Monday, December 28, 2015

Homey Week

Oh how I love the week between Christmas and New Years.  I've always kept it unscheduled for staying home by the fire, resting up from the hectic pre-Christmas hustle and bustle.. crocheting.. reading.. not doing a lot.  Two little baby girls have been born to our family - one a few days before Christmas and one right on Christmas day!  So.. some baby bootie crocheting is being done.

I shopped for the yarn in my extensive cotton collection.. :-)  I could not resist this gorgeous raspberry pink.  This bootie design is my own - I don't follow a pattern.  I tried to write it up one time and not one of my testers was successful so I gave up trying to explain how I do it.  :-)

Basically I chain 11, do 3 sc in the 10th chain, sc down, increase 3 on each end, do four rows this way then dec 3 on each end, sc around, then do the toe end top, then go up for the ankle part.. doing a sc sp, sc sp and then a sc, dc, sc.. around.  :-)  Confused yet??  But it works.  I also do a row of ch spaces at the ankle to thread a ribbon tie through.

I've always been surprised that there was not a Camellia bush on the farm, and meant to get one for years.. FINALLY last year I got two bushes.  We planted this one by the big stump in front of the chicken pen and henhouse.  Well, lo and behold, it's happy I guess and it decided to bloom.. now.. in the snow.  

See the snow?  We got some Saturday evening and then it snowed most of the day yesterday.  I love seeing it snow.  

Have you ever tried to photograph snow?  NOT easy.  But this was my best attempt.

It was more impressive last night.. but it was dark.  This is what is left at this time.  It's a few degrees above freezing here.

I thought I'd show you this neat carved spoon that Caleb picked out for me as a gift at an art and craft show.  I want to hang it in the kitchen.  He also picked out this bird ornament.

This is a photo book that Kristi had made for me, it's full of pictures of all our beloved grandchildren.  I treasure it.

Someone asked about the "root basket" Kristi got for me.  I used it for Christmas dinner, serving the baked potatoes in it.  It will also be a good bread basket.  

Kristi made the most interesting cupcakes for everyone as a gift.  Here are the fondant decorations...

Then she made the "glass dome" out of gelatin - dipping a balloon into it and then letting it dry and then popping the ballon.  She baked cupcakes, frosted them and added the little things inside and placed the dome over it.  I can't bear to eat mine!

When I was outside snapping some photos I thought it was funny to see the big koi fish "hiding" under our protection rock.. but they're so big their tails stick out.

I even got a snap of Simba having lunch.. Kristi was sitting nearby when I got this.  He's feeling more at home each day.

Kristi and Caleb were driving down the Sandy River Gorge yesterday and Caleb spotted a bald eagle!  So, they raced home and grabbed her good camera and went back hoping he'd still be there and he was!  How cool is that?

 My cousin Ed has been looking through his mother's photo collection and scanning them and posted a few on Facebook of me and my sister Denise.  I was just 15, on the left.  My sister and I were sent on a bus to Oklahoma from Oregon to visit relatives for one summer.  We went from one aunt and uncle's home to the next to visit and get to know them all summer.  Mom was one of 12 kids and dad was one of 6, so we had a lot of family to visit.  

I don't even remember where we were when these photos were taken, but the one below must be when we just returned from our trip.. that is our mom on the left.  Always the poser, she was.  :-)

What a hodgepodge of photos, eh?  By the way, I just finished a book by Rosamunde Pilcher that I highly recommend, "Winter Solstice".  I enjoyed it so much that I downloaded another by her "Coming Home" onto my iPad and am 2/3s through that one and it's equally wonderful.  Do you have any good book recommendations?  Are you having a "homey week" too?  I hope so!  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. thanks for bootie pattern! having a 4th grandson in February and need to get cracking on some! What size hook did you use? Thanks again!

    1. I am using a G hook. And worsted weight soft cotton. My pattern isn't written too well.. you might be better off with a real pattern! :-)

  2. Perfect post! yes we are IN for the rest of the day and knitting and snuggling and relaxing. I love the in between time too

  3. It's a mostly homey week for us as well. The kiddos have things lined up but not so much for me. That's the way I like it. Those cupcakes are AMAZING! What talent! That's a great shot of the eagle and love the pictures from your past. Enjoy relaxing. Lisa

  4. Hi Teresa - fabulous photos. We have a few quiet. homey days ahead. Those bootees are gorgeous. I would like some snow. It's been too mild here - and of course so wet - feel so so sorry for those who have been flooded. enjoy your homey time. Those cup cakes are brilliant. Hugs Anne x

  5. I like your idea of taking the week between Christmas & New Years off, for just being at home "doing nothing".
    Isn't it fun seeing the way we were back in the day. When I see myself in an old photo I can't believe just how skinny I once was. Oh those were the days!
    All the photo's are wonderful. I especially love the shot of the eagle. What a magnificent bird, so regal.
    Hoping you and yours have a great New Year. Happy 2016!!!

