Monday, May 9, 2016

Early Blooming

Hello, how are you?  This has to be the earliest our roses have EVER bloomed!  This is my "Scentimental" rose.. I just love how stripy and fragrant it is.

Last year I ordered two new irises from Breck's website and this one finally bloomed.. it's HUGE!  It took it's time to open.. I watched the bud for days hoping it would do it's thing.  

And the classy Siberian Iris.. lit by the rosy evening light.

A shot from our circular drive.. the old farm place really comes into it's own in the Spring.

Our pink rose in bloom.. all our roses have a nice scent.. I don't believe in roses that don't smell like a rose should!  :-)

Pretty pink rosebud.

Yellow Iris in full sun.

Beige Iris.. really?  I got these in a mixed bag of bulbs.. and this is why you don't buy mixed bags.  :-)

I need some more bearded Iris.  I'm missing some of classic colors of these.  Kathy gave us several iris tubers and we planted them all and they've grown... but no flowers are showing.. maybe they needed a year to get used to their new home?  

Kristi potted up my new succulents.. it will be fun to watch these fill out.

Kristi's unusual Flowering Maple - she wintered it over in the upstairs bathroom!  :-)

The Double Delight.  I've read that if you can only have one rose this should be it.  I agree.  It looks wonderful and smells DEEvine!  My sister Denise's MIL did some rose testing for Jackson & Perkins and got to name this rose.  :-)

Our gazebo is looking pretty with the hanging baskets.  It's such a nice place to relax on the deck.

The pot on this basket is so big and heavy we were afraid to hang it, but it's doing fine and looks great.

I got two varieties of Lantana at the garden center we visited last week.  I do love these flowers and how the buds look.

If you've never had these, you should get some.

I have to go pack my swim bag and head off to my Daughters of the American Revolution meeting and then to swim.  Busy busy.  I hope your week will be wonderful.  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. I agree with you about scented roses,there's nothing quite like it. Your garden is looking lovely. Enjoy your day

  2. Wow, your gazebo is looking absolutely beautiful. Suddenly everything is blooming, it really is gorgeous. And that Scentsation rose is amazing. The succulents are really pretty too. I can see how hard you work on your garden, and it's really worth it, it looks like such a gorgeous place to be. CJ xx

  3. Your flowers are so pretty, Teresa. I hope you had a great Mother's Day. Have a nice week!

  4. Thanks for the bouquet of photos, Teresa! I can almost smell the beautiful roses :) xx

  5. I like your roses that are both beautiful AND fragrant. Double Delight and Scentsational are appropriate names for them.

  6. Teresa I loved this. Your flowers re always a highlight of my blog reading when they're in bloom. I was going to write, "I can almost smell your roses," and then I read what Gracie wrote! Great minds think alike. Ha!

  7. Teresa, I am amazed my your flowers. You must have more than a green thumb . . . show us your hands. I'll bet every finger in green, LOL.
    Happy gardening:)

  8. Beautiful as always Teresa, so enjoyable to share with us xo

  9. I loved the gazebo, what a beautiful place to sit and admire your beautiful garden, you are certainly blessed with some great plants. I have never seen a beige iris before I actually quite liked it, Have a great week, take care.

  10. Your flowers are beautiful - I particularly like the first one of the 2-toned rose. Never seen one like that. You have a very pretty home Teresa - the view from your drive is lovely. I've often wondered if you have to water your garden often ?? Everything looks so lush. xox

  11. All of your flowers are simply gorgeous. I could almost smell the roses through my computer monitor!! Our Iris have just started to open up and our lilac is fading now. Our weeping cherry and apple tree blossoms didn't last long due to so much rain and strong winds. Have a wonderfuol week.

  12. Gosh that is so early Teresa, they look beautiful, as does your garden. Enjoy :0) xx

  13. Petals of beauty!!! Each one. You remind me that soon I want to plant scent roses. None of mine are fragrant.

  14. Your flowers are so beautiful! That first rose looks like a perfect specimen!

  15. Beautiful home and garden. Loved the "walk" through your garden looking at all your beautiful blooms. Double delight is definitely as the name says, smells and looks gorgeous.

  16. Oh my! Everything is so very beautiful. Today it is muggy and everything is just drab and blah. Ugh! I sure don't like that summer is here and our growing season is coming to an end. Happy day to you.

  17. So many beautiful flowers!! They really are stunning, especially those wonderful roses!

  18. Your flowers are gorgeous Teresa, I bet you just love walking around and looking at all the beauty around you.


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