Monday, April 25, 2016

Celebrating at the Beach

Hello!  We are having such enjoyable days here at the Oregon Coast.  This is the view out of our trailer.  Sure, we've had some rain, but actually most of the time it's been quite fair and beautiful.  In fact yesterday we had the door open and the sun was shining in and a warm fresh breeze blew over us and we were in heaven.  News from home was that it was hailing and cold.  Amazing how weather can be different from just a few hours away.

Actually, these two photos are from the sea wall of the place we stay.  We were in our truck heading out for lunch and I snapped these shots out of the window! :-)

This was our sunset on Friday.  I'm enjoying the view better now from the trailer - Dayle moved the recliners to the other side and instead of looking at the plantings between RV sites, I now can enjoy the ocean and horizon while I relax!  Now you're talking!    

What I find wonderful and interesting is every time you look out there.. it's different.  

The sky is a different color and so is the ocean.

So dramatic!

On Saturday we drove the short distance to Depoe Bay and had lunch at the Chowder Bowl - we had.. chowder.. a bowl.. LOL!  We also shared a grilled crab sandwich.  Then we drove down to the bay front on the "World's Smallest Harbor".  :-)  We actually went whale watching out of this harbor once, quite an exciting exit and entrance.. and saw whales up close.  Did you know their spouting spray smells of digesting fish.  It does!

Back in the trailer for the afternoon.. oh honey.. will you hold my skein of yarn while I wind it into a ball?  I wound 600 yards and I have to tell you.. that's a LOT of hand winding.. and hubby and I were trying to figure out who had the hardest job.. me winding or him holding.. what do YOU think?

Do you remember this shawl I'm working on?  It's my 2nd Elise Shawl.. my blog friend Meredith got me going on this pattern.  My first one was RED and I love it.  The red one was a blend of 50% baby alpaca and 50% silk.  Swoon.  This one is pure alpaca.  I wanted a white one to wear in Summer.  I'm trying to get this done for an event in early June when I'll be wearing a period costume from 1916.  I have several more rows to go then I will begin on the lace edge.  I use the lace edge from the Ruby shawl pattern instead of the bobble edge on this pattern.  

Big ball of deliciousness.  I really am drawn to the fact that this is all 100% natural fiber and color.. made in Peru.. from Alpaca grown 13,000 feet in altitude.  There has not been ONE knot in this on either skeins I've used.

It rained all night on Saturday night but then the day turned fair and we are enjoying the roar of the ocean, hearing the big waves crashing just yards away from us.. seeing the sea birds fly by.  

You hear of the oceans being ruined by trash and debris and I know some of this is true, but I marvel at how pure and clean the Pacific Ocean is and how little debris is on the shore here.  I'm happy about that.

The Salal is in bloom.. these cute little pink flowers will turn into dark blue/black berries that are important to the birds here and were used extensively by the Native people that lived here in the past.

Sunday was beautiful.. see what I mean about the clean and pure beauty of it all?

And later in the afternoon the sun reflects off the waves and I adore the "sun pennies" on the water.

We had another wonderful sunset last night.  I stood in the door of the trailer and snapped images as the sun lowered.

Day is done... gone the sun.. 

The US Coast Guard helicopter patrols the beach here and I got this shot of it - I wish the I'd got the nose of it, but at least you can see how fast it's going by!

I've also added a few more flowers to my blanket so I could put it on the back of the sofa to enjoy while we're here.  This blanket is neat because you can use it in between working on it!  :-)

And here is my "nest" in the trailer.. a very nice place to crochet!

Here is my "palette" of yarn colors, the sun was shining in and we have the door open and it was illuminating my yarn like stained glass!  I've also been coloring in the new color-book that my friend Gracie gave me for my birthday.  She spoiled me with two big books, 2 small ones, a box of colored pencils and a palette of watercolors that I admired of hers.  What a nice and generous friend!

Today is my birthday - my daughter Amy just called from Ohio to wish me a good day.  My DIL Kristi texted me a birthday greeting, too.  We'll head off this afternoon for a celebratory lunch.  Life is so good.  I count you all as my friends too.. thanks for coming here to visit me.  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Teresa I love that you squeeze every enjoyable minute out of life, your blog makes me so happy ๐Ÿ˜ƒ Your seascape photos (and skyscape at the same time) are stunning, what a gorgeous view. I can think of nothing better than watching that view with a glass of wine in one hand and a crochet hook in the other ๐Ÿ˜ƒ
    Hope you continue to enjoy your trip (I have no doubt that you wi!!)

