Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Hot Springs and Farm Boys

Hi there, thanks for dropping by for a visit.  Would you like to hear about Gracie's and my visit to Bonneville Hot Springs Resort & Spa in North Bonneville on the Washington side?  You would?  OK!  Well, first I had to show you the wonderful swimming pool.  Gracie said it was the best swim of her life! I must say as I descended into the water it felt perfect.  Not too cool, not too warm.. perfect.  We paddled back and forth for an hour and it went too fast.  Now I want to take Dayle and the boys there soon, maybe Monday.  It was divine.

When we arrived at the resort, we went directly to the Pacific Crest Dining Room for lunch.  It's wonderful there, a wall of windows makes you feel you're in the forest.. the hotel is U-shaped and there is a beautifully landscaped garden in the center.  There is a creek running through it and several fountains spewing from granite columns.  Along the south side of the garden is a long rock wall that has a cascade of water falling off of the entire length of it.  

After lunch and our swim, we relaxed in the garden and I walked about to take some photos.  I was thrilled to find a creamy white Magnolia blossom there.

One of the granite column fountains and the beautifully planted garden.

It was fun to see some flowering variegated Yucca there.

The exterior of the hotel is rather unassuming, but when you enter the lobby you are bowled over by the soaring ceiling and the massive rock fireplace in the center.  It is so comfortable and welcoming.

A small fire flickered in the fireplace.

The chairs are so comfortable.. you could almost close your eyes and take a nap.  LOL!

A bronze sculpture of a Bald Eagle sits on the mantle watching over you.

As we exited the hotel there is a large water feature to your left with a bronze sculpture of a pair of battling Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep on the side.

These can be found in the Columbia River Gorge.

Then we drove on to Stevenson, Washington where we picked up some refreshments at the Little Viking Drive-In and then drove down to this scenic spot to enjoy watching the river and the wind-surfers for a while.

This log cabin can be rented - Gracie said she'd love to stay there sometime.  Who wouldn't?

Next to the cabin in a park area is this wonderful art piece.. it moves in the wind with colored glass in it.. a fun thing to watch.

I noticed that our wild cherry tree is full of bright red cherries, it's a huge tree and the birds enjoy the feast.  Some people even call these "bird cherry" trees as they are the result of birds eating them in one spot and "depositing" the seeds in another spot. Ahem.  

The apples are growing larger too.

When Travis got home from work, he and the boys had a picnic out in the yard on a bunch of blankets.  Then our son decided to do a little blackberry eradication.. and gave the old machete to the boys and taught them how to use it.  Picture grandma with her eyes open very big and going "blink blink blink" when she saw this photo.  

THEN.. he taught them how to use the gas powered Weed Eater.. as you can see by the blackberries behind the wood shed.. it's a constant battle to keep them at bay here.  It's said that if everyone left Oregon for a few years they'd come back and find the whole state engulfed in these invasive non-native Himalayan blackberries.

Hayden is taking a turn at machete wielding.  He's swinging it so fast it's a blur.

How is your week going?  I'm off to swim soon at our regular pool.. but oh how it's tempting to go back to Bonneville.  Soon.  Have a super day.  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. I can totally see why you and Gracie liked the resort so much, it is beautiful!! Hope you get to return again soon. Hope too that the berries don't overtake your home!!

  2. When we chopped down 18 fir trees (two uprooted), the sun shone where it had been all shade and I have been battling blackberries ever since. I must have dug 2000 starts in the last five years. Those seeds last over 40 years and when they see the sun, omg, here they come.

  3. Thanks for another beautiful post! You have captured wonderful memories for me with your photos and narrative 🙂 It is great that the boys are learning to care for the farm...a little scary but the blackberries will certainly provide them with lots of practice to exercise their new skills! See you at the pool. 💞

  4. What a beautful place for a swim and lunch. My heart was in my mouth seeing the boys with the out for those legs but I don't like the sound of the blackberries taking over! xx

  5. Oh that's both of us ploughing up and down a pool today then! That looks super. I'm going to Google and look up the location on a map next.

  6. It looks like a perfect time for you and Gracie. You know I don't swim, but I could enjoy the warm water with you! :-). Oh. My. Goodness. The boys with a machete...and gas powered trimmer. They seem too young to use those tools. I know they have to learn sometime though, and us Grandma's never think they're old enough do we? Thank you for sharing this beautiful day with us. It looks like lots of fun. Is that the hotel on the Washington side that you can see from I-84? Hope you get to go back very soon.

    1. You can't see the resort from I-84 as it's back off Hwy 14 about a mile and surrounded by trees! A beautiful place to be sure! I've been there a few times and loved it.

  7. What a pool! It looks so beautiful. THe boy with the tools.....uh oh the Nurse in me shivvers! hahah

  8. What an impressive tour you took us on, beautiful pool and surroundings. Now that little cabin was calling for me to rent, idyllic. Boys and their tools, better that they are been taught to use them properly. Take care.

  9. Oh boy that pool looks so inviting, as does that beautiful fireplace. You always manage to get lovely photos. xox

  10. That log cabin near the lake looks wonderful. That view!!!

    Have a lovely week!

    Madelief x

  11. Beautiful photos.. I've been to that resort but never to the pool. It's a beautiful spot The inside reminds me alot of the Skamania Lodge. I've always wanted to go to their spa there and have a massage! I shiver too to see the (little) boys with the machetes....just have them be careful of their fingers. I was using one years ago on our Washougal, WA property (full of blackberries and ferns!) and was holding a tall fern with my left hand as I chopped with my right.. and almost cut off the end of my finger! ouch.. hurt.... yuck.... and had to go to ER for stitches.. boy did that hurt.. the machete went down from the top of my finger under my fingernail down my finger and still have a nice big scar there. Needless to say.. I NEVER EVER held onto the thing I was chopping! And I was old enough to know better!

  12. That pool and lodge are really something! So beautiful! And the!
    Loved seeing the boys working!
    Happy weekend Teresa!!
    xo Kris

  13. What a beautiful place! The log cabin would be a great place to stay....such lovely views too. So glad you and Gracie enjoyed your swim in the wonderful pool. Happy weekend.
    Helen xox

  14. Your trip with Gracie sounds wonderful Teresa, what a fabulous place to visit. My eyes are still open pretty wide seeing those boys with that big machete.

  15. Oh wow that is so awesome Teresa and so neat you girls got to enjoy that pool and that fantastic place.....I like that cabin too ☺☺ eek re the machete but looks like they have mastered it lol

  16. The resort looks divine - how lovely it would be to visit with you and Gracie :-) Oh yikes re the machete !!! I think my reaction would have been as yours :-) Anne x


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