Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Sandy River and Framed Art

I had a nice day yesterday.  I met an old friend for lunch that found me again via my blog!  We had emailed back and forth, she's into spinning now and was born and raised in Hawaii, so I thought we'd have lots in common.  We met years ago when she was volunteering for the Vista House.  We had a fun lunch reconnecting and chatting about spinning wheels and such.  I then drove into Portland and to pick up the artwork I'd had framed.  On the way home I drove up the Sandy River gorge and pulled over and hopped out of my car to snap a few images of the sun sparkling on the water.  The river is REALLY low, but soon it should fill up and be roaring along.  

Every time I drive to Portland this is my view coming home.  :-)

I love seeing the sunshine sparkling on water.

I then noticed this yellow wildflower in bloom where I was standing by the riverside.  *snap*

As I turned to walk back to my car I noticed the cliff-side across from me with the fall leaves on the trees.

I'm pleased with the new frames on my artwork.. I look forward to hanging them up this afternoon.  The first one is a watercolor of the French Quarter in New Orleans that I bought from the artist on Jackson Square. 

Then the oil painting of the steamboat Natchez on which we sailed on the Mississippi River during our trip to New Orleans.

I really like how my own painting of the Yaquina Bay Bridge in Newport, Oregon came out with the two colors of matting and the walnut frame.  I did this painting using ink from an octopus.  It will be hung beside my painting of Yaquina Head Lighthouse which is already on the wall beside my easy chair in the den.

My favorite is the watercolor painting I did of our family's "fleet" of Sunfish sailboats on the shore of Amy's Blue Lagoon at Waldo Lake during one of our camping trips there.  I'd long wanted to preserve this painting under glass - each time I saw it in a pile of papers moved from here to there.  :-)  I used Americana Frame - and can highly recommend them if you need something framed in Portland, Oregon.

I had to show you what Kristi made on her new sewing machine - she made a shopping bag from an empty chicken food bag!  Isn't that neat?

I asked Hayden if he'd pick up some oak acorns for me in the basket I made.. here he is showing me what he picked up.. with the help of his mommy.  :-)

I had an interesting comment from my assertion that bloggers might be considered "photojournalists" - from my blog friend Tammy, saying that we might more rightfully called "photo diarists".  I also like that term.  I then googled "photojournalist" and found this great definition.

"Photojournalism is a unique and powerful form of visual storytelling originally created for print magazines and newspapers but has now morphed into multimedia and even documentary filmmaking. Through the internet, apps and the mobile device explosion, photojournalism can now reach audiences never before imagined with immediate impact, while continuing to write our visual history and form our collective memories."

So, I think we can authentically call what we do as bloggers "photojournalism".  Which explains what we do to those who ask "what is a blogger?"  :-) 

I'm off to swim soon.  The day began sunny and has clouded up.. I wonder what will happen next?  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. We just passed Multnomah Falls on our way home. It's a sunny day here in the Gorge but was VERY foggy between the coast and Tigard. Love your frames and the photos they hold. The feedsack bag will be very useful. A bunch of crafty people reside at your house!!! Have fun swimming. :-)

  2. Another interesting post, Teresa! The framed art work is lovely, the river photos so pretty, and Hayden's basket of accorns very nice . Kristi made a really neat bag! See you at the pool! XX

  3. The framed art work is beautiful, some lovely reminders of your amazing trips. I love the bag Kristi has just made, I am in the process of making some, as now here in the UK we have to pay for carrier bags 5p each. Hope you had a good swim.

  4. I Love photodiary ists!!! I love to see your area photos...lovely terrains!!

  5. Beautiful paintings and lovely reminders of your travels. Hope you had a great time meeting up with your long lost friend! xx

  6. Your paintings are wonderful Teresa, and I like the two you bought on your travels as well, no doubt they all have happy memories attached to them, which makes them even more special. Hope you had a good swim. CJ xx

  7. Such a lovely view Teresa - bit different than mine :-) The frames and the works in them are so lovely. Lovely shot of Hayden as well. Hugs Anne x

  8. Sunlight on the water is beautiful Teresa. Your artwork looks great and I love the bag Kristi made..what fun. Enjoy your photojournalism! It's a fun blogging world x

  9. Lovely scenery, I too love the sun sparkling on the of my favourite things! Love your artwork, especially the colourful sunfish fleet, that is so special. Well done to Kristi on making the bag! Interesting to think of us being photojournalists :) Have a happy day, Teresa.
    Helen xox

  10. Hello Teresa, I always enjoy visiting your blog and I love how your home reflects your life, travels and personality. That is the difference between living in a house or living in a home. I love that painting you did of your family fleet and it looks wonderful framed. I'm sure that it will become a family heirloom . . . I'm so happy that you took it out of the pile of papers and had it framed. You preserved a memory as well as a family tradition. One day it will be your grandchildren and their children who are out there sailing the lake. As always your posts are filled with interest.
    Have a lovely weekend.
    Your blogging sister and photojournalist, Connie :)

  11. Really pretty photos in the sunshine! I love your painting with the octopus ink the best! The frames all came out so nice. Yes, we are definitely photojournalists. That's a nice description. Have a good swim!

  12. I loved seeing your paintings, Teresa. The framing turned out beautifully on all of them. You're a very talented artist! I love that chicken feed bag; Kristi is doing really well with her sewing! I wanted to tell you that our feed store had a little display last week with free tin signs for chicken coops. They were a promotional item from Purina and you could have one for free with the purchase of a bag of Layena. We got a sign that says "HAPPY HENS LIVE HERE" and it's on the coop now. It's cute. I've been telling all my chicken friends about it, real-life and bloggy. :)

  13. First I want to tell you that I received the earrings today and they are GORGEOUS! You do some great work! Second, I do like thinking that we are photojournalists and diarists. I always hope that in the far future my children/grandchildren can look at my blog and read about our daily happenings on this old farm.

  14. Hello there "Photojournalist Teresa"!! I LOVE your artwork, you are so very talented, more and more is discovered of your many talents. Love the bag Kristi made, I once made a bag from Jack's dog food, I thought I had a great idea but like many things I never made another!
    Love your little guy with the basket of acorns, what a cutie : )
    Happy weekend my friend, xoRobin

  15. Everything you had framed looks so wonderful Teresa, so finished and just perfect. I love that definition and Tammy did indeed have a great thought.


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