Wednesday, June 15, 2016

My Girls and Hummingbird Rescue Society

Well, I took my daughter Amy and my two precious granddaughters to the airport early yesterday morning.  I am so happy they came for a visit all the way from across the country in Ohio.  On Saturday my daughter went out to spend the afternoon with her best friend from her childhood and the girls stayed with me.  They were so sweet and quiet and spent time drawing and spending time together.  They really are good sisters.  I surreptitiously took a photo of them.  :-)

Then they saw me and gave me a big smile.  :-)

I just enjoyed having them here and snapped a few photos to record the moment.  Here is Paige snuggled up in my Flowers in the Snow blanket.  

Smile, Paigey!

Jenna drew this fantastic picture of Buddy and gifted it to me.  I think she has a great future in the arts, she did an amazing job of drawing.  I suggested she think of a career in graphic design.  :-)

On Monday afternoon Kristi rushed in from outside and asked Travis to quickly come and help her save a hummingbird that was stuck up in the skylight of the back porch.  He had to get a ladder and go up and rescue it - he handed it to Kristi and I went out to snap a photo.  I was worried that it might not make it as it was sitting quietly in her hand.  She put it's little beak up to the hummingbird feeder and it took a few sips and..... whoosh.. it flew away and was joined immediately by another bird who we assumed was it's mate!  I was so happy that they saved the little thing!

And so.. it's been a really busy and hectic month.  :-)  I am meeting my friend Gracie for a crab salad for lunch and then we both head to the pool to resume our swimming routine.  Tomorrow we're going on the Sternwheeler and taking our two grandsons with us.  Life is busy, isn't it?  I hope you're enjoying the summer - any fun plans?  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Aww how good to save the hummingbird. You girls are adorable Teresa, they seem such close sisters and very kind. You must have loved having them stay. I hope you get to see them again really soon. Hugs xx

  2. I am just so amazed at how much the girls have grown Teresa! Such dolls. I sure see your daughter in them! I bet you loved every single moment with them!
    What a fabulous save for the wee hummer! It is always rewarding when we can be of help like that.
    Love the flowers in the snow blanket. The one I made a few years ago, very similar, it was Maybelle Flowers, I gifted it to my dear neighbor Sue, who had just lost her husband. She loves it.
    I am so into knitting right now, but kind of miss crochet as well. I must get something on my hook soon.
    Have a good time with the boys. I remember that place you take them! What fun. I am very busy with my grandson Noah. Yesterday, we signed up the library for a weekly Lego building class. He had a ball. But no Legos here at Gramma's as his Mama took ALL the toys when she moved! So today, I went out and bought a couple boxed sets. Wowzers though, are they every expensive!!!
    Have a great time with Gracie, and wish her hello. I am eager to hear about her recent trip.

  3. Sound idyllic spending some quality time with those beautiful Grandaughters of yours, they certainly have gorgeous smiles. Wonderful that the little hummingbird was saved. Hope you enjoyed your swim.

  4. So glad you saved the hummingbird! A very good rescue!

  5. Your girls are really growing up. They are so cute.

    Great save on the hummingbird. Have a great time with the grandsons.


  6. awww Hummingbird saver!!!!!! Im so thrilled it lived. WE have a female coming pretty much daily this week to our feeder. I dont want her to know how excited I am. I have lots of nice flowers for her too, but she wants the red sugar water.
    You are handling the family leaving very well. I usually get quite sad for a few days. I dont mean to and it is silly, but I do

  7. ugh oh I think my last comment flew away. Delighted the hummingbird made it!
    I have a female coming in the mornings and evenings for a drink from the feeder. Im really excited about it but not telling her yet

  8. Jenna is definitely a talented artist. I hope she continues to enjoy drawing, art is a wonderful thing to have in your life. I've been interviewing artists lately and it's really made me wish I'd taken it up, even in a part-time capacity. So pleased to hear that the hummingbird recovered. I hope the girls all had a safe trip home, I bet they had a wonderful time staying with you. Hopefully you'll see them again before too long. Our plans are still revolving around cricket and football at the moment, and a family wedding. Hoping for some dry weather! Enjoy the rest of the week Teresa. CJ xx

  9. Your life is very busy . . . no moss growing under your feet :)
    I'm so happy that you had time with your daughter and granddaughters, it's hard when there live far away. Looking forward to photos of the Sternwheeler. Have a great time with your grandsons.

  10. Love the photos of those girls, they are really changing and growing up. I know you are sad they are gone. Have a wonderful trip tomorrow. Give Gracie a hug for me.

  11. The photos of Jenna and Paige are lovely - they're both very beautiful girls and I know how very proud of them you are. Jenna did a fantastic job on the drawing of Buddy - bet you'll treasure that. Aww, I felt so sorry for that poor little bird. I'm sure animals (and birds) must be able to tell when people are trying to help them and this little guy sure picked the right skylight to get stuck in. Amazing how it was happy to sit in Kristy's hand. Xox

  12. Hi Teresa! Your photos of the girls are wonderful. They looked so happy to be there with you and Dayle and their cousins. How fun. That picture of Buddy is wonderful and you're right, she could be an artist with that kind of talent.

    How wonderful of Kristi and Travis to be able to save that sweet little hummingbird. That would be such a great feeling of satisfaction to see it fly away so happily. I hope you had fun with the boys and that you are liking your socks! :-)
    Blessings always,

  13. What adorable granddaughters - they look like you! And that is an amazing drawing of Buddy.

    For some reason "crab salad" makes me think of two cranky people having a meal together. I'm sure it isn't like that at all when you and Gracie get together. :D

  14. Hi Teresa! always nice to see your family pictures. Especially your grandchildren :) The girls are really sweet. Yes, the picture of the dog is drawn so well!

    Great to know you saved a little bird's life!
    take care!

  15. Sweet times, Teresa! It was so good to visit with you yesterday :) You shared such lovely photos of your grand girls, and your saved hummer, too. I am still trying to catch up on my normal routine life after having such fun camping for ten days. I hope you and Dayle and the boys have a wonderful ride on the Sternwheeler. Bundle up! The forecasters say it will only reach the low 60's! xx

  16. Awe Teresa, so sweet to see your girls. They have grown up and are so lovely. What a treat xoxoxRobin

  17. It looks like you had a very nice time with the girls, Teresa. I hope you will be able to see them again soon. That Kristi, what a great person. She is capable of anything. I'm glad there was a happy ending for the hummingbird. Hope you had a nice swim with Gracie. Take care and have a good weekend!

  18. What a lovely time you had with your girls.....they look so happy to be with you too. So glad Kristi noticed the poor little hummingbird and the rescue took place! Wishing you a wonderful weekend!
    Helen xox


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