Monday, June 13, 2016

Sunsets, Elk and Sock Yarn

Our last evening at the beach I snapped a few photos of sunset.  So pretty.

See all the little people still walking on the beach?

Earlier that afternoon the girls begged their mom to play on the beach, and it wasn't such good weather.  But my daughter put 3 coats on and carried the folding chair down and let the girls run and play and build sand castles.  See her in the chair?  See the girls on the left having fun?  :-)

I love the soft colors in the evening.

The next morning it was coffee and breakfast and then packing up to check out.  We then decided to make a big loop instead of heading home the same way we came.  So, north to Seaside for a visit, we drove down to the "Promenade" to let Amy see her favorite place when she was a kid, and the beautiful bronze statue of Lewis & Clark and their Newfoundland dog, "Seaman".  

Looking out from this statue is the Pacific Ocean.  As you can see, Friday the day we drove home the weather was cold and rainy.

As we drove north out of Seaside Dayle spotted this herd of Elk in a field... ::screech::, turn the car around, pull to the side of the road.. hop out.. *snap*.. *snap*.. 

Look at this gorgeous Elk buck has a gorgeous rack of antlers still covered with velvet.

There were several males in the herd.  I just loved getting to see a herd of elk this time.

We drove on north to Astoria where we planned to have lunch.  I'd read about a hold in the wall diner that served good clam chowder, but I didn't know where it was so we went to a place we knew.. Bridgewater Bistro.. it's right under this bridge and has a great view of the Columbia River.  We saw a huge ocean going ship go by but I didn't get a photo of it.. I got a kick out of this photo as it looks like I took it in black and white.. but this is full color.. it's just that the world appears monochrome on this rainy day.

I did manage to get a photo of this neat tug boat that was pulling a huge barge.

So.. socks.  Seems like EVERYONE is knitting socks nowadays.  One of my blog friends, Kathy, just loves to knit socks.  I did knit one pair of them like 10 years ago and I used cotton.. and they drove me crazy, and then when I wore them my sensitive feet could feel every stitch so I never really wore them.  But I've seen yarn that makes neat patterns as you go.. so I decided to pop on this skein of yarn and give it a second try. 

After my first pair of socks I ordered a set of handcrafted bronze double-pointed needles in size #1.  I thought I was going to make lots of socks.. :-)  So, I'll use these.  These were made by my friend Molly Swan Sheeran - click HERE to see them.

All set.  Now all I need is some quiet time to dive in and begin.

We've been enjoying having 4 of our grandkids here.  They have been having a blast playing together.  I just asked both girls what their favorite thing during their visit and they both said "the beach".  This is their last day, tomorrow I will take them early to the airport.  I'm so glad they came to visit.

I want to ask for a moment of silence for the people who lost their lives or were wounded at the hands of a mentally ill and evil man in Orlando, Florida.  I am so sad for the friends and family of the victims.  I can only ask for everyone to help by spreading love and acceptance.  Love is Love is Love.


  1. Your time at the beach has really looked like fun. I'm so glad your granddaughters were able to come and visit. The kids look so happy together at the table, and they're all getting so big! I hope you have a good week ahead, Teresa.

  2. Teresa - Your sunset photos are gorgeous!! I love the antlers on those elk. Are they always velvety like that? Looks like you had so much fun with the grands. Aren't they special.


  3. What a lovely time you had despite the weather. It's wonderful to have some family time. I agree tragic that such evil can destroy so many people. Love must conquer xx

  4. Hi Teresa! It looks like you've been having a wonderful time with your girls. My favorite picture is the "black and white" one. I'm looking forward to going on your sock journey with you. I just finished a sock about an hour ago. It's a new pattern I've never done before and I really enjoyed it. I've already cast on the second sock! These are for ME! My first pair to keep out of dozens I've knitted. I agree we need to remember the families of the victims in Orlando. What a senseless and tragic thing to happen. Enjoy your day today with your girls.
    Blessings always my friend.

