Monday, April 18, 2016

Friends and Flowers

Hello my friends!  We had a lovely weekend full of fun, friends, flowers and sunshine.  My blog friend Betsy who lives in Spokane WA missed us Portland area blog friends so she and her husband Dennis drove here and we met up for dinner at Tad's Chicken 'n Dumplins.  The cast of characters are from left, Becky, Betsy, Gracie, then Phil, Dennis, me and Dayle.  It was fun, we all had stories to tell, getting to know each other better and enjoying a wonderful dinner.  

It was such a lovely day, sunny and warm, that they had all the windows opened up.  Gracie asked where the open air dining was and we said, this is it!  She said, I thought the windows were clean!  :-)  

I asked someone who was waiting for a table outside to take our photo by the neon sign.  :-)  It's a favorite diner for locals and one side of the neon kept going out, leaving "Tad's Chic Dump".  When they fixed it the locals complained as the pet name for the place was now the "Chic Dump".  So they un-fixed it and the back side of the sign remains this way, the other side is fully lit.  :-)

I've been meaning to show you my new shoes.  I've worn Ecco sandals for years and love them - then my favorite shoe store sent out a sales circular and they had these fun multicolor sandals, called the Anniversary Yucatan edition.  I called my store, Shoe Mill, and they had sold out immediately.  But they called another store which had one last pair in my size and got them brought over and I love them!   Each part of the shoe is a different colored leather. Would you wear such colorful shoes?

We had moved my red hibiscus and it had NOT been happy and had ceased blooming.  So, we put it back in it's regular place by the window and it's been telling us how happy it is by blooming.. there were 3 blooms on it at one time yesterday.  

Yesterday afternoon I walked around the yard to see how the flowers were doing.  The yellow Azalea is blooming, the white Lilac still looking lovely, the white Azalea below it opening up and to continue the "white garden" theme in this spot, the pretty little Star of Bethlehem were blooming along with border (where Dayle didn't mow them).  :-)  The Irises you see coming up here are a gift from Kathy, another blog friend whom we visited last year.  I hope they bloom this first year!

This is my best year for the Star of Bethlehem, obviously they self-seed very well.

I'm happy the hard rain we had a few days ago didn't ruin the Lilacs.. that has happened in the past.  But they have such a short bloom life.. so fleeting.  You have to bury your nose in them several times a day before they are gone.

The yellow Azaleas are actually fragrant, did you know that?

The Pink Rosebud Azalea is opening up more.. funny.. this one has no aroma.

Big double white yummy white Lilac.  As I read the story of how this variety was created in the book I'm reading "Where Lilacs Still Bloom" it makes me appreciate this flower even more.

This tightly furled Iris may be open today.. what do you think?  I will check later.

The Coral Bells are at their finest right now.. this photo doesn't even show how brilliantly coral pink/red they are.

The apple tree is covered with flowers against a blue sky.  Have I told you how happy I am that winter is over?  :-)

The Lily-of-the-Valley was finally bloomed out enough to pick, so I got a nice bouquet of them and placed them in the cute little milk glass hobnail vase that my friend Shirley gave me as an early birthday gift.  Sweet!  The little bird.. I'll tell you about in a minute.  I wish you could smell these little darlings!

Have you ever smelled these?  They are quite memorable.

Taci could not make the dinner on Saturday due to a family commitment, so an impromptu lunch was pulled together yesterday before Betsy and Dennis headed back home.  :-)

Some fun gifts were exchanged.  Taci is crocheting a rock for each of her friends for their birthdays.. the one in the center was my special gift.  She also gave me a bottle of scent, some handmade soap, and two little facecloths.  Betsy gave me a skein of cotton in a favorite color, a cute little bird and a neat double-pointed needle keeper she made for when you're doing socks, so the needles don't slip out!  Gracie knitted a washcloth for each of us.  :-)

Betsy crocheted up a little flower pin for each of us, I promptly put mine on my blouse.  Thanks, ladies!

Dayle even told me that Becky had slipped him a birthday surprise bag unbeknownst to me and she gave me a neat little stained glass ball which you can put in your garden and it has a solar panel on top.. I will put it out today and look forward to see it glowing in the garden at night.  She also gave me a packet of poppy seeds!  Thanks, Becky!

And I had to show you Buddy.. he'd gotten VERY shaggy and we finally got him in to the groomer.  He looks much neater now.  :-)

Dayle has been preparing our trailer for our trip to the beach for my birthday.  He is off today filling propane bottles, getting his truck washed and doing many other errands so we'll be ready to go on Thursday.  I hope this good weather continues for our week at the beach!  But even if it rains we have a good time down there.  I'm sending you wishes for a wonderful week.  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. I so love your blog and all your friends. God has blessed you all with friendship for sure. Happy, happy Birthday!

