Monday, March 28, 2016

A Good Day and Fun Workshop

Hello!  How was your weekend?  Ours was good.  I made a 2nd crocheted Bunny Peep while I was at a workshop on Saturday morning.  More on that later.  Pattern found HERE.

Now friends.. I want to show you what a thoughtful and nice daughter-in-law I have!  She not only made baskets full of fun things for the boys.. AND their cousins.. and her husband.. but one for me and Dayle, too!  This is mine below.  She got me a pretty pink glass basket, 3 egg candles and a chocolate bar from the Vermont Country Store - and a little metal basket with a truffle in it.  I love it!

I bet these candles look amazing if you light them.. but I want to save them for next year!  :-)

This little basket has a truffle made in Belgium.. this my friends... will not make it to next year.  :-)

I just adore the glass basket.. it was made by Mosser Glass.. they also made my jadeite cake stand - they make an extensive collection of wonderful glass things.

As I looked at the glass I was super pleased to see it's a thistle pattern, I'm part Scottish and the Scots use thistle a lot in their craft designs.

Kristi made these cute little deviled egg chicks for our hors d'oeuvres for Easter dinner.  :-)

Sorry for the rather un-fancy dinner picture.. lol.. but we had ham, potatoes Dauphinoise (potatoes au gratin), green bean casserole and rolls.

A shot of our family dinner.. Travis did not get the memo to "smile".. and Caleb misunderstood the memo.. he thought I said.. "Make a crazy face".  LOL!

Kristi made a coconut bunny cake for dessert.  I got an ear.  :-)  The tail is made out of cotton candy.  We sure had a good day!  

I wanted to tell you about the Interpretive Volunteer Training Workshop for the Friends of Multnomah Falls on Saturday.  Here is Matt, he is the Site Supervisor at the Falls, with the US Forest Service.  He covered a NEW problem we have to deal with.. what the legalities are for people flying drones there.  We've had lots of complaints about drones in front of the falls ruining everyone else's photos.  

Carl and Kathy did a good job of organizing the event and put on a very good workshop of how to deal with issues behind the information counter.  They made it fun - Carl put on a blinking hat and did a skit like Johnny Carson's "The Amazing Carnak" - their version was the "Amazing Carl-nak". :-)

One of our presenters was Kathleen Overton, she is the author of a book all about Vista House "Saving an American Treasure".  You can buy the book from Amazon - click HERE.

She signed the book for me and I was pleased to see she felt that I knew so much about the Vista House that I could have written the book.  I was hired as the first executive director in 1982 and was one of the founders of the Friends of Vista House.  I was the steady force for 15 years and have many great memories of my time there.  I had an office in that wonderful historic building that whole time and it's part of my life.  

It's a swim day.. what are your plans today?  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Wow!! Is there no end to Kristi's talents? The baskets, egg "chicks" and the cake are all wonderful. Your family dinner looked wonderful and scrumptious. We had ham, scalloped potatoes, asparagus and deviled eggs and rolls at Neal and Jenny's. I see a trend..... :-). That is so cool about the book. And her autograph shows how much she respects your contributions and knowledge. I had never thought about drones over the falls. Too bad people don't think about others first. "Cute peeps!"
    Love ya Teresa.

  2. What a great Easter you enjoyed, with a super pressie from Kristie. The book looks great x

  3. Hi Teresa, it looks like you had a very nice Easter with your family. Your basket from Kristi is lovely and thoughtful. I always enjoy seeing your work in the community. I'm sure that will be a very interesting book. Who knows, maybe you'll be the one to write the next book. :) Hope you have a good week.

  4. Looks like you had a lovely Easter, Teresa. Love those cute egg candles Kristi gave you. :)

  5. A wonderful family day. The pink glass basket is a real treasure. Is it antique?

  6. What a lovely Easter celebration at your home! Kristi is so kind and thoughtful...and she makes such great things! Love the bunny cake and how you got an ear!! Such a nice dedication in the book about Vista are obviously very highly regarded there dear Teresa.
    Helen xox

  7. Your family time looked like it was spite of our rain showers throughout the day! Our dinner plates were filled much like yours, although Tim made a rutabaga casserole instead of scalloped potatoes. Kristi's cooking looked so yummy and your basket was filled with treasures. I love your new peep! The fall's workshop looked very interesting, and I was surprised to learn about the drone problem! I want to check out the book, and love the photo of you with the author. Hoping we have a calm and sunny swim today :) xx

  8. Kristi is so thoughtful! Those bunny candles are sweet. For the Easter weekend we made the trip up the coast to my parents and had yummy bbq roast lamb on easter sunday after a day at the local Blessing of the Fleet Festival & Parade. Xox

  9. Looks like everyone is enjoying that fabulous feast. We had a barbecue at home - rather quiet but very pleasant. I was interested to read what you said about Vista House and what a lovely compliment to you from the author of the book. Hope you have a great week ahead. Xox

  10. Such a lovely Easter celebration with your dear family. I love all the goodies in your Easter basket. Have a wonderful week, Pat xx

  11. It is so wonderful to see family together in celebration, you are certainly blessed. Beautiful candles, so unusual and such a thoughtful DIL. An amazing dedication in the book, you are obviously highly regarded. It was a lovely photo of you and the author. Take care.

  12. Hi Teresa your D.I.L. is very kind and thoughtful, as well as multi talented. Your Easter celebrations looked lovely and yummy! Great photo of you. Hugs Anne x

  13. First those crochet peeps!!! And I loved the basket that Kristi made for you. So sweet.
    I do not like those drones! They are going to be causing all sorts of problems!
    Have a happy day Teresa!
    xo Kris

  14. Your DIL is a dream!~ How wonderful. She must love you so much and you deserve it!
    Drones at the Falls? Wwwwwwhat? Im not a fan.
    Your Easter looked lovely.
    Happy Swim. I rode my bike for half and hour . First Bike ride of 2016

  15. Kristi is amazing and I think she should rent herself out to all of us. Love your Easter decorations and that you were able to spend time with your family. It is so wonderful that book was dedicated to you that way, you are a wonderful person my friend.


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