  5. Hi Teresa! I am here for a big catch up!! I have so much to say! Let's see what I can remember! First, I am so glad you got to have such a great time with the girls and your daughter!!!! The trip to the beach looked like such fun! I loved the VW buses! We had a 78 Orange Westfalia camping bus when we got married. Man we loved that thing. I could kick myself for not keeping it!!! But we needed carseat space a few years later, and we bought a red VW Vanagon Bus. We loved that too, but fast forward a few years, and we had a little tent trailer, and needed something more powerful to tow!
    The girls have sure grown!!!! So pretty. And I loved the shot of Dayle with Jenna in his lap. So sweet!
    Your DAR celebration looked fabulous! And I loved your finished shawl!
    Now, let's talk socks! I love your yarn. And I saw the yarn shop had a bunch I was drooling for! I have gone SOCK nuts! I am finishing up my second pair today, and have LOVED every stitch! I have oodles more yarn to make more pair, and I have bought several types of needles to experiment with. I actually made about 5 socks, no mates, in my experimental trying. I adore the magic loop method, using size 2.5 with a 40" cable. And second, I like the same needle size, with fixed 9" cable. DPN's just feel so loosey goosey to me. I use them, but only for closing the socks up.
    Good luck.
    I have missed you.
    XO Kris

  6. I knew I would forget something! Those elk! OMG! What a stunning sight to behold! So glad you captured it for us!!!!

  7. Lovely photos, Teresa! I'm glad you have been having grand times :) I agree we human beings need to know and live in Love, and I am asking the Lord to empower us to choose to do so. xxxxxxx

  8. and you are love ! BLess your family .

  9. Such lovely photos, the elk were a real delight to see. Such a wonderful trip with your Grandaughters I am sure you have been creating some amazing memories to treasure. Lovely to see the four of the Grandchildren together. So sad about the shootings.

  10. I love that you are always out on an adventure . . . no moss growing under your pretty feet :) Thanks for sharing :)

  11. So sad to hear what happened in Orlanda...What got into the man's mind?! Lovely photo's of your grandchildren and your outing. Looks like you had a good time. I especially enjoyed the photo's with the fading sunlight. So pretty! Good luck on your new project!

  12. the pics! knitting my first pair of socks here! and is love is love. Amen

  13. Such a beautiful sunset! Hope you enjoy your sock knitting!

  14. Love is love is love. What a mess our world is, there has got to be a stop to all the assault weapons that are sold in this country, put the fight goes on and the NRA has a huge following. So glad you had a wonderful time with the girls, they are so bright and beautiful. I bet you are sad today so I am sending you a big hug my friend. As for socks, I made about five pair and gave them up, I don't want to waste precious knitting time on something I don't enjoy making.

  15. Just had to pop in and say how beautiful your sunset photo's are.
    What fun to have your daughter and the young one's for a visit.
    Take care and enjoy the coming summer.

  16. I would love to visit that beach. I think it is so beautiful! Your daughter is a good, patient mom to take them out to play!

  17. That's a beautiful beach that you go to for your holidays and you got some lovely photos. Interesting how that one came out looking b/w - clever eh? I find it very interesting that you have such different animals roaming around your area. You'd never see elk on the side of the road here - just kangaroos, kangaroos and kangaroos with maybe an odd wombat here and there. Of course there are lots of sheep and cows but they're no doubt everywhere. Have fun doing your socks - nice yarn and gorgeous needles. I have one of their crochet hooks - don't use it but it's in with my 'special' hooks and I love looking at them occasionally. Xox

  18. Lovely photos Teresa - but yours always are and you find so many interesting things to photograph. Just love the one of the herd of Elk - how wonderful to just came across that. :-) It is lovely having all our grandchildren together isn't it - always thrills me. so pleased you've seen your girls and had such a super time.
    we were horrified by the news from Orlando and our hearts go out to everyone. Hugs Anne X

  19. Thank you for all the interesting pictures of your trip....wonderful skies and beautiful beach. Your new sock yarn is just delicious! And how sweet and happy the cousins look together there, that is such a lovely picture.
    Helen xox

  20. Love the look of your sock yarn. Look forward to seeing them done:-)Enjoyed your photos and the stories. It's wonderful to have your grandchildren around, they make you so happy.Such a dear wee bird the Hummingbird, we don't have those here in N.Z.Very very sad with the dreadful shootings in Orlando. Our thoughts are with the families and friends of the victims.


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