Monday, May 2, 2016

Kristi's Close Call and a Sad Goodbye

We got a phone call yesterday and it was Kristi.. she was driving through the backwoods from Sandy to Corbett after picking up Hayden from a sleepover at a friend's house.. and she saw a huge tree fall over the road right in front of her.  She jammed on the brakes and the tree hit the electric wires, they broke, then fell across her car, scraping along the hood then the sparking wires brushed along the side, just inches from Caleb's face, the windows being down on a beautiful day.

There were branches and leaves and debris all over her car, a motorcycle rider that had stopped cleared most of them off the car.

There are a few more dings in this old battle-scarred survivor.

Kristi's phone lost it's charge and she asked 5 people if she could borrow their cell phone to call us to come and get the boys.. they all refused until the last woman thought about it a while before she let her use it.  :-(

Look at all the scratches that the electrical cables made as they scraped across the hood of the car.  :-(

All the way across.. 

And here is the culprit for all this unhappiness.

It was amazing how many people thought it was okay to drive under this log instead of turning around and going a different route.

The only person who stayed with Kristi to help her until the authorities got there was a Reverend who is the director at Menucha.

Do you see the hanging electrical wires hanging down?  We were the first to arrive, we put the boys in my car and waited until the District 14 Fire Dept truck from Aims arrived on the South end and the Police arrived on the north side - they took a report from Kristi and then Dayle drove the Mustang with Kristi and we brought them home.  Kristi was very shaken.  To think if she was a split second later she'd have been under the log.

This all occurred in a remote area, see the moss on the trees?  It was on Gordon Creek Road and we were right near the bridge over the creek.

We want to thank the Fire Dept and Police Dept for their help.

Here is Gordon Creek which flows into the Sandy River which feeds into the Columbia River.

After resting up from the excitement we headed over to our son Shawn's house - we wanted to spend time with them as the mover comes on Tuesday to load up all their household and they drive out early Wednesday - Shawn, the two boys, 3 German Shepherds.. and a cat.  He will be driving straight through to Temecula, California.  We also celebrated Michael's 16th birthday.  Kristi made chocolate cupcakes, we sang Happy Birthday to him.  Dayle and Travis had gone to Popeye's Chicken and brought dinner for everyone.

When we arrived at Shawn's house, his three really good friends were there to visit and tell him goodbye.  The boys played with the dogs in the backyard all afternoon.  Our little grandsons are going to miss their cousins immensely.  I did okay until I asked the boys to pose with the dogs.. for one last photo.. and that's when it hit me.. they will be 1,066 miles away from now on.  16 hours of driving.  :-(  Our two older children have chosen to live near their spouse's family.  We're going to miss these guys.

I want to thank those of you who leave comments on my blog posts.  It's how you know if you're being read and appreciated.  :-)  

I hope you have a wonderful week.  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Oh, my. I'm so glad Kristi and the kids are okay. That must have been scary. I'm glad you were able to celebrate Michael's birthday together before they go. I hope you'll be able to see them again soon. I don't know what to say about the comments, but I don't think you should worry or feel badly about it. I don't get as many as I used to either, but then again, I don't have as much time to leave them for other bloggers like I used to. I think life just changes sometimes. I still try to read as many blog posts as I can from the blogs I enjoy, but I don't always have time to read and leave comments both. I think your blog is just as nice and interesting as ever, Teresa. :)

  2. I cannot believe people who could see the fallen tree and a car stopped would not allow their cell phone to be borrowed. Shame. I come up against someone borrowing my phone twice a year where I work and I'm more than happy to help out.
    I see your dilemma with the kids moving far away and hope and pray it doesn't happen to me. So far, so good - but both of mine are unencumbered (20's).
    My first answer to the comments is smart phones. It's much more difficult to comment because of spammers - you have to enter your name, your email, your web site and then there's the wordpress blogs who hate all non-wordpress commenters. Also, most of us want to leave something positive and not be a troll. Sometimes, it's better to say nothing at all.
    Secondly: Instagram. Much easier to post my flower photos there, instantly share to FB - voila! done.

