Monday, June 20, 2016

Moon, Flowers and Hummers

Hello!  Did you have a good weekend?  We didn't go anywhere, but relaxed and enjoyed the family.  I did get my zoom problem fixed a bit, but to be honest, this camera does not have the zoom capabilities that I thought it was going to have.  Worse is that it doesn't zoom any better than my little pocket Lumix!  BUT.. the quality of the photos is better for normal photography, so that's good.  I've been waiting for a pretty moon to experiment on and that happened on Saturday night.  Here it is.  I had to crop it to get this image - same as my little camera.  But it's still pretty.

And for flower photos on my deck.. it's really knocking it out of the park.  These are lilies that Kristi planted in pots and we have them all around the deck.  The name of them is "Halloween".  :-)

The big flower basket is thriving and the Jasmine is perfuming the air beautifully.

What an amazing aroma!

I think this is the earliest that my hydrangea has bloomed and turned purple.  

I love how the buds are lime green and then as they open turn purple.  Makes me want to crochet something in these two colors.

The purple Astilbe is opening.. love this plant that comes back faithfully every year.  They come in blue, pink, red and white.. must get more.  :-)

And speaking of reliable.. the Rose Campion self-seeds and is all over the place and you know what?  Doesn't bother me!  :-)

I pulled a chair up near the hummingbird feeder and sat down to wait for them to come for some nectar... I'm stealthy like that.. and enjoyed looking up into the huge Pin Oak.. against the blue sky and clouds.. 

While I waited for the hummingbirds to get brave enough to come to the feeder with me sitting 4 feet away.. I zoomed in on these flowers which also came back from last year.  

And this pretty little "Million Bell".. a small variety of petunia.

My metal basket of succulents is happy on the deck, in fact the spiky one in the center has sent up a flower spike.. won't it be fun to see what kind of flower it has?  And I love the one on the left that looks like "baby toes".. and the jade plant on the bottom right.. 

Our big pot of mixed flowers.

My patience paid off.  They finally decided that they wanted to eat even if the woman in a yellow shirt was sitting there in wait for them.  You can hear them coming... their wings beat about 70 times per second and 200 times during diving.  So, when they come you hear a whir of their wings and they chirp a cute little sound.

Buzzz.. whirrrr.. 

He's keeping an eye on me.  :-)

Wow.. this image is sharp.. look at his beak.. and the tail feathers.. and the fuzzy feathers by his legs.. 

And from this tiny bird.. I heard a roar overhead.. and captured a very large bird.  :-)

Today is a new adventure.  Gracie and I are going to go to the Bonneville Hot Springs to swim in their mineral water pool.  Shall I take a photo to share?  Yes?  Ohhhh.. ok.. if you insist.  Have a wonderful day!  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. You are getting some beautiful shots with your camera! Even if the zoom capability wasn't as expected, you have the large sensor that allows for super quality photos. I ended up getting the Lumix FZ300, mostly because of the smaller size that fits perfectly in my hand. I'm a big fan of Lumix cameras. Have fun at the hot springs and, heck yeah, take some photos!

  2. So many beautiful flowers! <3 I've never seen a brown hummingbird before. Great pics! They're hard to photograph. There's a hummingbird that keeps hanging out by our sliding glass door but it's been challenging to get photos. I've gotten some so-so ones but I'm hoping and trying for better. Have fun on your adventure!

  3. Your photos are beautiful, Teresa, especially the hummingbird ones. Your flowers are all looking really gorgeous this summer. I'm glad you had a nice, relaxing weekend at home. I hope you have a great time with Gracie. Have a good week!

  4. Thanks for zooming in on the pretty views around you, Teresa, and sharing the results with us :) Rose Campion and Jasmin are flowers I have never tried to grow, but would like to. Thanks, too, for linking to my blog. We had out of town guests this weekend. One, a young woman from Colombia, exercised our meagre Spanish speaking skills. Her English was better than our Spanish. I truly admire folks who are able to master more than one language! Looking forward to further adventures with you xxxxxx

  5. You certainly captured the beauty today, such stunning flowers and the amazing hummingbird was a true delight. Hope you enjoy the hot springs. Take care.

  6. How wonderful to have hummingbirds visit...we don't have them here. Great photos, glad you enjoyed a relaxing weekend x

  7. Your copper hummer is so interesting. ! Ive never seen one like it.
    I am delighted we have a female coming to the feeder for the past few days. Id about given up.

  8. Beautiful photos and flowers. And I love love love the hummingbirds! Well done on snapping those!

  9. Hi Teresa. Beautiful photos. I am still.getting to grips with my little one :-) Love those hummingbirds! Have fun with Gracie. Hugs Anne x

  10. Hi Teresa. Beautiful photos. I am still.getting to grips with my little one :-) Love those hummingbirds! Have fun with Gracie. Hugs Anne x

  11. Glad you had a good weekend. Hope that you and Gracie have been enjoying your visit - or will be enjoying your visit! I am glad you showed the rose campion, we have lots of those in one part of our garden and I couldn't remember the name, so now you have reminded me. Thank you!

  12. Your pictures are amazing, your Strawberry Moon is exceptionable. Hope you and Gracie had a wonderful time,

  13. Oh wow - the hummingbird pictures are perfect!

  14. That moon shot is amazing . . . not to mention your flower and hummingbird photos. What an enjoyable post, I'm glad that I stopped by :)

  15. Great moon shot Teresa. I got to see the beautiful "Strawberry Moon" last night while at the lake. My camera didn't do it justice though. It's amazing to think it won't happen again until 2060. Loved all of the flowers and the hummingbirds are gorgeous. Dennis put my hummingbird feeder back up this weekend at the lake. Yesterday I sat there crocheting and watching them come in two's and three's to sip the nectar. It didn't take them long to find it again. A windstorm blew the last one off and broke it a month or so ago. I know you and Gracie are having a wonderful time today. You are both "the best"!

  16. Good shot of the moon Teresa - your new camera is good. I love that second photo - very beautiful and the colours are amazing. Had to laugh about the big bird !! The pics of the little hummingbird are fantastic - did you use burst when taking them? Xox

  17. You do have great clarity with this camera!


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