Wednesday, May 11, 2016

New Irises, Garden Produce and Book Chat

Dayle and I ran some errands yesterday and had salads for lunch and were headed home and we passed a nursery and I spied some Iris and we decided to turn around and go see.  We found 4 new varieties for our garden!  Look at this one, yellow and purple!

This one is eye-catching, orange and purple.

This one is frilly and white with pretty purple markings with a bright orange fuzzy part.

The whole stalk of flowers fell and broke off when Dayle took this out of the car and carried it sideways.  So, now it's in a vase on the dining table.  These are all really big flowers and really frilly.

I also grabbed two flats of mixed Moss Roses and a hanging basket to plant them in.  

These Petunias are in the HUGE hanging basket that Kristi and Travis got me for Mother's Day.  Aren't they pretty?

Kristi's mom is an avid vegetable gardener.  She was amazed to see these Snow Peas stayed on the vine all winter so she picked a big bucket of them and brought them out to us.  Kristi actually shelled all these peas and we had them for dinner last night.  

She also dug these potatoes and brought them out, Kristi cooked them up too.  I think it is very nice of her to share her garden produce with us!

She also cooked up these pork tenderloins in our Instant Pot, you put onions and sliced apple in with it, the darker part is the apple.  It was yummy!  

How about some book chat?  Claire, from Above The River blog from England told us she'd enjoyed this book, so I bought it on my iPad and am reading it.  At first I had trouble getting into it as it's all done in letter correspondence.  But I'm totally into it now and it's really good and you learn a LOT of history.  Basically it's about a London writer who is corresponding with several people who lived through the war on the island of Guernsey while it was occupied by Germans.  I'm only halfway through but can thoroughly recommend this book.

I just finished this one below and it was VERY good.  

I haven't started this one yet so I can't tell you how good it is but I just had to tell you the serendipity of how I came to buy this book.  Dayle and I were sitting in our booth having our salads yesterday and I mentioned some things about the Guernsey book and a man behind us got up and asked me about the book.  I gave him a synopsis and then he told me his sister was an author of books about dragons so I found it on my iPhone in iBooks and bought it.  I told him he could tell his sister that he sold one of her books at lunch.  LOL!  Do you do such impetuous things?

Please keep Kristi in your thoughts and prayers - her mom just picked her up to take her to the hospital for foot surgery.  She'll be home later and it will be our turn to take care of her.  Travis has taken a week of vacation to help out.  

I am not going swimming today as I have contracted Dayle's illness and am coughing badly and feeling fuzzy headed.  But I have some email business to take care of so I'll keep busy.. and will have time to crochet!  I hope your week is going well.  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. I'm just like that man. I'll over hear and start chatting it up with who ever and it is fun!

  2. Prayers for Kristi and her surgery. Your new iris are just gorgeous! Your plants are always beautiful.


  3. Books are so much fun. What would we do without them? I love that the gentleman was trying to sell his sister's book!

  4. I love those iris, very splashy colors, and I read the Guernsey book and give it 5 stars. I hope Kristi's surgery is very successful.

  5. Beautiful new iris...and new books too. I hope Kristi's surgery goes well for her x

  6. You found some very pretty iris! I'm praying Kristi heals well from her surgery and that you will feel better soon. I ordered a book at knitting today because one of the ladies praised it, so I guess I am impetuous, too! xx

  7. Hello dear Teresa! So nice to read your cheerful post today. I want to start by saying a big thank you to you, for your uplifting words on my last post. I know that if we were near one another, we could talk it all out, and I would value what each of you has to say. I am okay. Just out of sorts. This too shall pass.
    So sorry to hear you and Dayle are feeling crummy. Hope it passes soon. And also that Kristi has to have surgery on her foot! She is lucky to have you to help her.
    What lovely produce her Mama grows! I have potatoes in for the first time every. Eager to see how they do.
    I love Kate Morton. And I love to get reviews from others. I do have the other book you mentioned, but have not read it yet. Nor have I read the trilogy of books you recommended earlier. I have not had the time to sit and read, I'm afraid.
    Again, thank you so much for your words of encouragement. It means so much.

  8. Please tell Kristi that I'm thinking of her and I hope her surgery went smoothly. Your new flowers are absolutely stunning. I remember having lots of iris when I was a small girl. And tiger lilies too. I'm sorry both you and Dayle are sick. Piper has something that sounds pretty similar. Don't these "bugs" know it's almost summer and not cold season anymore? I'm like that guy at the restaurant. I talk to everyone and always have. Even though I'm fairly shy I've always enjoyed meeting new people. My kids were always embarrassed by me talking to complete strangers. I always told them that they aren't strangers anymore after I talk to them! :-). Feel better soon and hugs to Kristi.

  9. Well, I'm feeling nosy; Can't imagine what Kristi would be needing foot surgery for - so I'll get past my nosiness and please let her know our prayers are with her for a swift recovery.
    Your new Iris's are super frilly. I only have one on my acre - they are so big, they don't fare well with my wind tunnel and the spring rains.

  10. What a lovely blog just hopped over from Helens.
    Kate Morton book is a brilliant read I think it the best yet.

  11. Beautiful Iris. Please know that you are all in my thoughts and prayers, hopefully all will go well with Kristi's surgery and you will feel better soon.

  12. Hope Kristi's surgery goes well and she has a speedy recovery. I love love love your garden and all those beautiful photos. Dying to see the giant hanging basket in full flower. When I saw the book you're reading (The Lake House) I thought it rang a bell but maybe not as I looked it up on Amazon and the storyline didn't ring a bell at all. Anyway, it looks very interesting and I've ordered the copy held by our library. I'm 2nd on the list so won't have to wait long. If you're interested, I keep a list of books I've read (new one each year) at the bottom right hand side of my blog, under the list of blogs I read. Weekend coming up soon - have a good one. xox

  13. Love your Iris additions! And potatoes from the garden - love them. They are so much better freshly dug and cooked up. Hope you are feeling better soon. Best of luck to Kristi...having gone through a couple of foot surgeries, I know they are not fun. I read and enjoyed the Guernsey book and the Kate Morton one is on my list to be read.

  14. Those irises look beautiful Theresa. I have never seen these before. I have the common blue ones in my garden, but these bearded ones are the best!

    Happy reading & gardening!

    Madelief x

  15. Such beautiful irises...they are amazing and so are your photos of them! Loved all your pictures here, and loved the Guernsey book very much when I read it a few years ago. Will look out for the Kate Morton one. I hope Kristi's surgery goes well and she makes a speedy recovery. And I hope you feel better soon too dear Teresa.
    Helen xox

  16. So much loveliness on your blog Teresa. All favourites of mine :-) Beautiful flowers, yummy food and books! Sorry to hear you and Dayle are unwell. Do hope that Kristi is doing well. Hugs Anne x

  17. I read the first book on your list a few years back, it was very, very good. A bit hard to get used to the format but once you do it is wonderful. Love the flowers and hope Kristi is recovering nicely.


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