  3. Goodness me Teresa I'm so glad that Kristi and Caleb weren't hurt....what a close shave. I was really shocked that no one would lend their phone!!! I'm so sorry that your son has moved so far must be tough. Daisy Jane and Co are 1 1/2 hours drive away and that's a long way for me. Re comments, it depends why you blog. My blog is written primarily as a journal for me...any comments I receive are a wonderful bonus but not my raison d'etre. Also why not just leave your photos unaltered, it make writing posts so much quicker. I don't resize or change/crop, brighten etc any of my photos other than my card challenge entries which I need to watermark...I have a very similar camera to yours...they really stand up well just as they are ;0) I love seeing your photos and reading what you are up to...but blogging should be a total pleasure to you. Enjoy your week. Hugs xx

  4. My glad to know that Kristi and the boys are OK. That had to be really scary! Rather disheartening that so many folks wouldn't let her use their phone. Even if they didn't want her using it, perhaps they could have made the call for her. Some things are just not to be understood, I guess. Hugs to you regarding some of your family moving away. As for your blog, it is far from stale. I love checking in and seeing your pics and reading what you have to say. From what I can see, you get a good amount of comments. I'm lucky to get a few with any given post. lol :)

  5. It is a wonder that Kristi and the boys are ok!!! I am shocked that some folks did not help them. Thankfully some did, and I am especially glad that you and Dayle could come to their rescue, Teresa!

    What a memorable day you all had! Happy 16th Birthday, to Michael! That is a great photo of him, and the one of all the boys and dogs.

    Thank you for sharing your life with us through your blog, Teresa. I appreciate your efforts, your artistry, and your loving example of living with joy and care even through difficult times.

    Sending you lots of hugs and looking forward to our next visit! xxxxxxxxx

  6. I have been praising God with thankfulness ever since I saw your post yesterday about Kristi and the boys. I am so thankful that they weren't hurt but sad to see the damage to her car. I know how she loves it. I am also appalled at the callousness of the people who didn't let her use their phones to call you. What in the world is wrong with people these days? Obviously she needed help.
    You know how I feel about kids moving away. I have to keep myself as busy as possible so I can't think about it. I understand completely your feelings and am very grateful for you that Travis and Kristi and the boys are there with you at the farm. My comments have also gotten to be less. I think a lot of it is Facebook. It's easier for people. But...the people I really care about always comment and I love each one.

  7. I am thrilled that Kristi and the boys whilst I am sure were shaken not seriously hurt. I found it so disheartening to hear that no one would let her use their phone, it is so sad. My heart goes out to you that your son and his family are moving away, my own three girls live away and it is hard I do speak to them everyday and we meet up often. Take care and keep busy.

  8. Teresa, I'm leaving you a comment although I don't know if you'll see it, I'm having some sort of email/commenting problem at the moment. So very glad that Kristi, Hayden and Caleb are okay, it must have been absolutely terrifying. And the sort of thing that takes a while to fade from the memory. I know how much you will miss Shawn and his boys. I'm glad you had a lovely evening together, and I will be thinking of you this week. CJ xx

  9. I think Jesus protected Kristi, that was such a close call. Pretty car, by the way, and hard to say goodbye to your son and the boys as they move far away. Who knows, maybe in a while they will move back.

  10. So sorry that Kristie and your grandchildren had this horrid scare. I am so glad that they are all safe, it is so terrible that no one would lend them a phone to get help, but it is good they are all OK now. Good thoughts to you all. xx

  11. Im so glad to hear Kristi and the boys are ok, especially considering the electrical wires came down too! What a shock for her (and you)! Hugs to all of you! It sounds like a bit of a challenging few weeks for you with Shawn and his family moving away as well. This is tough if they have been living close by, and are now so far away. Chatting on Skype or phone isnt the same as being in the same space as the ones you love. Breathing in their air (so to speak). Allow yourself time to adjust to the changes. And start planning a visit soon! Sending you and your wonderful family big love and hugs from me xox

  12. Hi my friend, I've been out of blog world for awhile but I just read this post. So happy I did. Thank goodness Kristi is OK and the boys. I'm sorry your son is moving away with your other grandsons, life is hard at times for sure. I feel your sadness, thank goodness you have your other two cuties!
    Hope you both are well. I hope to post at some point, xoxoRobin I will be thinking of you <3

  13. Oh my, what a scare for Kristi and the boys! I'm glad they are okay. I feel bad for you having two children and grandchildren so far away. And it makes me realize how lucky I am to have our daughters and their families close by. Just to let you know that I read your blog everyday although I don't comment.

  14. How scary for Kristi and the boys! The electric wires flying around was really bad. I'm so glad they are okay. I know you are going to miss your son and grandsons. It's hard when our kids move away. Mine are 4 hours south of us in GA and 2 hours west of us in Middle TN. I am glad I am able to visit with them and have them visit us. Sending you hugs. Sharon

  15. Sorry to hear that this happened to Kristi, but so thankful that she and Hayden were unhurt! I cannot imagine having a tree fall right in front of your car. What a scary situation.

