Monday, February 22, 2016

Crochet Hat and the Garden is in Bloom

Hello friends!  Did you have a good weekend?  We had a nice relaxing one.  I got the crochet hat done for my nephew's little girl.  I am quite pleased with how the colors all work together with the flower I made to embellish it with.  But I think I need a better head display form than my upside down vase.  :-)

I am very pleased with the 3 color flower came out against the pretty turquoise hat.  I used my new KnitPicks yarn and it's lovely to work with.  Like painting in yarn.

I looked in my button collection and did not find just the right button, so on Saturday Dayle took me out for teriyaki dinner and afterwards we went to Craft Warehouse to look for just the right button.  Gadzooks.. don't go there for buttons.  They only sell them in big expensive bags, not in 3 packs like they should.  I ended up buying a bag for $5.99 for ONE button and then when I got home I looked in my sewing bag and found a better one that I already had.  LOL!

We had lots of fun at the birthday lunch and I gave my 2 friends who were celebrating their birthdays a crocheted stuffed heart and then they exchanged gifts and then they even gave ME something so I wasn't left out!  LOL!  Below are some of the fun things that were exchanged.

I snapped a photo of the second meal we prepared in our new Instant Pot - it was pot roast with potatoes and carrots.  It was delish!

My daughter Amy who lives way far away in Ohio posted this photo of my two granddaughters having a great time splashing in a creek on a warm day.  I just love how much they enjoy water.. like their mama and grandma.

Our daffodils are opening up just today!

I will pick a bouquet soon.  If I leave them outside they get holes eaten in them by slugs and full of dirt and mud from rain splashing up into them.  

I love how they spread on their own.  

The Hyacinth is opening!

And the Daphne is ready for me to pick a little bouquet to put on the table between our chairs where we'll get whiffs of their spectacularly exotic perfume often.

Could I ask you to keep Dayle in your thoughts and prayers?  He goes into surgery tomorrow morning for a hernia repair resulting from his colon cancer surgery.  I'll let you know how he's doing next time I post.  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Gosh, our husbands Teresa! Of course I will be praying for Dayle. If you have time, please text me and let me know how he is doing. I love that little hat and the button is perfect. Buttons are SO expensive anymore. And your flowers! Goodness. We don't have anything blooming over here yet, although I saw some pushy willows getting fuzzy yesterday on our walk. I'll have to try to remember to take a picture of them. It I wish I had been able to join you three for lunch. Maybe soon. Dennis won't let me drive that far by myself right now. Your girls look so happy playing in the water. I know how much you miss them. I'm giving Dayle a HUGE virtual hug and you too. It's nerve wracking for us wives too isn't it?

  2. What a beautiful hat! I love the button embellishment you chose. Down here the summer is winding up and autumn is on it's way. Although today we are getting one last heatblast of 38c. Love your spring flowers! Keeping Dayle in my thoughts for you xox

  3. Sending healing thoughts and a speedy recovery to dear Dayle. You hat and flowers are so pretty Teresa x

  4. oh my goodness. Dayle AND you will both be in my prayers. Fireman had a hernia repair years ago. He had a good uncomplicated recovery and I hope Dayle will too! Love the scarf book

  5. My very best wishes to Dayle for a successful surgery and a swift recovery. Gorgeous flowers, and what a lovely picture of your granddaughters. You will both be in my thoughts tomorrow Teresa. Hugs, CJ xx

  6. Mary and I prayed this afternoon for you two after I got home from swimming. You are in my thoughts every day and treasured. You truly did paint beautifully with yarn, making the hat, Teresa! Your photos of your flowers are so pretty and I can almost smell the wonderful Daphne. I love seeing your grand girls splashing in the creek. Your Instant Pot meal looks like another success as well. I am making my version of clam chowder in my old Crock Pot as I type to you :) Love to you and yours xx

  7. Such a sweet little hat and gorgeous colours! Your flowers are looking beautiful too. I am thinking of you and sending healing wishes to to you both X
    Helen xox

  8. My prayers and thoughts are with you this day....
    How nice that Dayle will be recuperating with so much beauty around him!
    I love your wonderful talents, wish I had as many!
    Take care...Enid

  9. Dayle and you are both in my prayers and much more Dayle for his health, particulary now and after the surgery. All my best wishes. I send you much love from France, you are such beautifull persons. xxx

  10. I hope that all goes very well for Dayle, tell him that we are all thinking of him. xx

  11. Best of luck to Dayle, you are both in my thoughts and prayers. Hope he has a very speedy recovery. Glad you had fun with the ladies, looks like you all were spoiled. Hugs to you Teresa,

  12. Oh Teresa, I am just now reading this, so Dayle has certainly had his surgery by now. I have to say, my Mama had also developed a hernia as a result from her colon cancer surgery, which is common with abdominal surgeries. I have to tell you, we were NOT prepared for how difficult a surgery it was to be! She had far more trouble with this than the cancer surgery, the year before. And so, for that reason, I am so hoping that Dayle is going okay!!!! Lovely Spring, fun fun, with the birthday exchanges.
    Do let me know how Dayle does. Hugs and kisses!
    PS Almost forgot..the hat is darling!

  13. Hello again Teresa - I realise I missed this and of course I now Know Dayle has had his surgery - I didn't know about the colon cancer. As I've commented on next post you are both in my thoughts and prayers and I wish Dayle a speedy recovery. Hugs Anne x

  14. Just trying to catch up been away so long with my daughter. Spring is all around here too with some beautiful bulbs sprouting up everywhere. The hat is a real delight. Take care.


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