Friday, July 8, 2016

Summer Days This and That

On Wednesday my pal Gracie and I headed up the Columbia River Gorge to swim again at the healing waters of Bonneville Hot Springs.  I thought it would be fun to have our lunch somewhere different so when we paid our $1 toll to go over the Bridge of the Gods I asked the toll taker where the best place for lunch in Stevenson, Washington was and she said "Big T's"!  I'd never heard of it so we found it and it sits on a bluff overlooking the river.  We could see sailboats out on the Columbia racing along.

It was inside an old house, we sat on the front porch.

They had a nice bright porch but we found a table with a comfy booth inside.  My goodness, they had a varied menu!  We both got a cheeseburger, Gracie got sweet potato fries and I had crispy tater tots and we both got a huge glass mug of iced tea.  We'll be going back here!

Then on to the hot springs.. they have a long rock wall on the south side of the garden courtyard and a fountain splashes down the whole length of it.  Isn't it pretty?  It was our best swim yet as there were very few people in the pool.. it's so soothing there with spa-like music playing while you swim, knowing you're "taking the waters" in healthful mineral water and the view from the pool are the trees in the gardens and forest surrounding the place.  Ahhh.. nice.

After our swim and showers and all we drove over the Bridge of the Gods and on to the East Wind Drive-In for refreshment.  Then to the Cascade Locks Marine Park where we saw all the racing boats, Lasers, coming back after the racing to the shore.  So pretty.

It was reminiscent of my Sunfish sailing.. flying across the water being propelled by the winds.. the water splashing across the bow, the sun sparkling on the water.  

Do you read Country Living magazine?  I do.. it's getting mighty thin though.. but I still enjoy it.  I love it when they do stories about small business people, artists, craftsmen.. small farms.  I saw one recently about a neat young family on a farm in Northern California, the woman of the family screen prints cards and even the bags in which she sells her dried beans they raise, the label on the honey they produce, so I went to her Etsy store and got a box of assorted products, the beeswax candles, butter beans and honey.  It just arrived and I can't wait to try the honey and make something with the beans.  I *LOVE* supporting small business and independent craftspeople!  Here is a link to her store.. Butterbean Studios.  (I'm not getting paid to support her but I like to spread the good word.)

My darling younger sister Denise went to Peru and Ecuador and brought me some sweet souvenirs as a gift.. Thank you, Denise!  I shared some chocolate with Dayle last night and it was tasty.  I adore the hand embroidered tea cloth and the wonderfully colorful hand-woven and leather coin purse.  So neat!

And I'm back in the Bootie Business.. making some pink booties for my niece.  We'll be attending a shower for her in Corvallis at the end of the month, should be fun.  I want to make a hat to match.  :-)

In a bit I'll be packing my swim bag to meet Gracie at our regular pool.  Are you keeping busy this summer?  What are you doing for fun?  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. As I'm typing I see patches of blue sky among the clouds and am hoping we will get some sunshine going here to warm up our summer :) The photos you got of our swimming trip on Wednesday are so pretty! The gifts Denise brought you are lovely and it looks like you found some nice products from Butterbean Studios. Your latest crocheting is sweet! See you soon :) xx

  2. It's always fun to read what adventures you and Gracie are up to. The photos are so lovely of the boats. I'm going to check out Butterbean Studios. Have a wonderful day, Pat xx

  3. What a lovely swim day you both enjoyed. Enjoy your weekend xx

  4. You and Gracie are having so much fun! Mr. "T's" looks like a wonderful place to eat. Whenever I drive over the Bridge of the Gods I pay the toll for the car behind me. I would love to see the expression on their face when they get to the tollbooth booth and are told they don't have to pay. Ha ha! I like the gifts that Denise brought you. The chocolate looks especially good to me and the little purse and towel are so colorful. I'm going to go to Etsy and check out that shop. There are so many neat things on Etsy, it can be a black hole for me. I hope you have a lovely weekend Teresa.
    Blessings, Betsy

  5. I think biking to work when it's sunny (and cool this summer) is about as fun as I get.

  6. I want to go to BIG T's !!! And I love your small business find!

  7. Sounds like you had a good day out. So lovely out. I'm working on wedding photos I took of two co-workers a couple weeks ago. Half way done. Megan brought home corn on the cob and necterines from Bauman farms today. We had the corn with the meat loaf and carrot stix for dinner. Oh so yummy! Nice evening to walk as well! Happy weekend, my friend!

  8. So nice that you and Gracie are able to spend such quality time together, exploring even more the area around you. I'm still planning our trip to the States. My youngest will be attending college in Albany, NY so our travels will first take us to Canada, then NY, MA and PA. I want to start making some baby booties for charity. Have never made any before but found a cute pattern to try. Off to crochet group this morning. Take care and have a good weekend. Tammy

  9. What a wonderful day out the Spa and surrounding area looks idyllic. You certainly found some great things on Etsy, I too like to support small business's. Great gifts from your sister and lovely crochet boots always a winner for a new baby. Take care.

  10. That restaurant looks wonderful - what a view ! Denise's gift is sweet - wonder what Peruvian chocolate tastes like? You must let us know. I wish I could talk myself into going to a pool as its such great exercise when you can't walk very far. Have a lovely weekend. xox

  11. Sounds like you are keeping really busy Teresa. I love all the photos of the wonderful places you visit and of course your adventures with Gracie.

  12. What a beautiful place to have lunch and enjoy all the stunning scenery!!
    Thanks so much for stopping by my new blog!!

  13. Such a beautiful place to visit and have lunch too ♥ I am cold here lol
    Looking forward to another holiday at end of august...xoxo

  14. Such wonderful sunny pictures, and what a great time you have been having! Loved seeing the sailing husband used to sail a Laser many years ago. Your gifts from your sister are so special and colourful! And what darling little booties you are making :)
    Happy week ahead.
    Helen xox

  15. Such a lovely trip you had with Gracie, lovely Teresa!..It's so good to be here and catching up with you again ...looking at your beautiful pics...and such sweet little bootees ;-)
    Have a lovely Sunday,
    Susan x
    P.S Thank you for your kind comments about the little bears x

  16. Oh Teresa looks like a lovely trip. Great to see the sun, not seen it much in these parts.

  17. All looks so lovely Teresa. A bit - well lot different than where I went swimming today!!! I think I'm going to complain!
    Your gifts from your sister are lovely! I've been very busy as always doing this and that. Hugs Anne x


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