Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Portland Cityscape and Dollhouse Gifts

Hello my friends!  Yesterday we had an appointment with an attorney to do some estate planning - it was in Portland, Oregon, just 20 minutes from where we live.  We had an interesting meeting, learned a lot and feel good about getting our affairs in order.  :-)  On the way home we crossed over the Markham Bridge where you get an amazing view of our beautiful city.  We were in slow moving traffic so I asked Dayle to quick get out my iPhone, turn on the camera, hand it over and take the wheel.. and look at the photo I got!  

One of my blog readers, Teresa, recently asked if she could send me some of the extra dollhouse items she had.. wasn't that nice of her?  I received a box with these things in it.. how generous and nice.. thank you Teresa!!  Teresa has 5 dollhouses and told me she has boxes of extra tiny things so she wanted to share them with me.  Sweet.  There is even a dog bed and tiny pair of sunglasses, 2 brass lanterns, a candle sconce and more.

This tiny pair of hand-crocheted hot-pads totally charmed me.  Aren't they cute?  They're about the size of your thumbnail (made ya look! Ha!)

I've loved fancy hatboxes my whole life but never imagined a tiny one.. this will take pride of place on the highboy in my dollhouse bedroom.

And of course, 4 tiny skeins of yarn with wrappers in a little basket.. ::swoon::

There is a dish drainer and a roll of paper towels.. aren't these cute?

I will try to get some photos of these things once I place them in the dollhouse to show you, ok?  OK.. gotta pack the swim bag for a jaunt to the hot springs pool.  We're having a wonderful sunny warm day.. yay!  I hope your day is fabulous.  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. How wonderful and generous. I loved it all but those tiny hot pads were a delight. Hope you enjoy your swim, its wonderful weather here too we had a trip to the garden centre today.

  2. Glad you got yourselves sorted..always a good idea. Really sweet dolls house furniture xx

  3. Ha ha ha .. yes, I did look at my thumb nail !!!! Thanks for the lovely photo of Portland. I've often wondered what it was like. Many years ago when we were moving to Auckland, New Zealand, the person checking in our cat at the airport mis-heard us and almost sent Chang to Portland instead of Auckland. Thank goodness it got sorted in time. Xox

  4. Great photo! I didn't realize you were so close to Portland. I tried to talk Zack into applying there for college as I really wanted to visit and explore Oregon. HA! The dollhouse items are so sweet -- so nice of her to send them to you.

  5. That's always been one of my favorite views of Portland. I love driving through downtown, but NOT when the traffic is bad. Those miniatures are so great. I really love the basket of yarn and the hotpads!

  6. The cityscape is outstanding!!! And yes I looked at my thumbnail :) It was lovely Teresa sent you the dollhouse decorations...kind of like playing dolls through cyberspace! xx

  7. What adorable gifts from your friend. So kind! It is good to do estate planning and powers of attorney etc for the future, it will be of a great help to your family someday, which I hope will be a long long long way off!! xx

  8. Have fun swimming and decorating your dollhouse with your new items. Those potholders are adorable. How do you crochet something that small?
    Have a lovely weekend.
    Connie :)

  9. Your cityscape photo is gorgeous! Cute little miniatures (yup I did look at my thumbnail). The basket with yarn is fabulous!

  10. The dish soap and rack are tooo dang cute. I could get into this! You will be in trouble if I do!
    City shot is wonderful

  11. I am so glad that you liked the things that I sent to you. That picture of the city is fantastic! I can't believe that it is 30 some years ago that I was there!!! I hope you enjoyed your swim.

  12. I love all the items here, Teresa!!! Thank you so much for sharing. :)

  13. Such lovely tiny gifts. I love them.


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