favorite, which of these would you pick to have a set of?  I like the floral ones on the bottom left.  I also like the aqua ones top left.

I have a set of 4 of the pretty aqua bowls.. LOVE them.. they are very well-made.  Do you like the purple or the aqua?

I picked up two of the goblets and the tumblers.  Our old set of tumblers have mostly all broken.  I'd like to replace them with these but we thought (well.. Dayle thought I shouldn't buy 8 or 12 of them until we checked to see if they fit in the cabinet.. lol.. ).  I also got an Acacia wooden spoon and a flat whisk from her line of kitchen gadgets.  I used to have a flat whisk and like them as you can also use them to lift things out of boiling water, like boiled eggs, etc..

I am going to have to do some talking to myself to convince me to go swimming today.  It's much harder to go off to jump in a cool pool when it's dim outside and drizzling.  How many different names for rain do you know?  We know a lot of them here in Oregon.  Have a super day.  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. "...Ebbs and Tides of the Dimmer Switch" I liked the title.
    Go swimming. It's supposed to lighten up during the day and not be so misty.
    I'm liking the aqua glasses. We have such hard water - in spite of the water softener - my glasses get all spotty and streaky with build-up. I chuck 'em when I find a new set at a garage sale. These aqua ones are tempting because they wouldn't show their aging so clearly. (Ha! made a pun!)

  2. I've never seen a flat whisk. Never. Thanks I love Pioneer's line of kitchen stuff.
    Its dreary here and it drags me down like nothing else....I must learn to manage this

  3. You got a wonderful photo of the leaves! I think it is fun that the PW dishes can be mixed or matched and I like the aqua glasses best... I think :) Good for you for taking care of your appointments! I am headed to the gym parking lot and hope the water is warm in the pool!!!xx

  4. Hi Teresa! I couldn't find th utensils when I was looking at the PW dishes. We have similar tastes because those were the same patterns of dishwater that I told Dennis I liked! :-). The tumblers and goblets are really pretty but I couldn't justify buying more glasses, we have so many already. I'm glad your appointments went well and I really hope they can help your hip issues. I've been referred to the Spine and pain clinic here for my back. I hope they call soon to make an appointment...I'm ready to be pain-free. Simba is a pretty kitty and I hope he's okay. Feral cats generally do pretty well at keeping out of trouble and I hope Simba does too. We have grey skies today and rain predicted. Yippee! I'm ready for rain.

  5. Those leaves look beautiful and I love those glasses...I prefer the aqua colour. Enjoy your swim x

  6. I struggle to make myself get out of bed and go for a run when it's chilly. Which will be from now until about April I think, if not May. I don't have much willpower I'm afraid, although I did manage it this morning. Love the glassware, I hope it fitted in your cabinet. CJ xx

  7. I do like the title Stuff and Things. I think it is perfect just as it is. It has been misty and cold..Western Oregon weather can be bone chilling because of the dampness, I think. I have made a fire in the wood stove every morning for quite a while. That is the only heat we have in the house and we are fortunate here to have a lot of wood that is free, except for the labor. Who said, "He who chops wood is twice warmed"?
    Those glasses and dishes look lovely. My favorite word I use for the gentle, misting rain is "mizzle".
    When it's pouring down like crazy, I always say, "It's raining like a Banshee". I know those are not specific to the PNW, but I stand by my choices.
    I do have a question..have you been absolutely inundated and made crazy by the fruit flies lately? They are driving me crazy!
    Have a lovely rest of the week.

  8. It's raining like 'cats & dogs'.
    I'd like to have a mixed set of the footed bowls. I have plenty of everything else. Not of Pioneer Woman dishes, but just regular dishware. I have a nice assortment of olive wood & bamboo kitchen spoons. There my favorite spoons to cook with.
    Sweet Buddy, always ready for a warm cuddle.
    A few rows here and there and before you know it that wedding blanket will be finished.
    Take care & keep warm

  9. Teresa, I appreciate you showing the PW items in the store. I had read they were only available online so now I will venture out to our local store. Love both colors, but aqua/turquoise always wins with me. The kitty is very handsome and I do hope he thrives. Just love all of your posts - each one is a total treat. Happy fall from Georgia. ;-) Brooxie

  10. Our rainy day with some break in clouds was nice today. Aimba looks so pretty and hope he fares well. I have a PW mug like the yellow footed aqua bowls to the right. Filled with hot tea!! Also got the red butterfly skillet. May get the blue glasses. I've got 2 candles lit right now even tho it's after dinner. Deciding to go on a walk with Phil or not cuz I'm tired from my work day. Take care and stay warm and dry my friend!!!

  11. We've had wild wacky wicked weather the past couple of days. The Ministry actually cancelled school today because of a storm that wound up passing through around 12:45 a.m. for about an hour and then was gone. So a total waste of a cancellation but that's the way it works around her. They never can make sound, common sense decisions, and probably only made this one last night because a lot of people complained yesterday that they didn't cancel early enough and lots of folks showed up at school when they probably shouldn't have since that storm was from 4:30 til about 7 am. Oh well! Darn about the battery. I had some chances at a community garden in Colorado over the summer to take some awesome hummingbird photos if only I hadn't left my good camera in the hotel across the street. The iPhone just doesn't zoom enough. I love mismatched things so would take one each of all the patterns. Very pretty colors. Poor Simba! I hope he will be okay. Take care, Tammy

  12. Dimmer switch is a good way of putting it! I'll miss the sunny days but know the rain is most needed. What a pretty photo of the pin oak! So much to love about this season.
    I'm taking a pass on Walmart and the dishes but really love the new PW cookbook!

  13. I purchased one of the floral creamers from the Pioneer Woman line and I am very pleased with the quality too.
    I hope Mr. Kitty does well through the Winter months and eats up too!

  14. There are some great things aren't there in the PW line. Wish that we had them over here! Glad you went and di d something nice after your appointments! xx

  15. I just bought some Pioneer Woman dishes too! I bought the purple bowls for ice cream and four of the little ramekins for little desserts! Love her line. There will be more in my future!

  16. When I lived in Washougal, WA, it would rain "buckets", "cats and dogs", like "who opened the flood gates?", "mini waterfalls" and my favorite "the dam broke"!!!! Oh yes I've experienced all of it.. or "raining sheets" when you are on Hwy 14 and it's raining so hard you can't see so you have to pull over to the side of the highway!

  17. Hi Teresa. What a cozy picture you paint, of what a true Fall is. We are still hot, but cooling. Tonight feels very cool.
    I boughtnthe floral PW plates. A few bowls and one mug. I also got the aqua Dutch Oven. Love it!
    I miss you.

  18. Such a pretty post! So many fun things to see! I love those glass pumpkins at the top of your blog! Thanks for the tip on the Pioneer Woman merchandise at Walmart. I had no idea! I'll definitely be stopping by Walmart to check it all out! How fun! The dishes are so pretty! Your adopted kitty is so cute! I hope he does fatten up for winter and do great!

  19. The photo of the leaves is gorgeous!! I like the aqua coloured glass in particular. Whenever I buy anything new like that DH asks where on earth I'm going to put it :-) Hugs Anne x

  20. I fancy a flat whisk too. I reckon it would be worth coming to Portland for...tee hee.


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