Friday, October 23, 2015

iPhone 6s and Colorful DIL

I finally got my new phone yesterday.  Waiting 2 years between phones is a long time.  :-)  It's rose gold and I think it's soooo pretty.  And it's FAST!  It's always a challenge to get it set up and running like the old one but I got it done.  I like the bigger screen than my 5s.  I'm happy with it!

They offered a big sale on an iPad so I got the new Air 2 in gold and Dayle will get my hand-me-down iPad.  :-)

Kristi made cookies yesterday.. and 2 loaves of zucchini bread... and now she's in the kitchen making her first pumpkin pie from scratch!  Ya gotta love a DIL who likes to bake!  :-)

She made the zucchini bread for me as I like to have a slice for breakfast with my coffee.  Thanks, Kristi!

I just took a few photos with my new phone to test it out.  I think it did well!

Here is a bloom on the flowering maple.

And a backlit photo of my little hollyhock in bloom.  Love.

And a photo of the back door.

Kristi saw a photo of bright colored hair on Facebook and decided to give it a try.  This is our "My Little Pony" colored daughter-in-law.  :-)

Three colors were put in, pink, purple and blue.  She's having fun with it.

I volunteered at the falls with my best friend from 7th grade Shirley yesterday.  We had a good time talking with people from all over the world.  There is still not much water coming over the falls.. we need some rain.  The Maples are turning, it should be quite colorful soon.

I just love this lodge.

Here is Wahkeena Falls.. it's a beautiful cascade.

Every time I drive through this tunnel of trees going to and from the falls I love the feeling of being enclosed by leafy branches. 

It's a swim day.  What are you planning for the weekend?  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Love the baking and hair by Kristi. Your trees are looking lovely and the new phone is great. We're off to see Daisy and Co in the morning..can't wait. Enjoy your weekend Teresa x

  2. What fun hair Kristi, certainly made me smile. The cookies and bread looked delicious. I am having a very quiet weekend as we finally travel to USA early hours Monday, exciting times!

  3. Gorgeous scenery, fab hair and delicious baking. Glad all is well with you. CJ xx

  4. Looks to me like your new phone is taking excellent pics! Love Kristi's colorful hair! I'm tempted to play around with mine, like that, sometimes. :D lol Always enjoy your pics of the falls. Have a wonderful weekend!

  5. I was very interested in your photos with your iPhone 6 as I have been contemplating upgrading my 5S and wondered how the photos turned out. Yours look great. Did you have to do anything special to get the blurred effect in the hollyhock shot? I hope you enjoy playing with your new toys and if you're anything like me, you'll end up taking more photos with your phone than with your camera !!!! Kristi's hair looks amazing - what fun eh? I love how she bakes for you and the family - probably a good thing that my daughter doesn't put her baking skills into action very often or I'd be like the side of a house. Gotta love the sweet stuff. Have to ask .... did you use your camera or phone for the outdoor pictures? Have a great weekend. xox

  6. Your 6s is pretty, Teresa, and you took some wonderful photos with it! Kristi's baking looks delicious and I'm glad she is enjoying her pretty colorful hair :) Fun! I ladmire trees arching over roadways, too, and it is lovely to see the seasonal changes around the Falls as well. I am looking forward to attending an art group tomorrow and hoping for some quiet time to stitch and recover from our three hours of swimming this week :) Happy Birthday to Dayle on Sunday! We are going to celebrate Rosie's birthday on Tuesday so that Elisabeth can be at the party, too. She is out of state at a nurse's conference this weekend. Hope you get a good rest this weekend! xx

  7. Beautiful photos! The food all looks delicious. Kristi's hair is cute.
    Have a great weekend.


  8. What a beautiful menagerie of photos! I'm still using my 4….but somehow the 16 year old has the 6…hmmmm

  9. What a lovely post. Nice photo and very nice baked goods, LOL. You can tell where my heart is ... I love me some good baked goods. This low carb diet has really been good for us, it is going to be a challenge to only eat goodies when we are visiting at someone else's home. I miss the smell, too :)
    I do hope that you will have a chance to take a photo for the falls after the leaves turn color. That must be breathtaking :)
    Have a wonderful weekend.
    Connie :)

  10. She can come here and cook and bake anytime! Im a terrible baker. Those cookies look just wonderful.
    Your fall photos never cease to take my breath away

  11. Mmm, zucchini bread! All the bakes look delicious, and Kristi's hair is a blast.

    Enjoy all your new tech - what a fun leopardskin cover for the tablet. :)

  12. Hi Teresa, I hope you're having fun with your new phone. It's always nice to see your flower and farm photos. I love the way your back door looks, it's very country and cute. Kristi's hair is definitely fun! I think her hairstyle is really nice too. I hope you're all having a good weekend.

  13. LOVE your hair colors, Kristi. You're rocking it, girl.
    And your baking is out of this world. Wish there were virtual samples to taste.
    Have you ever thought of selling your baking at coffee shops?
    Oh, Teresa the flowers are so pretty. I do love that flowering maple the best.

  14. I seem to have missed some posts Teresa - not sure how that happened. Love Kristi's hair and your pretty phone. hugs Anne x


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