  2. hello Teresa - it all looks absolutely beautiful. Wishing you a very, very happy birthday. Hugs x

  3. Happy happy BIRTHDAY! I love your camper.
    You can try to leave a comment on my blog again please. I changed the format back ;)

  4. Happy Birthday, you are certainly having a great break away it looks amazing.

  5. Happy birthday Teresa,what a lovely way to celebrate xx

  6. A very Happy Birthday to you, my sweet friend. What a lovely place you are enjoying this week! I have so enjoyed your photos and, and am wishing I were there too.
    Loved the shots of sun and sea. And the yarn goodness too. The flower blanket is so pretty, and Buddy is enjoying it immensely I can see.
    Have a wonderful day my friend!!!
    XOXOXO Kris

  7. Happy Birthday, Teresa! ๐ŸŽถ Your celebration sounds wonderful so far. Thanks for sharing all the gorgeous photos! When you left I did not realize that Elisabeth and Gary were headed to Gary's cousin's wedding in Lincoln City over the weekend, so they were able to enjoy some of the sights you have been enjoying, too. It is chilly here at home although the sun is shining today. Hope you continue to enjoy happy creative days. xxxxxxxx

  8. Happy birthday Teresa. Sounds like you're having a lovely relaxing time and enjoying the wonders of Mother Nature. Those sea shots are beautiful - we share the Pacific Ocean you know .. I always enjoy being able to spend a few days at the coast occasionally. Must go again soon. That shawl you're making looks gorgeous. Have a fun day. Xox

  9. HAPPY BIRTHDAY here as well lol all over the place.....and I love all of your photo's and Dayle is a wonderful man ☺☺

  10. Happy Birthday my sweet friend!!! Thank you for sharing your gorgeous view with us. We have went whale watching out of Depoe Bay a few times and had a wonderful time. And you are exactly right about the smell. Ewww! I never fail to be amazed by the beauty of the Oregon coast, and I'm very grateful that you're willing to share with us. Your shawl is looking so pretty. When I finish my mittens for the year I want to crochet a shawl...for me! I think that would be fun. Enjoy the rest of your vacation Teresa and tell Dayle hello from Dennis and I.

  11. Happy birthday Teresa! You've certainly got the best viewing spot for spending it. The ocean is lovely and the sky marvelous as it is constantly changing. So nice to see pristine beaches. Everything here is so dirty and littered and it's been rather drab this week so everything seems blah and brown. Ugh! Love that shawl. And the picture of Dayle helping is priceless. If he was bored out of his mind, then I imagine he had the hardest part. Ha! He could have taken a little snooze as long as he didn't let his arms drop. HA-HA! Enjoy the rest of your time.

  12. Hi there,
    I have just started reading your Blog and I am really enjoying it.
    The waterfall, your garden, your handiwork and now your trip to the ocean.

  13. Happy, Happy Birthday Dear Teresa !!
    So nice to know you and your generosity, your creativity, your beautifull heart, nice smile, etc...
    Big hugs

  14. Happy Birthday Teresa! What a gorgeous place to spend your special day too...your photos are wonderful...I can feel the sea breeze! How lovely all your crochet looks, the white shawl will be lovely for summer and the yarn looks delicious. Enjoy the rest of your trip!
    Helen xox

  15. Happy Birthday Teresa... such a wonderful spot to enjoy it. Love all your photos and had to laugh at the big pile of yarn in the basket! That looks like what I do when I go on a "vacation".. I always lug along half of my craft room with me! Your shawl is gorgeous and I think I told you.. my hubby and I raised alpacas from 2003 through 2009. I had bags and bags and bags of wonderful alpaca fleece, just waiting to be spun.. but I could hardly give it away! A knitting group from Portland bought a few bags and I tried to give away what I had left, but when we moved, I finally had to dump it.. that hurt my heart. I kept one tub full of yummy dark brown fleece with the hope that one day I'll find someone to spin it for me so I can make a sweater from it. And I agree, working with 100% alpaca yarn is the best.

    Love all of your ocean shots and sunsets.. I never ever tire of the ocean! And love the picture of the inside of your RV so we can see where you get to sit and enjoy the loveliness of the ocean and your enjoyable times crocheting away. Ah.hh I feel better already..... hope to get to the ocean again soon! Marilyn

  16. Happy, Happy Birthday Teresa!!! You are celebrating in style! I am in love with your new Elise shawl, thank you for the shout out! The South Bay Shawlette is very similar, and just as easy to make. Your beautiful views make me a tad jealous, I would love to hear the waves and go looking for beach glass, we don't get that here on this side of Florida.
    Have a wonderful time at the beach!

  17. Wishing you a very happy birthday from the other side of the Pacific! (waves merrily to the east) :-D

  18. Glad you are having a great time! It looks like a beautiful place to be. Your shawl is very pretty indeed. Happy Birthday!!! xx


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