Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Bloom Where You Are Planted

A very wise woman once told me that... when I was a young married girl living half a country away from my parents and sisters.  I would tell her how I missed my home and family.. and she told me that old saying.  :-)  I eventually did bloom, and we had our first two children in Louisiana, but finally after 5 years I told my husband I was moving home and he could come or stay but I was going "home".  :-)  He quit his job as a helicopter pilot and we sold our house and moved back to Oregon.  I've never been sorry that we did.  

We went to a nursery last week looking for a Red Bud tree and did not get one but we did get this Gerbera Daisy.  These flowers really are quite amazing, they don't even look real.  I guess I thought that they'd be fussy or hard to grow.  But the one we planted is doing great and more flowers are coming up like crazy.  This won't be the last one of these I plant.

We also got this variegated leaved Alstroemeria or Peruvian Lily.. my sister Denise planted these one time and they did great, as a cut flower they last and last.

Last year Kristi got this adorable dwarf Korean Lilac and it's covered with flowers this year.. love it!

I also adore ferns.. who doesn't?  This wild Lady Fern is coming up by our little creek.. and in front of it I'm happy to see the Maidenhair Fern with black stems is coming up out of the pot that I have sitting in the creek bed.  It likes being moist.

I'm also happy to see that my Japanese Painted Fern comes back each year with no special treatment, and that it makes it's way through the Creeping Myrtle which has the tendency of choking out other plants.

Kristi did a bit of myrtle clearing around the Hostas.. I have tried to get many different varieties of Hosta and not have the same twice.  :-)

We've picked up several little pots of pretty bedding plants and Kristi planted them all in this big pot.

I also grabbed this unique Geranium.. I also want some scented leaved Geraniums.. have you seen those?

Kristi got this orange Azalea last year and planted in "No Man's Land" - the area behind our deck that was always hard to deal with and was a haven for weeds.  She cleared it, laid weed barrier and bought pretty colored rocks and spread them there.. then planted two Azaleas!  It looks so much better!

It seems quite happy here!  :-)

Kristi signed up to do a Game of Thrones party and was sent this notebook and a Chrome PodCast in order to view it before the debut.  Cool, huh?  

OK.. must pack my swim bag and head out.

Are you "Blooming Where You Are Planted"?  I hope so!  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Such beautiful colors in all your plantings. Nothing colorful here so in the high desert yet. My lilacs are just now opening and my hosta are starting to breaking ground and yours are all up and lovely - thanks for sharing!

  2. I hope we're all blooming here, it's somewhere we chose to live because it seemed like a nice area to raise children. I love the gerberas and lilac, and I always like to see loads of greenery everywhere. Green gardens always speak to me more than any others, wonderful. CJ xx

  3. That's a popular stamp sentiment Teresa, I have 2 and use them lots in my card making and art journalling and yes I certainly do try to bloom where I'm planted. Your flowers are looking very pretty and certainly blooming where they were planted x

  4. Now I want to investigate a dwarf Korean lilac, I love lilacs and don't have any. I have 4 Peruvian lilies in 4 colors: cream, purple, gold, orange. They are very easy care and like you said, great in bouquets.

  5. Oooh! Those daisies are so pretty. I love the color. Of course you knew that already. I didn't think I would ever get used to the northwest when we moved here from Nebraska, but I did and I think I've "bloomed" fairly well. I try to be useful to others and keep myself busy. And wherever Dennis is, is my home. So I'm content.

  6. It's hard not to bloom in canbyland.

  7. Incredibly I have just done a post on weeding and my herbs as they are the only thing I have success with Teresa lol I LOVE your garden and wonderful visiting there xoxoxo

  8. We are both ex military and travelled a lot so it was nice to settle into one place we have lived here for nearly 20 years. Our dream is to move and live in the Western Islands of Scotland, maybe one day...

  9. Love the Gerbera! You're a month or so in front of us, my hostas haven't popped up yet. Yes, I'm definitely blooming :-). CNx

  10. I think I'm blooming where I'm planted. Blooming tired, blooming busy, blooming wish there were more hours in the day. I hope you get the picture, speaking of which, your pictures today are gorgeous. xox

  11. Hi, Teresa!! I love all your new flowers and the pretty hostas and other plants. I always love seeing your yard come to life each year. I'm hoping to get a lot of flowers and things planted in addition to the veggies in the garden in a couple of weeks. I've missed chatting with you! ♥

  12. I have never heard of scented geraniums...Now I have to find some around here in Chicago.
    I love your flowers . I love the sentiment of the post. Mostly I love that you moved back to be with family....I hope and pray my daughter will do that soon too

  13. Hostas are lovely plants that I have yet to plant here, and your photo rainbow of colored blooms are so pretty, too. It is an exciting time of year watching what's planted bloom! And as for me, I'm enjoying blooming where I'm planted here in [not] Boring, Oregon :) xx

  14. I choose to bloom where I'm planted, too. :) Love your flowers...especially the gerbera daisy. They are so pretty and come in such vivid colors! :)

  15. Oops...also wanted to say that, I, too, love ferns. :)

  16. Spring sure is looking gorgeous at your house. I am loving all the flowers, they must just make your day.

  17. Bloom where you are planted is my life motto. How can it not be being transplanted from beautiful Oregon to Japan? I will never forget the first time I heard it and how the sentiment resonated with my heart at a moment when I needed to hear it most. All feelings of being in the wrong place vanished and I decided to bloom instead of wilt. It is amazing how much power these little words wield.

  18. I love that saying and have often stitched it on samplers! Your garden blooms are looking amazing Teresa! Have a wonderful weekend.
    Helen xox


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