Friday, November 20, 2015

Persuasion and Hitchhiking

In my last post I was waging a battle with myself whether to be good and go swimming or be bad and stay home by the fire knitting, playing Scrabble and Words With Friends and watching TV.  But then my blog friend Claire said in a comment that she was betting that I'd go swimming.  Then the capper was my swim partner Gracie called and said, why don't we meet for lunch first?  OK.. ok.. alright.. 

So, Gracie and I met at Elmer's Restaurant (near the pool) for a healthy Dungeness crab salad.  NUMMERS!  And then we went and swam and we swam right over that dam.  Boop boop ditem datem whatem choo! :-)

I'll be showing you how I'm coming on my Hitchhiker scarf as I go along.. my friends, it is s...l...o...w going.  The yarn is thinnnnnnn... but it's growing slowly but surely.  

The name of this pattern calls to me.. did I ever tell you about the time my friend decided we should pack a backpack and hitchhike to San Francisco to see Haight-Ashbury?  And we did?  Luckily all the people who gave us a ride turned out to be good people and interesting to boot.  We did that between working on staff to put on two rock festivals in Seattle.  :-)  Click HERE to read about that time.. who performed in the festivals.. such as The Doors!

My blog friend from Australia.. Dorothy.. is knitting with us.. look at this gorgeous color of purple!  And wow.. her stitches are SO even and nice!  

And my sister Denise is doing well on hers.. isn't this pretty?  

I want to share a few photos that Kristi got of our feral cat Simba.  She used her phone camera so these aren't real clear photos, but doesn't he look healthier now?  She got him some kitty treats and is trying to get him to trust her by tossing them to him.. closer and closer.. 

She put the cushion off my rattan chair under another chair for a place for him to get in out of the wind and rain.  I think we need to get him his very own cozy bed and put the cushion back on the chair.  :-)

I'm off soon to swim again.. and a fun other thing.. more later.  I'm back in the saddle again.. out where a friend is a friend.. whoopi-ty-aye-yay! ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. See that swimming is making you have so much energy! I seriously can't swim like I used to, it gives me crazy bad headaches from turning my head. I love that the cat is starting to grow on all of you, and outdoor pet! I love that. Your Hitchhiker is looking great, think how much fun it will be when the color starts to change.
    Hugs to you,

  2. Well done on the swim, I knew you would! The lunch looks very tempting, and so does the pool in the sunshine. Your scarf is coming along nicely, I'm wondering what yarn I might have tucked away for such a thing... I hope you have a good weekend. CJ xx

  3. Well done swimming Teresa. Exercise is so important in our lives. Glad to see Simba is getting bolder he's come on so well. Enjoy your weekend x

  4. I love your happy comments as you post today Teresa! Your hitchhiker is coming along very nicely along with your sisters and I love the purple color of your friends shawl. Congratulations on swimming again and that salad looks absolutely amazing. I love to eat at Elmers. We don't have any over on this side of the state. Enjoy the sunshine while we have it. Snow is predicted her for early next week. Blessings, Betsy

  5. I knew you would be a good girl and go. That salad looked soooo good! I may frog my previous scarf and do the hitchhiker with you gals!
    I need to finish up the hat I started though first.
    Simba is very handsome. He needs his own bed.
    TA TA for now. Looks like my iPad let me post this time. Darn thing,
    XO Kris

  6. Hooray for you getting back into the "swim" of things. That salad looks sooo good!
    Yes, you're right Mr. Simba could use his very own bed. Something that will cradle him from the wind as it will get very cold from here on out and might even snow where you're at.
    Everyone is going gang busters on their Hitchhiker Shawls. I can't wait to see when the different color changes happen. Oh they're all going to look so pretty.
    Gee, were we really that young - The Doors!?! And not to mention hitching all the way to San Fran. You wild girl (smile).

  7. It was fun to go back to your 2011 post and read more about your hitchhiking music festival days :) and I really enjoyed our visit with Taci and then swimming afterward today, too. Your scarf and Denise's are both looking good, and Simba is looking to find him his own cushiony house! Happy Weekend! ohhh and thanks so much again for the beautiful blue cotton yarn!! xx

  8. I am smiling, I guessed you would go swimming, the salad looked really good and that alone would have tempted me. Your scarves are all looking good, such a beautiful pattern. Kristie is doing a great job with Simba. Take care.

  9. You're a brave woman having that huge meal before going swimming !! I think I'd sink if I had that before a dip - mind you, I probably can't swim any more anyway now. Its been so long. I've been promising myself to go to a pool just to walk laps as I've heard its good exercise. Thanks for the nice comment about my Hitchhiker. I've been a bit slack today and am only just about to do a few rows and its almost 9pm. Yours and Denise's are looking good. I'm interested to see what your's will look like when the colour changes. I agree with everyone else re Simba having his own bed. I do hope he becomes friendly soon. He ought to know when he's on a good thing eh? Enjoy your weekend. xox

  10. Well done on going swimming! Your knitting is looking lovely...and how much better the kitty is looking now. Love reading about your younger days...(the Doors!!!)....Have a great weekend Teresa.
    Helen xox

  11. That salad looked wonderful. And the pool also looked very inviting. Where did you get the Hitchhiker pattern? You have piqued my interest in it so much. And I can't wait to see your color change. I read where someone did one on a knitting worsted. .Are you using that or a sock yarn? And of course small needles!

  12. I really enjoyed reading about your rock festival gigs! Can you imagine our daughters wanting to hitchhike to California??. Different times. Your story makes me think of Susan Branch's new book "Fairy Tale Girl" and her encounter with the Beatles in the 60's. I think you would love that book, Teresa.
    Good on you for getting back in the pool! Doesn't always seem like fun when the weather turns cool, even in an indoor pool but I admire your stick-to-it-ness.

  13. Love all three of the scarves. You three can go hitchhiking again! (Not.) That crab salad does look good!

  14. im loving that kitty! And I LOVE your scarves. Beautiful.
    The pool......brrrr it is snowing here. Fireman is swimming 3 times a week and loving it though.

  15. Gorgeous knitting by everyone. Love the chosen colors. That salad looks amazing! Good fob on the swimming...and now riding!

  16. That knitting is so pretty and looks so complicated! Food looks amazing.

    Happy Thanksgiving.


  17. I love your addition of songs lol and go you and the seeing that kitty too xoxo

  18. Hello Teresa - just catching up with my favourite blogs after a busy few days. love the knitting you are all doing - such beautiful colours. That salad looks delicious. Wish there was a pool like that near here. Hugs Anne x

  19. Well you are one happy gal! Love all the song references. Swimming must suit you well. I think your Hitchhiker scarf is looking very good.


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