Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Heart Crochet and Thailand Images

Hi there!  Thanks for visiting!  I just now finished off my second heart doily/coaster using some yarn I got from KnitPicks just yesterday.  This yarn is bigger than the last so makes a larger piece.  This is "Shine Sport" in the color "Cosmopolitan".  It's 60% cotton and 40% modal.  I used my sterling silver C crochet hook and it worked a charm.

Here are them both together so you can see the size difference.  The link to the free pattern is on my post before last.. just scroll down.

I wanted to make a hat for my nephew's daughter and needed to get some turquoise yarn.. we looked in my stash and did not find any acrylic in that color... so I went to KnitPicks to get some of their wonderful Brava Worsted yarn.. and ordered a few more colors.. then it said.. if you get a few MORE you can get free shipping.. so you know me.. in order to save $$$ I went ahead and bought the 4 skeins of the cotton sport yarn.. aren't I smart?  :-)  I think these skeins will find themselves being worked into a pretty blanket.  

My daughter-in-law Beth sent me these photos from their trip to Phuket, Thailand to show you.  Here is the happy newly married couple.. aren't they gorgeous?  My son Shawn really enjoyed the visit there and said the food was amazing.

This is the view they had all week from the posh resort where they stayed and attended the wedding and reception.  So beautiful!

Their room was beautiful with their own infinity edge pool.. there were water gardens all around.

Beth got a real kick out of the monkeys there and took lots of photos of them, this image makes me smile.

I play Scrabble on Facebook and had to show you this word I got just yesterday - this is my highest score ever!  Woo hoo!

I will head off to swim soon.  What are you up to today?  I hope something wonderful.  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Lovely photos and lovely yarn. I made one of these doilies this week from leftover fine cotton yarn and it was so much fun to make. Thank you for sharing the pattern :) Pat

  2. Thailand looks wonderful. Well done on that Scrabble score, nice one! We went to the country park today in the sunshine, it was lovely, a change from the wild weather we've had recently. I hope you had a good swim. CJ xx

  3. The doily pattern works up beautifully in both yarn weights. I have downloaded the pattern to try...someday :) Your new bargain yarn is pretty, and it will be fun to see what treasures you make with it. Shawn and Beth certainly stayed in an amazing place to celebrate their friends' wedding and I can imagine they made many happy memories there. Congratulations on the stupendous Scrabble score!!! Fun :) Hope you had a good swim...I want to take a nap :) xx

  4. Another snow day for us. Those Thailand pictures are looking good to me right now! !

  5. Oh my such beauty on your post Teresa. The yarns and your doily, the bride and groom, the view , your lovey D.I.L.. I have been swimming today Teresa. I am really enjoying it. Have a great day, I'm off to bed soon- though doubt I will sleep. Hugs Anne x

  6. Thank you for the link to the lovely crochet pattern, they look lovely.

  7. Hi Teresa! Saw your heart coaster yesterday.. and now I am wanting to crochet it!

    Thailand is favourite destination of many, it has awesome beaches..I am glad your family enjoyed staying there.
    Have a lovely day!

  8. What beautiful colors of yarn you chose~lovely! The photos showing Thailand are equally beautiful! My parents were both there years ago on a mission trip. Congrats on your scrabble score :-)
    Blessings, Aimee

  9. What a lovely pattern and you sure do have a knack with colours. That's one area I can't get quite right !! The photos from Phuket are beautiful and the bride and groom are so happy. The accommodation sure was special. Congrats on your big scrabble score. Xox

  10. Thailand looks so lovely. The pool...amazing! I'm off to knit with a pal for just an hour. She inspires me with her knitting. Good to have knit friends local too

  11. A lovely coaster Teresa. That looked an amazing setting for the wedding. Enjoy the end of the week x

  12. I love how the crochet doily pattern looks in different weight yarn and of course different colors. Those pic of Thailand are amazing, so fun.
    Hugs and happy swimming,

  13. I have a brilliant friend! Just look at that score for the proof! :-). That doily looks so different in the other yarn, but just as pretty. Love them both. I have always wanted to visit Thailand. How pretty the photos are. What a fun trip for Shawn and Beth. Hope your week is going well Teresa.

  14. Pretty doilies. Thailand is pretty amazing! Now I need to look up cheroots. :)


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