Monday, October 26, 2015


The long summer has finally passed us by and Autumn is here for real.  It's rainy, cool and cloudy and I'm more than happy for the moisture.  We're relaxing by the fire and it feels so nice.  We haven't had a frost yet but it's coming soon.

Our DIL Kristi made her first pumpkin pie from scratch and it turned out GREAT!  She used a recipe for an extra spicy filling and it was just like my moms.  She is making two of these for our Thanksgiving dinner and wanted to practice.  :-)

She made her own whipped cream after I showed her how last week and piped it on my piece of pie.  YUM!

My sweet little Buddy - I think he needs brushed!  :-)

I was experimenting with my iPhone camera and snapped this image of my "Prayer Plant" variety - Calathea Ornata (thanks to Amy from Love Made My Home blog for helping me identify this plant!) in front of my leaded glass window.

My son Travis brought two dozen roses home for his wife.. sweet.  I've been burning this spicy scented pillar candle in the dark evenings.. it sure cheers me up.

Yesterday was Dayle's birthday!  Happy Birthday honey!  Kristi took the boys shopping for cards and gifts and they loved seeing grandpa open them.  Hayden got him a Star Wars toy and Caleb got him a stuffed ninja doll.  He told grandpa that if anything should happen to him, Grandpa would have that toy to remind him of him.  Awwww.  Travis and Kristi treated us to dinner out and invited our older son Shawn and his family to join us too.  It was a fun time.

There really isn't much nicer than the radiant heat from a real fire.  Delightful.

There is a lot of business I have to take care of today so I won't be swimming.  I've been putting off making some doctor and dentist appointments and I have to do my treasurer work for Portland Women's Forum.  So.. today is the day.  I hope you have something more pleasurable to do today!  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Happy Birthday Dayle! You have a wonderful son and DIL Teresa, all due to a wonderful Mom I am sure! I think that your big leaved plant might be something that we used to call a Prayer Plant, if the leaves are tightly rolled up like a tube when they start to grow and then open up it might be a prayer plant. Hope that your day and appointments all went/go well. xx

  2. Just catching up with some of your blog posts, it all looks so cozy at your house and I love Kristi's new hair!

  3. It's looking so cozy over at yours Teresa. I hope Dayle had a lovely birthday. Happy new week x

  4. Oh that fire looks scrumptious. I'm wishing we had a real fire here, it would be just the thing. I hope Dayle had a fantastic birthday. I've never had pumpkin pie, but it's slowly making it's way over the Atlantic I think. Love the photo of the prayer plant, it's brilliant. I hope your day of chores has gone well. CJ xx

  5. Happy Birthday to Hubby! Your first image through the wreath is so lovely.
    Im embracing the weather change, difficult though it i s.

  6. Hi Teresa. Kristi's pie looks yummy, especially with that whipped cream. Now if only I could pop over for a piece of that. :-) We haven't had a "real" fire yet, but I fired up the gas log fireplace this morning. It felt, oh so good. Fall seems to have set in here too. It even snowed on us a little in Montana yesterday!

    Pretty flowers for a pretty lady. You and Dayle raised a good boy in Travis. And speaking of Dayle..... HaPpY BiRthDaY to a great guy! I hope you enjoyed your day!


  7. Happy Birthday Dayle, I see you have your "boys" close by, they sure do love their grandpa!! Busy times always at your farm Teresa. Hope you got everything done and in a timely way. Have a good week, xoxoRobin

  8. Happy Birthday to Dayle! Kristi sounds like such a gem. I need an eye appointment....*sigh* Time for bifocals I think.

  9. Happy B-day Mr. Dayle! Hope you had a wonderful B-day dinner even though you had to share. ((Smile))
    Fabulous looking pie there, Kristi. And the whipped cream is so fluffy - great job ~ baking for Thanksgiving will be a breeze.
    Sweet Buddy - he is a love. Better fetch that brush so mom can give your coat a good going over.
    Teresa, love the Scottie doorstop at the base of your fireplace. You do know I have a sweet & lovable Scottie (rescue) by the name of Rosie. Sure miss our Cairn, Gus~Gus. I sure love those terriers.
    Take care & be healthy!

  10. Happiest of birthdays to Dayle. Everything looks lovey as always. I made a pumpkin pie a bit ago with a gingersnap crust. It was yummy.
    Wishing you a good week.
    (oh, p.s. have you been inundated lately by fruit flies..they have been awful here in this part of Oregon.)

  11. Your first photo is lovely! Nice and autumny colors! We had rain and wind yesterday but we needed the rain so badly. It's nice today and lovely moon out tonight. I worked today so that's my to do today and now i'm resting a bit before I fold some laundry!

  12. First off, Happy Birthday Dayle!!!! Younsureknow how to enjoy life!
    And Kristi!! Wow, you are on fire!

  13. Oops. I sure do miss you Teresa!
    XO Kris

  14. Viewing the farm through your autumn wreath is neat, and I especially like the lines of the plant leaf next to your leaded glass window! Pumpkin pie, roses, a fire in the wood stove, seeing faithful Buddy, and a glimpse of Dayle's Happy Birthday celebration all make for a wonderful post to visit, Teresa. I hope you made good progress on your list. I did on mine. We sang Happy B'day to Rosie today and tomorrow she gets to open presents and have her birthday cake since Aunt Elisabeth got home from a good out of state medical conference tonight after being gone since Thursday. Happy busy times :) xx

  15. What a lovely post . . . it makes me feel all warm and cozy . . . now, please pass my slice of pie :)
    Happy Birthday to your man . . . and many more :)

  16. A heart-warming post, and lovely photos. Greetings and best wishes.

  17. It looks like you're having a nice fall season now. I'm so glad. The stove looks lovely and it must be nice and cozy in your farmhouse. Happy birthday to Dayle, I'm happy he had such a nice day! Hope you're having a good week, Teresa.

  18. Visiting you is like a breath of fresh air! Your family photos, homemade pie and whip cream, crocheted pumpkins on your table. Aw....

  19. belated birthday greetings to Dayle - I really don't know how I missed so many of your posts Teresa. Love the presents the boys bought. That pie looks yummy. Hugs Anne x


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