Wednesday, May 4, 2016

May Flowers Farm Safari

Hello my friends.. would you join me in a walk around our old farm place and see what is in bloom on this May day?  My 4th of July rose is in bloom!  So early!  

This climbing rose is covered in buds.. it will bloom all summer for us.

Kristi planted this glorious orange Azalea last year and it's blooming wonderfully.  I'd always admired these and now we have one. :-)

She also got and planted this pink Azalea which we did not have on the farm.

Our cotton candy pink Rhododendron is in perfect bloom at the back corner of our house by the little forest.. the backdrop is our huge Cedar tree.. can you see the clusters of tiny pinecones forming on the branches?

The Hosta are growing to their full size.  I think I need one more to put on the left of the grass plant.  

The koi are getting huge, the big one is probably 20 inches long!

We got this hanging basket on our last visit to Costco.  

These little "Million Bells" make such pretty hanging baskets.

These little Phlox flowers also do well in hanging baskets.

Yesterday I met for lunch with my two sisters, Denise and Roberta and our adopted sister, Shirley, my best friend from 7th grade.  It was to celebrate my birthday.  *<[]:-)  We met at Oswego Grill and had a lovely lunch, then we all went on to Maggie's Nursery not far from there.  I brought home some fun things - several succulents to put together in a garden planter - a basket that I also bought there.  I also got 4 pots of 2 varieties of Lantana.. a favorite of mine.  I also got a yellow Begonia for Dayle.. he loves those.  

Two of my bigger prizes are a Peony - which they did not know the color of.. it will be a surprise.. and a King Tut Papyrus.  It would get up to 6 feet tall!

Kristi also ordered and picked up this huge hanging basket.  

The Iris garden is doing well.. the Siberian Iris is in bloom.  A funny story about these.. they were here on the farm when we moved in 32 years ago.  I potted some up and the original plot of them disappeared.  I planted my pot of them at the top of our creek and they never flowered up there.  So we moved them down in the Iris garden and they are thriving there.  

The pink Rosebud Azalea is in full and lovely bloom.

These are sooooo pretty.

We have two white Rhodies.. one has a yellow throat.. this one.

The Rhodies do amazingly well here.. this is in front of our house and by the circular driveway.

This is the purple throated one.. to the left of the ones you just saw.

I really like this cultivar.

The other deep pink rhodie on the right side of the driveway near the barn - this one is at least 25 feet tall!

 Does anyone know the name of this or the other Rhodies we have?

The first of the Clematis blooms.. the white one is in bloom, too.

Kristi's Allium is in bloom too!

Our pot of Sweet William comes back every single year without any trouble.  If you have one in a pot and it dies back in winter.. don't pull it out.. just wait until Spring.  

I hope you've enjoyed seeing the Spring flowers here on the farm.  I want to thank everyone who commented on my last post.  You are very kind.  The movers loaded up all my son's things yesterday and he and the boys and 3 dogs and a cat are on the road to California today.  I'm off to swim soon.. with Gracie.  I hope you have a wonderful week ahead.  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Gorgeous blooms! We are planting two more lilacs... One of them a dark purple :) I planted purple petunia and Tim planted some more flowering ground cover that has purple flowers. Hmmm I am seeing a color theme here! Hope to see you soon :) xxxxxxxx

  2. What a gorgeous assortment of colors you have in the flowers on your farm. It strikes me that there is something in every color that flowers can be. I think the koi are amazing, that one is really huge. I love to visit the local Japanese garden and watch them swirl through the water. It's very relaxing. I hope you're having a good week, Teresa.

  3. I was thinking about you earlier and wondering how you were and hoping you were okay. Glad you're off for a swim with Gracie. Your flowers are looking gorgeous. That rhodedendron is magnificent. Hugs, CJ xx

  4. Your garden is looking gorgeous Teresa and how about those fish ? I didn't know they grew that big. Love the orange Azalea and your pink rosebud one is amazing. Xox

  5. There used to be a rhododendron grower just south of me but that was 25 years ago....I only know the names of the ones I have - from when I planted them. Rhodies aren't as popular as they used to be. I love them - they are so Oregon.
    And, if I just had a pool boy, I'd have some of those giant koi - maybe. Between the raccoons and herons and other assorted hungry animals, my koi would never get as large as yours.

  6. It's so pretty right now with everything blooming. You have such a lovely yard.

  7. Hi Teresa, Your flowers are amazing and your place reminds me of some of the gardens I see on my UK blogging sisters posts, but then your weather might be similar. We just returned this evening from a trip to see our daughter and granddaughters. On the way home we stopped at Multnomah Falls, I know that you said you volunteer on Thursdays but just in case I poked my head into the visitor's information center to see if your were there. I would have felt terrible if I would have found out that you traded days with someone and I missed meeting you. Maybe another time, by loss :(

  8. AWESOME garden!!! and you know I love seeing your place, feels like a real visit all the way over there from Oz xo

  9. You certainly have a beautiful garden, full of amazing colour and plants. Sounds like a great lunch with your sisters. Hope your sons move went well, I was thinking of you yesterday. Take care.

  10. WOW! Just WOW! I'm am continually amazed by the beauty in your farmyard Teresa. The flowers are just stunning. I don't think I've ever seen an Orange azalea up close and personal before. It's beautiful. Thank you for sharing...I wish we had "smellablog". I would love to smell the fragrance of all of these flowers.

  11. Your flowers are blooming beautifully Teresa. What a display xx

  12. I love each and every flowery post. Happy Happy to you!

  13. Thank you for the lovely tour of your flower gardens. Love all the wonderful colors.

  14. Such beautiful pictures, Teresa. Thank you for sharing. :)

  15. What an array of color! wow... so fun to tour the farm with you! Could you possibly do a post on how to take cutting off of the rhoddys and azaleas? do you know how or I would assume Kristi does!!! My son lives at a place in Washougal, out in the country, that has some 20 foot tall rhododendrons that came from my parents' yard in Portland. It is a 9 acre place where I lived from 1977 through 1989 and my ex husband and I built... there are tons of flowers there from my parents' yard! I've dug up some, but sure want to get a cutting from that lilac rhododendron! I love that one with the purple centers! Wow. Marilyn

  16. What a beautiful flower safari!! Your home must be a very pretty place to be!

  17. When you first asked if we'd like to come for a walk around the farm to see the flowers, I answered "yes please!" And the flowers look spectacular! That first rose is amazing. I can hardly wait to see how that peony turns out. Such a beautiful garden! Xox Louise

  18. I'm back again . . . I just can not get enough of our beautiful flower garden. Amazing!!!

  19. Your flowers and farm are just gorgeous!! Love it! Nancy

  20. You could be running a flower store just from your yard. Everything is beautiful Teresa.

  21. I wandered in from The Simple Life of a Queen, and have been reading and enjoying it so well. What a pleasant surprise to see we share the same birthday! Happy Birthday, belated!


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