Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Small Town USA - 4th of July 2016

We had a great time yesterday!  Up early, my sister Denise joined us, and up to the parade we headed.  Dayle surprised us with Uncle Sam hats and I snapped a photo of the boys under the decorated gazebo.  :-)  

The parade starts with a lot of cars, historic cars, the Mustang Club, old farm trucks, tractors and all manner of motor vehicles.

We were thrilled to get our old place back to watch the parade - the last 2 years or so someone had come early and had taken over *OUR* place at the top of Bell Road.  It's a pie shaped area between our road and the Historic Columbia River Highway.  Dayle and Travis set up our shade canopy and decorated it with the US flag and the 1st Air Cav flag - the unit he served with in Vietnam.  Kristi's friend Jody and the boys friend Ayden and Ayla joined us.

Our friend Ken in his vintage car, this is actually his daily driver!

The kids showing off how well they're doing collecting candy being thrown from the cars and floats!

I was super pleased to see this red VW bus in the parade, it's almost JUST like the one we got brand new in 1970!  I miss our so much.  I wish we'd kept it.

Then the color guard arrived, we all stood and saluted.  Next is the Corbett Volunteer Fire Department 14.

I love this car but I keep wondering if the neon orange tire rims are original to the car?

I wasn't sure what the theme of this float was - but I see cardboard surfboards and Judy from Big Bear's Market.

I love this old Chevrolet pickup.. it would be fun to have an old farm truck.

My favorite part of the parade are all the wonderful horses and the riders.

My friend Ed is in the car on the left, he and I worked on the big event at Multnomah Falls on the planning committee for almost 2 years.  

My heart melted when I saw a young mother pulling her little girl in a wagon and the little ginger haired toddler had fallen asleep.  Awwww.  :-)

Here is an 80s era Corvette.

I call this guy "the grumpy farmer".  :-)

An old beauty and a glorious 1957? Corvette.

I love this little covered wagon with the little pioneer girls.

Here are several 4-H kids and a chicken.  :-)  I was the Dairy Goat 4-H leader for 5 years for my kids and lots of their friends.  We showed the goats at the Multnomah County Fair.  Lots of great memories.  Kids in stalls of fresh straw, milking their goats there.  :-)

This car was quite different!

Girls and their horses.. such a wonderful thing for young people.

As a Volkswagen loving family, we adored this little vintage bug cutie.

This free spirit group was with the Corbett Performing Arts Club - they were promoting their next play - "A Midsummer's Night Dream"!  I was so very charmed when this little thespian came up to me and offered me a daisy.. which I put behind my ear and wore the rest of the day.  

Wasn't that sweet?

Bringing up the rear are more of the Corbett Fire Trucks.  Parade over.. another wonderful experience for us.

This is the haul of candy that both our grandson's picked up - better than Halloween!  LOL!

Then back to the farm to relax and visit.. Dayle put chicken on the pellet BBQ/Smoker and I brought out the potato salad and baked beans I made on Sunday.  Denise brought a fruit salad and a "cinnamon roll cake".  

The Hydrangea made quite the lovely floral background.  :-)

BBQ chicken.. it was delish!

The potato salad had a dozen of our own chicken's chopped eggs, celery, sweet pickles, snipped fresh chives from our garden, mayo, mustard, salt and pepper sprinkled with paprika just like Mom used to make.  For the baked beans I just added ketchup, a little mustard, molasses and 3/4s cup of frozen orange juice concentrate and let it simmer for a few hours to thicken up.  

Our entertainment through our alfresco picnic were dozens of Goldfinches feeding at our thistle seed socks.

The males are the bright yellow ones, but the females are pretty too.. 

Denise's cake was very tasty!

The boys were invited by their friend to join them on some fun boating and tubing on Saturday.. looks like fun, doesn't it?

I got a kick out of this one.. it looks like they are quite relaxed.. with Mt. Hood in the background.. on the Columbia River.

