Friday, March 18, 2016

Flowers in the Sky

Hallo.. how are you?  (I can't say hello now without hearing Adele singing to me.)  I met my blog friend Gracie for swimming on Wednesday - the hour goes by twice as fast when we can chat while we paddle along.  Then I got home in time to drive Dayle to his post-op doctors visit.  I waited for him in the parking lot while he went in - his doc pronounced him doing very well!  While I waited I walked around the parking lot and snapped a photo of this pretty flowering tree against the blue sky.  (ETA - this is a Prunus cerasifera, thanks to Louise at the blog Red Haired Amazona.)

There are SO many flowering trees now that I am really not sure what this is.. but it's oh so pretty.

I saw these other pretty bushes in the landscape.. I just googled and I believe these are Pieris Japonica.  The red are the new leaves and they also have these white clusters of bell shaped flowers.

I must say that the new leaves are an amazing color.. hypnotizing!  

His appointment was quite late for a doctor.. 5:15!  So on our way home we decided to have dinner at Tad's Chicken n' Dumplins.  What a nice day to dine by the Sandy River.

We both had their cast iron pan fried chicken and a baked potato - they also bring a bowl of green beans with ham.  It was delish and we brought home half of it for lunch the next day.  :-)

We love this restaurant, it's so homey and comfortable and pleasant.  The sun was sparkling off the river.  

Half the sign burned out, hence the nickname "Chic Dump" - when they tried to fix it the locals complained so they leave half of it dark on the back side of the sign - the other side is fully illuminated.  

I wanted to share a few things about our St. Patrick's Day fun - I made a pair of earrings and a necklace and got a neat charm to wear in celebration.  We also picked a new bouquet of white Violets.

I ordered some Swarovski crystal beads in the shape of four leaf clovers and I put an Oregon Sunstone bead on top.  I love wearing these in March.  I made the gold hoops for myself a LONG time ago.  All the earrings I wear are suspended from these.

Then I found this very cute charm from Brighton and just had to have it.  It's a little enameled leprechaun's hat.  It has a feather off the left side which you can't see and a darling 4 leaf clover with a rhinestone in it.  AND........

Then when you open the top of the hat.... there is a pot of gold!  :-)  Now you know where the gold is so when you see a leprechaun, if you grab his hat and run, you'll be rich!

I wish you could smell these darling flowers!

To finish our celebration Kristi got a corned beef and cooked it in our Instant Pot, after it was done you pop the potatoes, carrots and cabbage in the juices in the pot and cook them then serve.  It was delicious!

It's a sunny windy day here and I'll be off to swim soon.  I got a lot of new flowers crocheted for my blanket over the last two days.  I'd show you but I need to weave in the ends so they don't look hideous.  I should have some photos of a much larger blanket for my next post.  Wishing you a lovely weekend!! ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Cheers for all your good reports and creative efforts...and for letting me in on the secret of where to find the pot of gold :) xxxx

  2. Glad Dayle got a good report and you were able to enjoy all of those beautiful flowers while you waited. Spring has definitely sprung where you live. That chicken dinner looks delicious from your last post. I am trying to catch up on all I missed this past week and a half. Hugs to you Teresa, have a wonderful weekend,

  3. Hi Teresa. Good news re Dayle. Would love to have dinner at 'Chic Dump' :-)Pretty ear rings.We have two pieris in our garden - they are gorgeous. Have a great weekend - I am going to a sugarcraft demonstration. Hugs Anne x

  4. You St Patricks Day jewellery is adorable! I was at work that day, but was able to crochet myself an Irish Rose which i pinned to my green cardigan. Then myself an another red headed work colleague plagued the rest of the office with our bad Irish accents! Ha! I can small those lovely violets from here. The first tree is I think a member of the Prunus family. Possibly prunus cerasifera?

  5. Love the color of that Japanese flower. It's gorgeous. It sounds like you had a great St. Patrick's day. Your necklace and earrings are beautiful. I think my favorite is the "pot of gold" hat though. It's so cute! My mouth is watering at that fried chicken. Sounds like a great dinner place to me! I'm so glad that Dayle got a good report. Dennis went to his post-op appt. on Wednesday and he did great too. Now that our husbands are back to 100% maybe we should plan some jobs for them. Just kidding! :-)
    Enjoy the sunshine!

  6. Every Spring I read your posts and am convinced I live in the wrong part of the country. Winter never seems to last long in the North West. They say if you don't like the weather then move to Ohio because it changes every few hours. Your jewelry is pretty. I have worn the earrings I bought from you a few times. The Chick Dump has mouth-watering food, at least it looks like it from the photo you shared. Glad to hear your guy is doing well post-op. I must have missed the post on what he had done. Have a great weekend.
    Susanne :)

  7. Great news on Dayle and some great food here,now to go eat.....xoxoxo

  8. I remember reading past posts re the Chic Dump and almost feel as if I've been there too. What a gorgeous place to go for a meal. It's no wonder it's one of your favourite places. I'm looking forward to seeing how your blanket is going - progress posts would be quite motivating I imagine ..... Must try that soon myself. I'm intrigued by the 'instant pot' ... Is that a pressure cooker? Best wishes to Dayle. Xox

  9. Beautiful flowers. Glad Dayle is doing well. Have a lovely weekend xx

  10. I am thrilled to hear Dayle is on the mend. Spring is definitely in the air with such beautiful blossom around. The St Patricks themed jewellery was so pretty, loved the hat and your meal looked amazing. Take care.

  11. Andromeda is the other name for Pieris Japonica.
    Almost time for you to re-visit the Woodburn tulip fields. My early tulips are opening - another week or two.

  12. Beautiful blooms, Teresa! That restaurant looks like it's in a lovely setting. Kristi's corned beef meal looks yummy! :)

  13. I'm so jealous of the flowering trees. We are at least a month behind you. Love the dining along the river.
    I LOVE the pot of gold inside the hat!

  14. Congratulations to Dayle who is doing well ! It's really good news, so keep doing well for the best you both.
    I give you a big and sweet hug dear friends.

  15. Good to hear everything is going well with you and your family. The river setting looks beautiful; such a lovely place to enjoy dinner. Your St Patricks decor and jewelry are so cute. Wishing you the best, Pat

  16. Gorgeous flowers and such beautiful skies. No doctor's office around here looks like that on the outside, that's for sure. Sweet little St. Paddy's Day jewelry. :) Hope you are having a good weekend.

  17. Really pretty photos of Spring blooms! Love your St. Paddy's Day pieces. I hadn't seen that Brighton one.


  18. Lovely photo's of the cherry blossoms against the blue sky and photo's of Sandy river. What a amazing view to have from restaurant!

    Happy to hear you had a good St Patrick's day.

    Madelief x


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