Monday, February 15, 2016

Hat for Diego and Farm Flowers

I started a hat for my nephew's daughter and ended up using the wrong size pattern, so this little hat will go to my son's work friend's new baby boy, Diego.  I've already started the second hat that will be the right size, hopefully.

I've been keeping an eye on the daffodil shoots and other growing things in the farmyard and stepped out to see if any of the daffs had opened up.. not yet.. but almost!  Maybe tomorrow?

The Irises are growing too.. oh boy.. can't wait to see them in bloom.  We planted a few new special ones, I do hope they have flowers this first year.  

The Snowdrops are at maximum bloom right now.. I don't know how but these little bulbs have spread allllll over the place here!  I'm very happy about it.

Such brave little flowers to bloom when it's still Winter and chilly.  Although today it's up to 60 deg. F already!

Here is a big patch of them up under the apple tree.

These tulips are coming up.. last year after they got to this point we had a big old freeze and they didn't prosper.  I hope that doesn't happen this year.

In that same big pot on the deck are two Hyacinths that I'd bought to have in the house the last two years and then planted outside when the flowers died.

Kristi tried a new recipe last night and 5 of us raved about it.. it was quite literally delicious!  Our "food critic", 6 year old Caleb, didn't like the noodles or the broccoli that she put in it.  LINK TO RECIPE  You can add any veggie to this, it was GREAT with broccoli added.  

I'm not heading to the pool today as I have a board meeting for the Friends of Multnomah Falls this afternoon and have to send out the FOMF newsletter that is ready to publish.  It's at the printer but I also send out to a great many people via a PDF attached to an email.  If you want to check out the newsletters, click HERE.  I hope you're having a productive day!  
((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Cute hat!
    Love the stripes on your tulip leaves. Hope it doesn't freeze as I'd love to see the blooms this year.
    Snowdrops continue to divide and spread. You'll have a little larger area every year, and won't that be nice.
    What have you been crafting, in your craft room lately?
    Time to get out your St. Patrick's Day decorations.
    Thanks for the link to the newsletter. That was very nice of you to do for all of us.

  2. Cute hat! Nice to see flowers starting to bloom again.

  3. Such lovely flowers. We had more snow today but it's supposed to be near 60 this weekend. It won't be long and our flowers should make an appearance. How is Simba? Have a good week. Lisa

    1. Simba has several wounds from fighting.. poor guy. But we're still feeding him.

  4. Hi Teresa - love the nature shots. Cute hate!!! I have been at my mum's so no swimming since last Wed. Can't go tomorrow either- am missing it! Hugs Anne x

  5. Spring is coming to the farm! Yippee! Love all of the greenery and the snowdrops. It's 55 here today but nothing near blooming. I can't believe it's February. The hat is so cute. Hopefully you can get a picture of little Diego wearing it. That sausage Alfredo looks good. As you know, I love Alfredo. Boccelli's sounds good right now. :-). Have a great afternoon Teresa. I miss you.

  6. Your daffodils are a bit ahead of ours. We are excited to see ours shooting up! I love your snowdrops and I, too, hope your other bulbs are not discouraged by a late frost. I enjoyed reading the newsletter and appreciate your work that makes it available. Hope you have a good board meeting. I've been doing homework for a class I am taking on Thursday mornings and doing a bit of housework as well. I'm doing some stitching, too. Your recipe looks yummy. I have ground beef and a clove of garlic in a crockpot and am going to add kale and some other vegetables to it. Hope to see you soon! xx

  7. Loving all your pretty flower pics! Not quite that time of year in my neck of the woods. lol The foliage on those tulips is gorgeous! I don't think I've ever seen any with that type of foliage. So pretty! Cute baby hat, too. :)

  8. Such beautiful flowers, Spring is in the air!!!! Have a great and productive meeting my friend,

  9. your flowers are pretty. My tulips greens are showing themselves as well. Trimmed back my hydrangea bush last week as they didn't do too well last couple of years. Will see what happens this year. Maybe will move the tub as well where there will be more light! It was a lovely day out so my daughter and I drove to Silverton for lunch and a bit of snooping around in stores and bought some yarn! Have a good week and hope your meeting went well!

  10. Great hat Teresa. Lovely to see all your bulbs pushing through...such plucky flowers aren't they...daffodils are my absolute favourites. Enjoy your week xx

  11. That little hat is just adorable and your crochet is beautiful Teresa! Your flower photos are stunning....I am so happy to see the spring flowers emerging now :) Have a great week!
    Helen xox

  12. It doesn't seem to get as cold in your area as I thought or are you just having a mild winter? We've warmed up over here, getting up to about 80 most days. Feels really good though -- wish it could stay this way all year as it is perfect walking weather. I just hope the heat isn't setting in too soon. And I hope you don't have a freeze that affects your pretty buds and blooms. Have a good Tuesday!

  13. I just saw that recipe in a magazine last night. I thought it looked very good. It was nice to see all of your flowers and bulbs coming up. I'm so impressed with the number of daffodils in that patch, it will be gorgeous when they're in bloom. I hope you're having a good week so far.

  14. Hello, a question please. We moved to Oregon City so I have been reading your blog. My husband would like to learn about volunteering at Multnomah Falls. The date on the Spring 2016 newsletter says the training is on March 14, 2015. Is is on March 14, he would like to attend?
    Thanks, Judy

  15. I am glad that your missized hat has found a good home. Good to see all of your beautiful bulbs! They are so beautiful, especially the snowdrops! xx

  16. I love making crochet hats - almost instant gratification isn't it? The one you made is very pretty - nice colour and the Pom Pom on top really finishes it off. Your garden will be very fragrant soon - those hyacinths are my favourite. I hope to find them here soon. Xox

  17. Another snow day for us! Blah! Doing a bit of this and that. Love seeing all of your spring flowers coming up!

  18. I am sure your son's friend will appreciate the pretty blue hat.
    Boy, everything is sure coming to life. I am not ready! I want more rain, and cold, and cozy nights by the fire! Waaaaa!
    But I shall go with the flow, and enjoy each season as it comes. I am excited to get my garden going again this year. I really missed it last year!
    Oh my, tell Kristi that looks divine. I must make it!
    Thank you dear Teresa, for your sweet comments on my blog.
    XO Kris

  19. All looking beautiful Teresa ☺☺ xx

  20. I love that you are getting a early spring . . . ours is barely starting . . . the tulips are just starting to poke through the ground :)
    It's such a lovely time of the year . . . lots of wonderful things to look forward too. Spring, I Love it!
    Have a wonderful week.
    Connie :)

  21. Ohhhh you are so far ahead of us with flora!!!!!


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