Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Let There Be Flowers

Our Kerria Japonica - or "Japanese Rose" is in bloom!  It actually is naughty as it has taken over our biggest and tallest magenta Rhododendron.  But since this is a farm garden and we're less than perfectionists I just enjoy it.  There is no removing it from where it is without destroying both of them.  The blooms are very happy and bright.

The flowers are about the size of a silver dollar.  Small and fluffy.

Our weeping Birch has lots of pretty catkins hanging down.  

We're so happy to have several days of clear blue skies and sunshine happening now after way too long of a spate of cloudy grey rainy days.  Hallelujah!  The Wild Cherry is in bloom.. do you see the little visitor?  Bzzzz bzzzzz

The Apple tree is starting to bloom.. I'll get some snaps of it soon.

This is one of the new Daffodil varieties that we planted.. I'm loving the rich dark yellow-orange center.

Kristi planted several Windflowers.. this is one of them in bloom.  They're very pretty!

Remember that red and white striped Tulip bud?  This is it opened up fully.. it hardly looks like a tulip, does it?

A yellow tulip also bloomed in the same pot.  


How does YOUR garden grow?  Has Spring sprung at your house?  I'm off to go swimming soon with my friend Gracie.  It will be wonderful having the sunshine streaming into the pool with the water glowing bright.  I hope you're having a sunny flowery week!  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Spring is springing up around you beautifully on the farm! I am celebrating the sunshine too and hoping for calm water in which to swim xx

  2. Gorgeous flowers, and how many you have. I especially like the wild cherry blossom with the bee - wonderful. I love swimming when the sun is on the water as well, it's quite blissful. Hope you have a lovely time. CJ xx

  3. Lovely sunshine here but still no flowers. I love all of your pictures but that daffodil and apple tree are amazing. See you soon!

  4. Lucky you - springtime !!! Your flowers look very pretty and I particularly like that daffodil with the white and dark yellow. Not too bad here today but winter will be here before we know it !! Enjoy the rest of your week. Xox

  5. I turned over 1/4 of the garden tonight. I'll do the rest over the next couple of 70' days. Let the soil dry a bit and plant my sweet peas.
    (as long as the garter snake is elsewhere).
    Gorgeous flowers. My friend calls anemones windflowers too.

  6. Your garden is looking beautiful Teresa. I'm just waiting to cut the lawn for the first time but storm Katie brought a lot of rain x

  7. Looking beautiful, love the red tulip it really doesn't look like a tulip at all. A start has finally been made in the garden here, in between showers. Enjoy your swim.

  8. Well the sun is in and out between storms today. I LOVE that. We have had many cloudy cold days and I get a little goofy after a stretch. I get equally excited when we have warmer days andsun.
    Your flowers are well ahead of ours. Our daffodils are just now starting to bloom. Keep those pretty images coming

  9. Beautiful blooms! Our gardens are getting pretty here too!
    xo Kris

  10. That's a nice, big daffodil. And the Japanese rose is so cheerful; of course you couldn't take it out. A couple of my daffs have opened.

  11. Lovely flowers! I am totally enjoying all the spring blossoms everywhere I go :-)
    Have a blessed day!

  12. The flowers are so pretty and bright! love that blue sky in the background too. Here in central Oregon, not much going on yet as far as any flowers.. we have one lone tulip in our back flower bed (just moved here in October so haven't planted anything yet). As I drive around town, there's not a tree in bloom yet! very late spring in this neck of the woods. Can live vicariously through your posts!

  13. All very pretty Teresa. Spring has sprung here and today has seen beautiful blue sky, sunshine and my washing has dried beautifully. Hugs Anne x

  14. I am envious! It is snowing here in Colorado, and spring won't be showing its face for at least another month. I live at 7,300 feet, so cannot plant bulbs or start my gardening until after Memorial Day (and even then I have been caught out by a late snow and/or frost) so it's lovely to see all the color and blooms in your garden!

  15. Love seeing those bright, yellow blooms! Also very glad to see that bee at work!

  16. Now that winter is over in your neck of the woods, I say let it grow, let it grow, let it grow. :) After a week of unstable weather, we are back to Spring like temps which I am loving. Buds are appearing on bushes on my balconies and bees are a'buzzing. :)

  17. All that I can say in Gorgeous! I love this line in your post, "since this is a farm garden and we're less than perfectionists". It is exactly as I feel, now that we live in the country. I get the weed-eatter out about once a month, but not once a week like when we lived in a tight neighborhood. Life is so much more relaxed in the country. Those yellow blooms at the top on your post are so pretty, I have never seen that plant before, it sounds like it grows quit large.
    Happy Spring!
    Connie :)

  18. Gorgeous flowers Teresa! I have lots of tulips in bud here....can't wait for them to open up! Wishing you a sunny weekend.
    Helen xox

  19. Your flowers are the perfect thing for me to see on this cloudy morning, although you know me I am excited at a cloudy day as the sun is ever present here in Florida. Your blooms are very vibrant.


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