Friday, September 30, 2016

Birthday Lunch

Yesterday my "best friend from 7th grade" Shirley celebrated her birthday by inviting us to her home and making lunch for us all!  It was also my sister Roberta's birthday a few days ago, so we had a double birthday party.  :-)  Younger sister Denise arrived home just the day before from a 3 week trip to visit Lake Erie and surrounding places.  Shirley made an Italian Chopped Salad, I brought fresh baked artisan bread, Denise brought iced tea and Roberta brought dessert.  Shirley has created a wonderful garden at her home and gave us a tour before lunch.  I was charmed by this old shutter that was planted with succulents.. she has it hanging on the fence.  

Shirley started a collection of keys on this wall and each time I visit there are more.. it's quite a collection now!  

Shirley also had a painting I gifted to her many years ago.  One of my octopus ink paintings of a covered bridge that I photographed on the way to visit my mom years ago.

Shirley has a neat little garden area that her husband John made for her along their front walkway and the Dahlias have done well there.

They have the cutest potting bench in their back yard, above it in the center is a bird house that I had built for me and painted ivy on it and gifted to her.  :-)  Isn't this a charming area?

We had a wonderful lunch and chatted away.. I forgot to take a photo of the chopped salad but did get this shot of our dessert.  Yum!

I found the neatest handmade gift bags for the girl's gifts.. :-)

And gave Roberta and Shirley each a handblown glass pumpkin for their fall decor.  We had a lively discussion on our current political situation.  The 4 of us agree on things, so that is good.  :-)  I won't say anymore about it.. :-X

I made it through some difficult traffic and arrived home.. Dayle was on the tractor mowing the field.  I have been wanting to take a photo of our Hawthorn tree which is covered with berries.. very fall-ish!

See how many berries there are?

When I walked up upon the deck I noticed one single pink Gerbera Daisy in bloom.  So pretty.

I think this is an Abe Lincoln rose.. in bloom in the garden.

My basket of Moss Roses is still going strong.

We added a pumpkin by the back door.. come on in.  :-)

I'm heading off to the pool soon.. I was hoping to go on a scenic drive today but that fell through.   :-)  What are you doing today?  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Happy birthday to Shirley and Roberta and I'm glad you had a good celebration at Shirley's lovely home. Your pretty Hawthorne berries are making me wonder if one could make a wreath of them by adding them to a grapevine wreath. Have you tried to do that, Teresa? I hope you have a good swim, but I am not organized enough at this point to make it over there. I have gotten some paper work done and need to do more. I hope you and yours have a happy weekend! xx

  2. What a gorgeous home she has. I hope she and Roberta had lovely birthdays. The succulents look fantastic displayed like that, and I really love the keys. I am starting my own collection immediately! CJ xx

  3. Looks like a wonderful time that you had for Shirley and Roberta's birthdays. How nice you can all get together to celebrate. I enjoyed visiting her home and seeing all of her lovely things. That's a lot of berries! We have lots of berries on the trees around our home too. The "experts" say that that bodes for a difficult winter. I sure hope they're wrong. :-) Have a lovely weekend.
    Blessings, Betsy

  4. Love the shutter and wall..and your covered bridge and great you all have each other.

  5. Miss you all and the wonderful Oregon fall weather - right before the rains start! :) Happy Birthday to Bertie.

  6. What fun ideas for gardening your friend has. I wish I was more creative. Looks like a good lunch. Cooler weather, crunchy leaves and more colors on trees around here. Hoping the Gorge has some gorgeous colors this weekend!!

  7. I love Shirley's home. Next time I'm going to get myself invited. I'm up to having two birthdays in a year.

  8. Love the shutter with the plants, inspirational. The key s were a delight to see too. Sounds like a fun visit. We are hoping for a quiet weekend pottering.

  9. The glass pumpkins are gorgeous. And I love the key wall. Looks like Shirley has a lovely, relaxing home.

  10. Happy Birthday to the Birthday Girls, lovely gifts. Shirley's home is wonderful.

  11. Happy Birthday to Shirley and Roberta! That is quite a collection of keys. I love it!

  12. Loved everything in your post! Happy birthday ladies! That shutter with the succulents is awesome! I have alot of bare fence and that would look so good on it... also loved her potting bench and the cute things on the fence. Your birdhouse is darling and your painting with the covered bridge is so neat. I love seeing the things you've made! Glass pumpkins... real pumpkins.... red berries....wreaths.... I guess Fall is here now! My weekend is going to be very slow as I worked every day last week at a part-time "fill-in" job for attorneys... kind of stressful when you haven't done it for 5 years! So this weekend is crashing time and watching TV and eating!

  13. So special that you were able to spend this time with good friends! And wow! Those succulents on that shutter are so striking! Perhaps an idea for next spring here in Massachusetts!

  14. I love your friends whimsical yard ! That is a real talent. Im afraid if I did that it would look like a PICKERS find! Love your flower images. The key collection is very unique!

  15. Hi Teresa, I've missed a lot on your blog lately. It's been really hard to keep up with blogs while some other things are going on. I hope you've all been well. Your birthday lunch looks like it was a lot of fun. I think it's wonderful that you are close with your sisters and still keep in touch with your old friend. It's so nice to see.

  16. Happy Birthday to Shirley and Roberta! What a lovely celebration you all had! I loved seeing all your pictures here, all so interesting. Your hawthorn berries are beautiufl and so decorative and I love your door with the pumpkin. Happy new week Teresa.
    Helen xox

  17. heartiest best wishes for her birth day!
    what a blessing to have a childhood friend live near by mine live in far cities .
    glad you had such lovely time with you friend .you love for her shines through your whole post dear.tiny flower pots are so fascinating .loved your painting that you gifted to her.her shutter amazed me never saw such pretty one before

  18. Happy Birthday to Shirley and Roberta! That looked like a wonderful birthday lunch. Shirley has a lovely home! You certainly live in a beautiful part of the world with beautiful friends and family:)


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