  2. Hi Teresa, I'm sorry to have missed some of your posts lately. Last week was sort of a hard one for me and I didn't get to read blogs much. Anyway, it looks like you had such a nice time with everyone. I still hope to eat at Chic Dump someday myself, as you know. :) I loved seeing the photos of you all together and your flowers around the farm too. Thank you for sharing. I hope this week is good for you.

  3. What a wonderful blog get together Teresa, how lovely to see warms my heart. Hugs xx

  4. Lilly of the Valley!!! Now I am jealous!!! The flowers on your farm are so amazing, and I never tire of seeing photos of them...or viewing them in person :) Taci helped me put on the beautiful necklace with the blue Venetian glass bead you gave me so you can see me wearing it in the photo the waiter took of the four of us. I have the pretty bead pull on my mama sheep sewing helper [along with the stitch markers you gave me years ago, and I recently used them by the way. ] The lovely gray Brava Knit Picks yarn is so soft and I plan to use it along with a blue gray variegated yarn I found to make some more preemie blankets. Thank you, for all the lovely gifts, Teresa.

    Believe it or not the Japanese garden I showed in my last post is simply at the end of Main St. after crossing Powell Blvd. I was so certain Google Maps was wrong I drove around the area in the opposite direction.....I KNOW you are not surprised by that confession :) .......sigh

    Please give spiffy looking Buddy some love pats from me. xx

  5. Fabulous post and what a great catchup ♥ Love those sandles! I have a brand called Ahnu and they are sooo comfy and even have a pink pair lol....Buddy looks very neat indeed xoxo

  6. I had such a good time this weekend! It was so wonderful to catch up with everyone and to be able to get some hugs all around. I have the beautiful necklace you gave me on right now.

    I showed Piper the yarn you gave me this morning and she was so excited when I told her they may be made into mittens for her next winner.

    I love all your flowers as always. I'm jealous and wish that I could grow as many beautiful flowers as you do. And look at Buddy! He looks so dapper with his new cut. Thanks for everything Teresa. Oh, Dennis loved the Chick Dump. And he even survived our girls luncheon. He told me to stop thanking him for taking me, that he would do it again next weekend if I wanted. I sure have a keeper!
    Blessings always,

  7. It was a fun time with all of you. Glad you liked the solar light. Did you open the top and turn on the switch? Happy early birthday to you! Tee hee! I ate more of my chick an dumplings I had on Sat for my lunch today. It was still good. Glad you got to have a lunch with Taci as well. Fun.Ya all just like to party! Have a great time at the coast! Your flowers are lovely! Hugs!

  8. How wonderful to meet up with your wonderful blogging friends and be blessed with such beautiful gifts. You certainly looked to have a wonderful time. Beautiful garden with some stunning plants. Have a great Birthday and trip. Take care.

  9. Always makes me smile to see you ladies together enjoying a wonderful time. Kisses to that sweet Buddy boy.

  10. Love your love of flowers. Have a great time at the beach.

  11. Looks like another wonderful time at the Chick Dump. I love it how you and your blog friends give little gifts to each other when you meet. Such a nice gesture. That red hibiscus is amazing - gorgeous colour. Buddy is looking good. xox

  12. Thanks for the wishes! Your spring is just glorious Teresa. I love your pals gathering and the cool crochet rock gift!!!!
    Great photos on the post

  13. Oh, Teresa, if I lived closer I do believe you folks would have to tolerate me tagging along. :D Looks like fun was had by all, and what lovely gifts you all exchanged. Your flower photos are gorgeous as always! Enjoy your week of camping, and happy birthday! :)

  14. What happy times you had with your blog friends, how lovely! Your flowers all look so beautiful and colourful. Wishing you and Dayle a wonderful time at the beach Teresa!
    Helen xox

  15. Your gardens/blooms are fabulous! Nothing like the smell of lilacs!! We have a couple of very old orange azaleas that are fragrant too but the smell isn't actually a very nice one... took a few years before I realized that was where the smell came from!

  16. I think it is so wonderful that you all are able to get together! Looks like great times with blog friends.

    *I would totally wear those shoes.

  17. Oh, Buddy is a sweetheart. Love his little face. I've missed seeing the little fellow.
    Sending Happy Birthday wishes your way.
    Enjoy your week at the beach ~ praying for nice clear weather for you all.

  18. Such lovely times and photos. Friends and flowers -- they have so much in common, don't they?

  19. Good Morning Teresa, My your garden is beautiful . . . so many lovely perennials . . . I love that. I am trying to plant more around here . . . little by little I'll turn this place into a blooming haven, LOL. How nice to have time with your out of town friends . . . looks like you all enjoyed each others company, I can tell by the big smiles :) Love the little flower pin and I'm sure that glass ball looks lovely at night . . . pretty in the daytime, too.
    Have a lovely week.
    Connie :)

  20. You all look like you had a fabulous time together, I can only imagine all the hugs and love passed around. Your garden looks fabulous Teresa, I am so glad you are having such a great week.


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