Monday, November 23, 2015

Swans, Scarves and Simba

A few weeks ago when we drove to Multnomah Falls for the Annual Meeting - I was pleased to see that the Tundra Swans had returned to Mirror Lake which lies between Crown Point where Vista House resides and Rooster Rock State Park.  I had been wanting to go back to take a few photos and yesterday asked Kristi if she'd like to come and bring her camera which has a further zoom than mine.  So, off we went.  The best place to get the images is on the side of the freeway!  It wasn't very bright so the images are a bit fuzzy.. but it was fun to capture a few photos to show you.  The swans make the Canada Geese look small and the duck in front make the geese look big.  :-)

The birds were on the other side of the lake.. the wind was blowing and it was only 38 deg. F!  Tundra Swans dine on plant material, slugs, snails, insects and crayfish, and typically weigh from 10 to 18 pounds, averaging about 53 inches in length.  They mate for life and travel in family groups in roundtrip migrations of up to 3,725 miles.

Some of the swans had grayish heads and I wonder if those are the ones that were born in their Arctic Tundra nesting grounds this past summer?

I think these swans were trying to warm up a bit.. :-)

I just think they are so beautiful.

Kristi and the boys went to visit her sister on Saturday and they all went to a craft fair.  Hayden came home with a crocheted Viking hat.. I love it!

And Caleb came home with a Superman hat!

I've been working on my Hitchhiker Scarf.. and you kind of have to keep track of the rows - I thought I'd show you this neat pattern marker that I got at the Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival last summer.  It's made out of plastic strips with fabric glued over it and little magnets.  It sure helps keep track!

Here I am in my easy chair, dog on my lap next to my lap pillow with my pattern and my scarf.. a pleasant pastime by the fire.  

I'm really having fun with my blog friends that are joining in on the "Knit-a-long" -- Dorothy in Australia is doing a purple one and now Meredith at "Mereknits" blog has jumped on board!  Look at the gorgeous red scarf that she is working on!  She's fast!  

Here's the progress I made over the weekend.

I snuck into the craft studio and caught Simba napping on the rattan chair - he sure does like the feather pillow!  I ordered a cozy cat igloo out of furry fabric from Amazon on Saturday.. it should be here in a few days.  Now to see if he'll like it.  I'll show you when it arrives.

Taci, Gracie and I met for lunch last week and Gracie gave me the cutest bag of buttons!  And she also made a darling little heart ornament from Helen Philipps book that I recently bought.  Thanks, Gracie!

I'm off to swim today with Gracie.  I will be busy on Wednesday getting ready for Thanksgiving and then the big day!  Lot's of cleaning and cooking and table setting will be going on around the old farmhouse.  Shall I take some photos?  Who me?  Ya think?  LOL!  Have a wonderful week, my friends!  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. An cat igloo is a great idea for Simba, fingers crossed he'll use it. Great to see those huge swans...migration is incredible. Your knittng look great but very tricky. Have a great week and I hope your Thanksgiving preps go smoothly x

  2. What beautiful big Swans.
    Such creative hats the boys have.
    Little Simba is going to love his new cozy cat igloo. It seems cats also love big paper bags and cardboard boxes. I've never once saw a cat that didn't love something to curl up inside of.
    Oh, Buddy he is a love muffin for sure. Always by your side keeping you both warm, sweet pup-dog.
    Enjoy your swim! (((Hugs)))

  3. Loved the boys hats, such fun! Interesting to see if Simba will take to the igloo. Have a great Thanksgiving, its a great thing to be surrounded by loved ones. Enjoy!

  4. Had not heard of Tundra Swans; they're so pretty. Canada Geese are pretty big, so those swans must be quite large.

  5. Look forward to seeing the cat igloo and reckon simba will love ♥ Buddy is so sweet and a good lap
    warmer ☺ Those boys have grown so much and sure like their choice of hats, neat.

  6. Super photos of the beautiful swans. Love the hats. Hope Simba takes to his igloo :-) Those buttons are gorgeous colours. In case I don't get back on - Happy Thanksgiving. I look forward to the photos etc. Hugs Anne x

  7. I adore the boys hats! They are so cute with them on. Kristi did a great job taking pictures of the swans and ducks and geese. They're very beautiful. I love to read about how they mate for life and are so loyal to their families. I wish I could've joined in on the hitchhiker Shawl knitalong, but I just have too much on my plate right now. Whah, whah, I'm going to cry. You girls had lunch without me. :-( I was there in spirit though. I hope to see you all soon. We're expecting our first measurable snow of the year tonight. Let's see how much we actually get. Have a wonderful evening and enjoy your knitting Teresa.
    Blessings, Betsy

  8. Thanks to you and Kristi for getting us the beautiful bird photos! The boys hats are fun...and practical :) I am impressed with how far all you Hitchhiker knitters are progressing on your scarves. I hope Simba's new cosy cat igloo arrives soon and that he likes it. Happy Thanksgiving Week!!!!!! xx

  9. Thanks for showing the photos of the swans - beautiful.
    Happy Turkey Day!

  10. Lovely to see your swans and learn a little about them. You know I like to go and see the Bewick's swans that fly here from the Russian arctic every year. They fly in family groups as well, and are arriving at the moment. Such gorgeous birds. CJ xx

  11. Beautiful swans! Your scarf is coming along nicely. Wish I was good enough to join you. I'm about to start knitting on a simple hat and learn it all over again. Hard to believe I knitted that whole cowl/hood thing a year ago and I can't remember a thing about how to do it! I'm having to watch youtube videos for everything all over again. Have fun with it. Seems you got awfully close to Simba for that picture! He's slowly getting more trusting.

  12. My daughter would love that viking hat, like a true Scandinavian! Love your knitting project... I need to find that pattern!

  13. Blessed to be your blogfriend ! Happy THanksgiving

  14. So happy to see Simba content and warm and taken care of! What will that scarf look like when it's done? am curious! Love the photos of the swans.. so neat to see them with the geese and ducks... all together. Love your pictures of the gorge areas.. makes me homesick.

  15. Thanks for sharing the swan photos. My mom loved swans, and collected them. They certainly are a beautiful bird. Looks like the boys are happy with their crocheted hats. :) Glad you're enjoying the knit along. :)

  16. I'm doing another scarf now but plan on the Hitchhiker next. Are you doing it using sock yarn and #4 needles? I noticed nobody is using circulars. The boys hats are too cute.


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