We're just relaxing today.. and will take down some of our decorations.  Tomorrow Gracie and I are heading back to Bonneville Hot Springs to swim.  I hope you are enjoying July!!  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. It looks like you had such a fun Fourth, Teresa. Truly the quintessential All-American celebration. I enjoyed your photos. The boys got so much candy! Wow. My kids would have loved that part. It was fun to see all the classic cars. We have a lot of different kinds of car shows here because of Route 66. My son always refers to the as Old West cars. I don't know why but he started when he was preschooler and he still says that, so now we all say it. :) I don't think those rims are original either, but that guy sure seemed to be having fun with his car. :)

  2. Sounds like a great fourth Teresa. Love all of those gorgeous cars and trucks. So pretty. Looks like the kids had a ball also.

    Have a great week.


  3. Glad you enjoyed your celebrations and the parade. Wow the boys have a lot of sweets there! xx

  4. What a wonderful 4th of July you had! It was so much fun seeing the photos you shared of you and your family having fun. The parade brought back wonderful memories for me as I grew up in small central Washington town and the annual rodeo parade was a highlight the year. It's great to see that this tradition still lives on in small town America. Wishing you the best, Pat

  5. What a fun day Teresa! The parade looks like it was a lot of fun and what yummy food you came home to!

  6. What a fabulous parade Teresa. Indeed impressive I thoroughly enjoyed these pictures!!! They certainly know how to celebrate over there in the USA LOL!!

    Happy belated 4th July xx


  7. Looks wonderful Teresa. Enjoyed 'seeing' the Parade. My grandchildren would have loved those sweets :-) Your meal looked delish hugs Anne x

  8. What a wonderful parade and so much fun to celebrate with family and friends. Now that was a lot of sweets, great fun.

  9. Looks like a brilliant parade, glad you all had such a good time. The photo with Mt Hood in the background is brilliant. Hope you have a good week. CJ xx

  10. The Best! Thanks so much for sharing your days with us, Teresa. We had a good time on the banks of the Clackamas River, but no parade :) Wasn't it crazy to have such cool cloudy weather on July 4th? Last year we bake in the sun! xx

  11. Wow awesome Teresa and love the "grumpy farmer" lol lol xoxo

  12. I'm off to post my parade photos.

  13. Such a great day Teresa, from beginning to end. I loved watching the parade with you. Thank you for sharing with us. That BBQ chicken looks delicious. I hope you have fun swimming with Gracie tomorrow. Give her a hug for me. I miss you two.

  14. What a fun day. We wound up sleeping in on the 4th as we'd gotten home at 11:30 after the St. Paul rodeo on Sunday evening. Went to a car show in Canby and ate some goodies before heading home. It's good and back to work today! Glad the weather is cooler this wsek. Thanks for sharing your 4th of July with us! I've not been to a parade in awhile. Happy week, my friend! <:}

  15. I love seeing photos of your part of the world. It looks so beautiful and what a lovely parade! Happy 4th of July for all of you on the other side of the world :) Oh, and your lunch looks absolutely delicious!! **hugs**

  16. Looks like you had a beautiful day!

  17. Glad you had such a great day! The cars are fantastic aren't they!

  18. Nothing like a small town parade. Ours used to be, but the town has grown so much in the 35 years we have been here! But still, it is a lot of fun. I loved seeing how you celebrated! The dinner looked fabulous!
    Such great fun....Awwww...Summer!!
    xo Kris

  19. I love the parade and all the festivities. We didn't do a thing.
    Hope your trip with Gracie was wonderful.

  20. I LOVED all the parade post photos Teresa!! The daisy gift is the sweetest touch! I've never seen that done!
    The kids candy haul is impressive. WE love VW vans too~!
    I love the aqua truck.
    Finally,Fireman and I went for the last swim in our public pool . We have a fun list of LASTS going before the move. We have to find a house. Looking again tomorrow. It is very fun and exciting. ANyhow in the high heat and humidity the pool felt amazing!

  21. My what a lovely celebration! Yummy food, too!
    I totally enjoyed my visit.
    Connie :)

  22. More catching up, from cherries and pineapples this time...in the correct order!
    I've googled 4H - sounds like SUCH a good organisation(s).
    We had a VW van, not the camper type, it had a very distinctive engine sound.


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