Friday, July 1, 2016

My Patriotic Platter

A few years ago I got the inspiration to make a fused glass platter (big plate).  I had been submitting my artwork to the Daughters of the American Revolution "American Heritage" art and craft competition.  So.. I of course decided to make my first piece in a patriotic design.  A lady who owned my favorite bead shop also had a glass shop.  I looked around there and she agreed to show me how to do fused glass whereupon I bought all the colored glass and worked in her workshop in the back.  I cut each piece of glass, even the stars!  She showed me how to grind the stars and I was amazed how it could be done.  

You then lay the colored glass pieces over one sheet of clear glass, I used a rainbow iridescent piece of long glass to lay over the joins to conceal them and then she put the piece in her kiln and fused all the glass together.  After that, she put the whole thing in a platter shaped mold and fired it again.

I realized by using the rainbow in the design, it represented how America is a melting pot of people of all colors and pursuits of happiness.  :-)  I was super pleased at how it turned out.. but you know what?  It did not place well in the contest.. I was so disappointed that I stopped submitting things for several years.  But I've decided to start again this next year.  

Kristi surprised me with this cute Uncle Sam candleholder she found at the Goodwill!  

I volunteered at Multnomah Falls yesterday with my sister Denise.  I snapped this as we left at 5 pm.  It's rare to have the falls illuminated by the sunshine as it's on the south side of a very tall cliff and is in the shade most of the year.

The Falls are getting more crowded each year.. even on a Thursday now we had trouble getting through the traffic to our parking spot reserved for USFS trucks and the afternoon volunteers.  We had a busy day and one medical emergency, a man had fallen and dislocated his shoulder!  Thank goodness the USFS has hired an EMT (Emergency Medical Technician) and he handled the situation.  

We will be decorating our gazebo for the 4th of July which is on Monday.  We'll go up to the Corbett parade, my sister Denise and husband Steve are coming out to watch with us and then we'll come back here and have a BBQ on the deck.  If you celebrate the 4th of July - I hope you have a wonderful one!  It's when we Americans celebrate our Independence.. :-)  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. What a beautiful plate you made Teresa. A great keepsake. The falls are looking gorgeous, please send some's been another grey day again here. Have a lovely weekend and enjoy your preparations xx

  2. Well, I think your platter is a winner, and I love how the multi-colored join symbolizes how our country is a gathering place of folks from many different heritages who choose to be united in freedom to establish peace for all! I am curious and eager to see what you create for the next contest because I continue to appreciate and admire your artistry. I enjoyed seeing the falls in the sunshine, too. Thanks! Kristi's Uncle Sam is a great find, and I like how you have him arranged for the July 4th celebration. We are scheduled to visit friends who live on the bank of the Clackamas River in Damascus on July 4th. Your plans sound like fun, and I look forward to your post about the festivities :) xx

  3. I think your platter is beautiful, Teresa. I really like the rainbow trim on it. It doesn't matter if you won the contest or not, you made a very nice thing. I hope you have a happy holiday weekend.

  4. Busy ness at the Visitor center is good for the exposure..more people loving that part of the country.
    I Love your Red white blue Plate. That does not look easy to do at all . Mmmmm bbq. I love Desserts for the 4th....lemon squares and the like. ENJOY

  5. I can't believe your plate didn't place. It's beautiful! I love the rainbow trim! I wonder what would happen if you tried to enter it again? Would they notice? Have a wonderful Independence Day weekend! **hugs**

  6. What a gorgeous plate, clever you. And how beautiful the falls look in the sunshine. I'm not surprised they are so popular. Have a good long weekend. CJ xx

  7. Your patriotic plate is lovely, Teresa.....a creation to be proud of. I wonder what you will make next time? You are a very creative lady. Have a lovely weekend and enjoy your plans for the 4th!
    Helen xox

  8. Teresa your platter is gorgeous! Unbelievable that it didn't win an award, but the best reward is your satisfactions in a beautiful work of art. I like your new candleholder. Kristi is very thoughtful and knows what you like doesn't she? The last few times we've driven by Multnomah Falls we haven't been able to stop because there has been absolutely no parking anywhere. That's very disappointing to me because I always like to browse the visitor center for fun things. Oh well. More people are discovering that beautiful place. I hope your 4th is lovely my friend.

  9. You should submit your plate into the Clackamas county fair. Deadline is looming - mid July? I enter my stuff every year and it's just a crap shoot as to what the judges are looking for. An entertainment into itself...
    One year I sponsored the prize for best watercolor and the judges picked a piece done under the sink. Literally, under the sink, with all the pipes and comet cleanser.....hmmmm. The next year I specified Best Watercolor Flowers.
    As to the 4th; I don't have to work so I am off to the parade on my bike at 9:30 and the library book sale at 10. Then home to BBQ baby back ribs, potato salad and watermelon. None of the neighbors (so far) have stepped up to the plate to host the lawn mower/tractor races.
    Have a wonderful fourth!

  10. I think your plate is beautiful. Phooey on those judges!
    The Uncle Sam candle holder is a treasure. It looks great with your platter. Happy 4th!

  11. Beautiful plate Teresa! Wow it should have won something. I like your concept of the melting pot of colors too. And your deck (header) looks awesome! I love lights at night like that. When I lived in Portland, I was always amazed that Multnomah Falls wasn't that crowded and not that many people seemed to go there, even on the weekends. I AM glad to see it more noticed and appreciated for what a unique wonder it is! Have a nice 4th! Marilyn

  12. Happy 4th of July Teresa, your plate is wonderful. Have a great time with your family.

  13. You are a winner as far as I am concerned, it was a beautiful platter. Hope you enjoy your celebration with family and friends.

  14. Oh Teresa that plate is FABULOUS xxoo

  15. Oh, I LOVE your plate. I don't understand why it would not have placed. Must have been some stiff competition. What will you submit this time? The Falls are beautiful. It's a dusty day here. Yuck! Happy 4th!

  16. Teresa,
    Love the platter and Uncle Sam is fantastic!!
    My former blog, Debbie-Dabble was hacked through my Face Book Debbie-Dabble Page. I created a new blog, Debbie-Dabble Blog and I invite you to please follow me on my new blog.



  17. Your plate is beautiful! I would have given it a prize!!


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