Friday, February 19, 2016


Hello!  Did you miss me on Wednesday?  Well.. I had nuthin'.  :-)  I try to blog on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  So, here I am back with a "potpourri" of things to share.  First off is a neat tin I just got delivered a few minutes ago.  I order things from King Arthur Flour occasionally and they had on their Facebook page that you could get a free anniversary tin if you ordered 2 bags of flour - well, I'd ordered much more than that over the last six months so I called them and they sent it to me!  I'm going to keep my KA flour in it.  

Next up is our new electric pressure cooker.  My sister Denise got one and has been raving about the fast and delicious things she's been making with it so we decided to order one.  Our first meal was homemade chicken noodle soup and it was delicious!  

My sister recommended this cookbook and we also got it today.  It has several different recipes for pot roasts.  It cuts the time way down on a roast and they come out extremely tender and delicious.  I'll let you know how our pot roast goes that we make tonight.

Here is a photo of the soup we made.  Yum!

Last night we went to Caleb's music program - "We Love Bugs".  LOL!  Can you find him?  :-)  They sang several songs about bugs.  

Caleb is in the back row, 5th boy in from the left, in a black shirt.  

Caleb's first grade class went up on stage and sang a song while they held hands and went around in a ring, in and out, it was fun.  He's in the back middle.  I loved the neat backdrop that someone drew for the program.

I ordered this pillow cover for Kristi for Christmas, it took so long to arrive that I told her it's for her birthday.  LOL!  She loves VW Buses and has one of her own.  She loves it.

I made a few more of these cute little puffed crochet hearts, I think they're adorable.

Diego's daddy - my son's friend from work - sent me a photo of his little boy wearing the booties and hat I sent to him.  They don't match, but that's okay.   

Lastly, I'm on book 5 of the 6 book series by Sara Donati.  I'm into "Queen of Swords" now and these books have been SO good!  It's kind of neat to know that the author lives in the forest here near the Oregon coast.  I'm kind of sad to know that the series is almost over.  Then what?  :-)

I'm off to a birthday lunch soon and then on to swimming.  Busy, busy!  Do you have any fun weekend plans?  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Great tin Teresa. I love special tins. We're off to see Daisy Jane and Co tomorrow. Enjoy your weekend x

  2. Hi girlfriend! I am taking a quick lunch break from my quilt to read a few blogs. How neat that tin is! I may order some flour even though our local Sprouts carries it.
    Love the pics of the children singing! So cute!!!
    And that new cooker looks interesting. The soup looks delicious! Love the pillow for Kristi. We had a VW camper bus when we got married.. LOVED that car!!!! Wish we still had it. Love that Diego's parents sent you a pic. so thoughtful. I was a wee bent that my nephew and wife never posted a photo of their new little one wearing any of things that I made for her. Not one!
    Happy weekend....And I must find those books!!!
    xo Kris

  3. Rick got me one of those Instant Pots for Christmas. I've used it a couple of times. I think I need to get a pressure cooker recipe book to help with meal ideas. Love your tin...glad they sent you one! What a sweet little baby wearing the hat and booties. :)

  4. The new pressure cooker looks excellent. So much more modern than the one I remember from when I was little. It was a beast! The bug concert looks like lots of fun, I always enjoy going along to the children's performances. Hope you had a good swim, and that you have a lovely weekend. Nothing specific planned here except a couple of football matches and a rehearsal of Joseph. Rain is coming though. CJ xx

  5. I love the tin!
    And I have read about that pot..:) All good.
    The VW bus:)
    And the play:)

  6. I love your new tin! And your grandson is adorable; I'm sure it was a fun concert to attend. Have a lovely weekend, Pat

  7. What a fun potpourri post. How nice that they sent you the tin for past purchases. Not many companies have that good of customer service anymore. I think Mandy's friend has one of those pressure cookers if I remember right and really likes it. I'm afraid that with just to two of us it wouldn't get much use here. What a cute pillow! VW bugs are so great. How cool that Kristi likes them. And...what a sweet baby model. Don't you just love seeing the things you make being used? I sure do. Hope the birthday lunch was wonderful! I wish I could have come over this year to celebrate all of the February birthdays. I miss you dear Teresa. Lots and lots of love,

  8. I have read the Sara Donati books and loved them! Have you read, Outlander? Those are good.

  9. First uP: Our snowdrops are blooming too in Chicago! I LOVE your hearts and I Love the school photos. That pillow with the VW is about the cutest thing I've seen this week!
    We are just home from a trip to Minnesota and we are pooped. WE do have one event tomorrow night at a percussion show. Happy Weekend Teresa!

  10. I'm so glad you found a VW bus for Kristi. Once in a while, I think about making another and then I get real regarding my free time.
    I love kids' school programs. Once at our school, a school person thought it would be a great idea to pump real music through the loud speakers. We could barely hear the kids. I had words with the principal that if we wanted to hear the background music we could do that in our cars, but we came to hear the kids sing offkey, missing the words, and genuinely having a ball showing off for their parent peoples. That loudspeaker thing was not repeated.
    I am interested in that Insta-pot. I usually do roasts in my 'vintage' crock pot. But then I would have to cook more often....
    (I need Kristi...I need Kristi)

  11. Your new pressure cooker does not look scary like the one I used in my teens. It will be fun to see the results of the new recipes you cook in it. Caleb's program looked so sweet, and Kristi's new pillow is very cute. My friends in San Jose have a VW bus that they have owned since I have known them...over 40 years! Your little model looks great in the finery you made for him. I am looking forward to trying out a new tearoom Saturday afternoon,and I hope you have a happy weekend. xx

  12. The chicken soup looks delicious. I'm a bit afraid of pressure cookers. Probably goes way back to when they must have first come out as I was under 10 yrs old at the time. My friend's mother who was always the first in the neighbourhood with anything new, got herself a pressure cooker and she managed to have the whole thing explode and there was food all over the place - even on the ceiling. Thinking back now, its histerical but at the time Mrs R was not amused. xox

  13. Well done on all the fun things in this post. Chicken noodle soup is my favorite!!!! My older sons had first grade bug shows, we had to make wings for them to flap! I made extras for the kids who did not have any and sent them home with them. Love that age.
    Hugs to you and Happy Weekend,

  14. Hi Teresa - I like tins!!!! ;-) I picked Caleb out straightaway. Please can I come for dinner? You are cooking up some yummy meals. I hate it when I come to the end of a series of books - quite bereft. Hugs Anne x

  15. Dear Teresa you put me to shame blogging 3 times a week!...I love your new tin and that's a very smart hat for a beautiful little man...Well done Caleb on his singing must have been such a treat to watch him x
    Wishing you a lovely new week!
    Susan x

  16. Hi Teresa! I have a few of the King Arthur tins, the bakery/school/retail shop is a few miles from my house!! Great blog post, xoxoRobin


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