  16. First of all, I'm happy to hear that Kristi and your grandkids are safe. That was a very scary situation...falling trees have caused some very serious accidents in Oregon lately, as you know. It's hard to understand why people had a problem sharing their phones. I do know of the director at Menucha as our art group has retreats up there twice a year. I think his name is Spencer (?) and he's a very kind person, as you now know.
    It's difficult to have your children move away. The good thing is you were close when your grandsons were growing up and now they are young men. They will soon be off making their own lives. Of course, you will still be missing them and your son. Thank goodness for FaceTime and all the other technology that keeps us connected! And air travel. {{{hugs}}}

  17. You sure are appreciated and your WHOLE family is I feel I know you all and that sure was a close call for Kristi, Hayden and Caleb.....thank goodness it all ended well and cannot understand how so many did not want to let her make a call....Oh my yes you sure miss the ones who move away.....must say I am in better contact with my oldest boy who lives over 800klm's away than I am with one of my other boys....ho hum life lol xoxoxo love to you all and big hug from me to you Teresa

  18. I am so glad Kristi and the kids were not harmed. It is amazing that they weren't. Close call. Can't believe people wouldn't let her use their phones. I just don't understand people nowadays. I know there are so many "crazies" out there but you know they could see the situation. Am so sorry your family is moving so far away. Road trip!!


  19. So thankful to God for the protection of Kristi and the boys. Oh goodness, why would anyone want to drive under a tree that had just fallen and live electric lines to boot!???Weird! Glad they are ok even though shaken. Hopefully the scratches can be taken care of. Sorry your son and family are moving a state away. I'd be sad as well! Hugs and blessings and take care my friend! x,x,x,x,x,x,x

  20. Crikey, what a lucky escape. I can't believe the people who wouldn't let her use their phone. Do they think that is a good way to treat someone in need of help? Let's hope they never need a small favour from anyone, because the cost of a phone call is really small.

  21. I am so happy to hear that Kristi and the boys were close they came though....Sorry that the time has come for your oldest son and his family to move so far away. It must feel so sad for you and Dayle. (So great that you still have your other dearies with you though!) More long distance trips for you to plan?!
    Sending love, dear Teresa.
    Helen xox

  22. I'm glad your daughter is ok. That was scary!

  23. My oh my what a world we live in! Be blessed my friend.

  24. So thankful to God that Kristi and the boys are safe and nothing but the car was injured. Oh my. THat would shake me up for days. Such a pretty area......but I suppose when a tree falls.....
    Many more hugs as you approach the moving day. We are in each others hearts as family and things can change..etc. Al was 18 hours away and it was so awful. Now she is 9 hours by car. We are waiting to hear where they head next....
    it is difficult to be trusting and supportive! it seems harder because Fireman's sister has 4 kids and 10 grands and they all live within a half hour of one another. .We want that!

  25. So glad for you all that Kristi and the boys were alright. Thinking of you this week, I'm sure it's hard to see them go. Keep busy and maybe think about planning a trip to see them. Sending you virtual hugs, Fiona

  26. Oh Dear, it's terrific. Thanks God for "the second" He gave, etc.
    I can't beleive how selfish are the people when you have an accident.
    It's not always like that I hope.
    All my best whishes to your precious DIL and little boy ! Hugs from France to both.
    Happy birthday Michael, 16 years old, nearly a big man. Sweet smile and nice person.
    A really precious picture the last one, cousins and dogs. Hard for your heart of course.

    Yes, it's my pleasure (share by many) to read you and see such nice photos (flowers yes and all kinds are always a very good choice)
    Read you soon.
    Take care of you "my friends".
    Best regards

  27. Hello Teresa and thank goodness that Kristi and the boys are alright. I cannot believe that people would not let her use their phone! Feel for you re your son and family moving so far away. Do you think you will get to visit them/ they you? I know it is a long way.
    Re blog comments - I do sometimes wonder if it's worth the effort blogging. I do visit quite a few, leave comments but don't often get any back. But my blog offerings are less frequent than yours, and yours far more interesting. Always look forward to your posts. Hugs Anne x

  28. Thank goodness Kristy was ok - such an awful and scary thing to have happened. Poor girl is probably still in shock. Wow, Michael is a real young man now - they grow up way too quickly don't they? Sad that Shawn will be moving so far away although I guess it gives you more excuses to hit the road and go travelling !! xox

  29. Oh my goodness what an experience for Kristi. I can't believe how horrible people are, not letting her use their phones is inexcusable, what is wrong with people doing the right thing. The other day I was driving in front of the grocery store and a woman fell and her cart fell over as she was going from the store to the parking lot. Five cars pulled over and people ran out to help her and her husband. We all stayed with her until she regained her balance. She had just moved form California and was so happy that people were so nice here. I am so glad Kristi and the boys were okay. So scary. I am thinking of you as you miss your son and the boys, I have no words to help with that one.
    Hang in there Teresa,


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