Monday, September 26, 2016

Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival

I made a beeline for the basket sellers booth.. all the way Dayle is saying.. "You don't NEED another basket!".. but Gracie has a little round one that I had admired and I don't have a little one..  so I want one.. :-)  He even helped me pick out the prettiest one.  What a nice husband.  

Oh how I love these baskets.  These baskets are woven in Ghana, West Africa.  Called "Bolga Baskets" are made from elephant grass.  The women in the village weave the baskets and the men tan the goat hide used on the handles.  The purchase of these baskets is helping a farmer in Africa.  Who am I not to help out, I ask you?  

My little basket was only $10 - I just noticed on the tag that I could have gotten 2 for $15!  Dang!  

Backing up the truck a bit.. :-)  Dayle and I drove to Canby and went to the place where he and his railroad co-workers used to go to have breakfast.  We've been going there each year for lunch before we hit the OFFF.  It's changed hands many times but each time the food is good.. I wonder if they kept the cook each time a new buyer came on?  :-)  The newest name is "Sugar Plum's Cafe and Bakery".  When we walked in we did a double-take on a man in a booth, it was Dayle's best buddy from his railroad days!  Mike!  And his wife was there too.  We had a nice chat before we got our own booth and ordered lunch.  After lunch we drove on to the festival and passed this neat old truck.

OFFF is held on the Clackamas Country Fairgrounds.. the gardens were gorgeous this year.  

There was carded and dyed wool aplenty.  I refrained from buying any as I still have some from the last visit that I need to spin up on my spinning wheel.  But it was still fun to fondle and look at.  

A new booth was a broom maker, I was drawn to the colorful straw brooms.

I asked the broom maker if I could take a photo.. sure he said.. could I have a smile?  Sure, he said.. lol!  

A stroll through the barns to see the Angora goats.. the different breeds of sheep.. the alpacas.  Love.

Some Cashmere babies.. sweetness.

OH BOY!  The little cute sheep lady was there!  Ohh.. look at that one!  And that one!

And this sculpture.. I swooned over.. it's a goat pulling a cart with a cow, pig, sheep and rooster on top!

A really BIG sheep with cute blanket.. and a neat little sheep replica.

Of course I had to visit the alpacas.. funny little darlings.

The swath of begonias charmed me.  And so we headed out from a fun time at the festival.

And then not far away is the Swan Island Dahlia Farm.. we love to go see the flowers in the field and they have a little red shed with bouquets for sale.  Dayle and I picked out 3 bunches to bring home.  I filled the bag with some water from the hose and Dayle stuck the flowers in and we stowed them in the car.

We walked around the rows of flowers and got some photos.. I especially love the speckled colors in this one.

This one is especially cute.

Dayle's favorites are the BIG ones!

A shot over the fields as we drove out of the gardens.

A new broom came home with us.. the broom makers wife gave us a hand made iron nail to hang it with, which I pounded into the wall and hung it just so next to the back door.  

Do you love all the colors of straw in the broom?  

Attached to the broom is a cute wooden nickel with the makers website on it.. how clever is that?  Squire Brooms website.

And look who else followed me home?  *LOVE*

My new purchases look very autumnal, don't you think?  I told my husband that this is called "retail therapy" and it worked.  

Our Dahlia bouquet on the table.. the flowers bring me much happiness.

We're having some wonderful sunny and warm weather over the last few days, so I'm going to enjoy my trip to town to swim this afternoon.  I hope you're having sunshine and warmth where you are.  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Fun times! The flowers are so beautiful and love your new broom, basket and, of course, your little sheep with the Autumn garland. How sweet. Glad you had such a nice time.

  2. The weather was perfect for enjoying OFFF and the Dahlias, and what fun to bump into friends along the way! Your pretty photos help me feel I was there, too. Thanks for the link to Squirebrooms. I enjoyed reading about their business, The colorful broom you bought and brought home looks like you hung it in just the right handy spot! xx

  3. What a wonderful day out you had! Your new basket is lovely and looks great with your pumpkins on the table! xx

  4. Hi Teresa. What a super day that was. Absolutely adore all your purchases. We don't seem to do Autumnal decorations here but you do inspire me to start such traditions. hugs Anne x

  5. I'VE HAD a broom on my wishlist for sooo long. Im jealous

  6. What a lovely day out Teresa and I love the treasures you brought home with you xx

  7. Such a fun day for you and Dayle. I love all of your finds, especially the basket and cute little sheep. How fun to run into an old friend too. It was meant to be. Gorgeous fall flowers.
    Blessings always,

  8. That festival is fun but I decided my apples needed worked on instead so I stayed home. Sigh! Good finds though. I've often thought about buying one of those little sheep too. The dahlia farm is lovely and I went there a few weeks ago. My cut flowers lasted 9 days. So pretty! Check your email as I sent you a message, if you've not seen it already. Happy week! :'}

  9. I love baskets and the little one you got is lovely. That market looked very interesting and no doubt was heaps of fun. Those alpacas are gorgeous aren't they? Beautiful dahlias - my favourite would be the big one and the speckled one but they all are stunners. xox

  10. Such a lovely day out. I would have had to help out with the baskets and bring several back with me, they are gorgeous. A lot to see, such a delightful day and some great purchases.

  11. Great to hear about your fabulous day out. What a coincidence to see Dayle's friend and his wife. Lovely crafty buys too. I love to buy things from the people who have made them, and dahlias are some of my favourites too. I think it is the bright colours.

  12. I don't know what I like more! I have never seen a broom that had colors like that! Only plain colored ones. That fair looks so interesting! I also like the idea of buying a basket that helps some one in Africa. So many to choose from. You have the best adventures!

  13. What a delightful post, Teresa! Love all the pics. Your basket it so pretty and I love that colorful bloom! Thanks for sharing. :)

  14. Oh that sheep is so cute! I am in love with it. I am still in love with the wonderful purple one you sent me last year. The festival looks like it was wonderful. Your broom is great. I have a cobweb broom from a friend of mine, it is probably 15 feet long.
    Hugs to you Teresa,

  15. This looks like a fun time and you bought some great treasures!

  16. I've been busy with my guests but today I took them across the ferry and onto the Dahlia fields. They are in love. My host-sis's dad used to raise dahlias as cut flowers to market when she was a little girl.
    I'm glad you and Dayle ran into old friends in Canbyland.

  17. Now, that is the perfect day. Enjoying the outdoors and sweet animals. Seeing old friends. Purchasing with purpose. Fondling yarn and frolicking with flowers. You bought some really nice things that you placed perfectly around your home. Love the broom by the back door.

  18. You did have a lot of baskets to choose from! I would have brought home a truckload at that price. Mine little one was $16 at one vendor and $24 at another. That broom is a work of art. We have a broom maker at the MDSW but not with colored straws. Beautiful!

  19. That broom is gorgeous! Looks like it was a fun day :)


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