  6. I enjoyed this post very much today Teresa. I am "in" today too. I snowblowed about 6 inches of snow off of the driveway a couple hours ago and it's still coming down! It has snowed basically all weekend. I'm guesstimating we have about 28 to 30 inches in our front yard now! OK...I'm ready for camping weather. LOL All of your gifts are wonderful and your booties are very cute too, but boy oh boy am I impressed by those cupcakes Kristi made. I want to come live with you guys! Enjoy your week I see Teresa, I plan to do the same. I miss you.
    Blessings, Betsy

  7. I also love these precious post Christmas days Teresa. Those cupcakes are extraordinary...I can see why you can't bear to eat yours. Fun photos.Enjoy your quiet time and keep warm...we're still so mild here but the rain up North is just aweful.Hugs xx

  8. You're so lucky to be having a bit of snow, it's all rain here in Somerset England. Finished reading 'Coming Home' just before Christmas and loved it. I'm now reading 'The Shell Seekers', but after that will definitely get my hands on 'Winter Solstice'. Kristi is very talented, her cakes look amazing.

  9. This is a very good time to regroup...we had to stock up at Costco today but that will be it for a while. I want to either start a new quilt or do some artwork for an online class.
    Your DIL is so clever! Love the cupcakes! That spoon from your grandson is very nice...I would want to hang it up, too. Fun to see what you're making...the booties are adorable.
    Stay warm and cozy. Hugs.

  10. Greetings dear Teresa. Looks like you are having a wonderful post Christmas week. Thank you for the bootie pattern; it would be perfect for my little granddaughter. I received some yarn for Christmas and I started crocheting a blanket. I will share the progress later on my blog. Have a happy new year if I don't have a chance to visit again. Pat xx

  11. Oops, I forgot to add that those cupcakes are amazing! Such an ingenious way to decorate them. They're lovely.

  12. I love the old photos, how fun! Kristi is simply amazing with her creations, I think she should open a cupcake shoppe, love them. And her book and basket were such nice gifts. I loved both those books as I said before. I am currently reading Louise Penny books, starting with her first mystery and progressing. The problem is I am falling asleep to fast at night to make much progress. I am working the first three days of the week and will take Thursday and Friday off, hooray!

  13. What a lovely post, Teresa with so many neat photos and stories showing your quiet homey week. Our snow did not last as long as yours, but we enjoyed seeing every flake we saw. It is great to see Kristi's creations, gifts, and the eagle photo is amazing. Hayley and Molly have new potholder making looms and Mary and I had fun getting them started using them this afternoon. Love to you and yours. xx

  14. I want a homey week and thought I might get one this week - working only four hours per day but that bubble burst this morning and I'm back on 12 hour split shifts ( 2 hr lunch in middle).
    I want to make gelatin snow globe cupcakes now. They are awesome. I'm gonna have to find out how.

  15. Love those booties Teresa and also loved the whole post with wonderful old photo's.
    We are about to have some extreme hot weather so will try and send a bit of warmth your way as we will be roasting lol

  16. Loved all of Rosamunde Pilcher's books.
    The best one though is her first major one The Shell Seekers. Can't tell you how many times I have read that one over and over!
    I too love to cocoon between Dec 25 and Jan 1. Watching old movies and knitting or crocheting something? No need to go out as there is plenty of food around.

    1. I read "Shell Seekers" first and loved it! I may have to read every single one of her books. I love that they're not full of too much negativity. Cocoon is the perfect word for what I like to do during this week. :-)

    2. Lovely pic of you and your sister. Its fun to look at old photos isn't it? Did you notice that your booties and Camellia are almost identical in colour? Kristi is so clever - that cupcake is really something else !! I wonder if Simba will ever want to come inside to sit in front of your lovely fire? I want one of those root bowls .......... its gorgeous. Lucky you. xoxox

  17. The booties are so cute and they seem to match the camellia! What a adorable cupcakes! Reading this last week of the year is my favorite thing. I feel no guilt while doing it either! Anything by Pilcher is wonderful, I think. I also enjoy Sarah Donoti. Enjoy your time relaxing.

  18. So much to comment on. I love those cupcakes that Kristi made. cute, and so much work! I wouldn't want to eat mine either. Everything looks so pretty with the white snow. I wish we had it here. And that bald eagle, oh my. Such magnificence!
    I saw the photos of you on facebook. What fun to have those treasures! Lovely gifts were given and received! And I too, so very love this time of the year The week before the New Year. We have been sick, but are feeling better. No plans for us on the holiday. Home with a roaring fire!
    So glad that Simba is settling in so nicely! He is a handsome boy!
    Love to you,
    PS I love everything I have ever read by Rosamunde Pilcher. Shell Seekers being my favorite!

  19. Kristi is so talented! I adore those cupcakes! It is a homey week here as well, before we go back to school next week.

  20. Gosh, what a talented person Kristi is. I enjoyed seeing your holiday week, Teresa. Your photos of yourself as a teenager are wonderful. I love your hair and clothes! That photo book of your grandchildren sounds really nice. It was a very thoughtful gift. I hope you all have a very happy New Year!


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