Friday, September 23, 2016

Cozying In

Hello my friends.  Well.. one more summer done and dusted.  Fall is here.  It's rainy, grey and chilly here now.  We have the heat on and are cozy in our little old farmhouse.  On Wednesday it was still nice and Gracie and I went to the hot springs to swim.  We had lunch at Big T's and then went to the park to look for black acorns.  I found a beauty!  I found two more smaller ones with no caps, too.  I picked up a fallen twig with a few leaves on it and laid the prize acorn on top of the russet gold leaves.  Oh pretty.

Big T's sits on a hillside and there are California Poppies there.. *snap*

Nothing says Autumn like brown leaves and acorns, does it?

The American Empress was at the dock again.  I wonder if it runs all year or goes into dry dock in the winter?  I'll have to check.

Sun pennies on the river.. not many sparkles during the next few seasons.  :-(

I volunteered at Multnomah Falls with Shirley yesterday.  I took my knitting.  It's really neat how many people ask me what I'm doing.  I have fun having them touch the cotton I'm using.  To those who were knitters I'd show them my faux tortoise shell knitting needles that I use.  I have a nice collection of them - I get them on eBay from Australia where they obviously used to be quite popular.  My blog friend Wendy from there even sent me a few sets of needles that her mother gave her.  Wasn't that sweet!?

You should keep an eye out for some needles like this.. you can find them in antique stores or vintage thrift shops.  They are flexible and feel great to the touch.

Remember the baby hat I made for a young friend of mine?  Emily took a photo of her darling little baby girl Lynden and posted it on Facebook for me to see.  Isnt' she cute?  She has a handsome older brother and they look a lot alike.  Sweet family.

The Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival is on tomorrow.. I hope we might go visit.  Do you have any fun weekend plans?  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. What a wonderful week you have been having. Your black acorns are intriguing, I have never seen them before! Have a good weekend! xx

  2. Such lovely photos you got along the Columbia, Teresa, and thank you for linking to me. Your little sweetie is a great model for the pretty hat you made for her and it seems that it is time to wear hats again since our heater just came on, too. I have a meeting to go to tomorrow, but I hope you get to enjoy going to the FFF. xx

  3. Love the acorns..and le bébé
    Same weather here..first cool day.

  4. I'll be attending the Oregon Flock & Fiber Festival early tomorrow morning, rain or shine. I have my eye on testing out a Hansen E-spinner and picking up a few baskets from Kruger's.
    I hope to see you there. I'll be the short, fluffy gal in the pick baseball cap.
    Love the black acorns.

  5. Love your acorns and fall goodness. I would love to be t the Flock me Fiver festival with you. There may just be a trip to Portland the end of October. Are you available Oct. 21. More to come later. Our heaters on in the trailer too!

  6. I only have a short window today for thr flock and fiber - directly after work --10-11am. Might catch ya.

  7. Those acorns are brilliant. We've been conker hunting with Daisy ;0) Enjoy your weekend xx

  8. Those black acorns are beautiful but I'm hoping you will be getting rid of them when the fall decor turns to Christmas? Years ago when my daughter was a child, she collected acorns over a weekend camping trip. A few weeks after our return she began to sniffle and show signs of a respiratory problem. After checking her out and then her closet I discovered the bag of acorns filled with mold spores! As soon as we cleaned them out her respiratory problems cleared up. Somehow when you started to mention collecting black acorns I immediately thought of this story.

  9. Your black acorns are so lovely. We have yet to turn on the heat here. ITs fairly humid so that makes it feel warmer. No true crisp days yet.
    Weekend plans: having old friends who are unsure if they are getting divorced. UNcomforable!
    Tomorrow Fireman wants to see the triathlon in town. Later he AND i will stop at the wooden boat show for snicks.

  10. Oh and Teresa: WE are an hour and a half from our old home. :)

  11. Cute baby, wonderful knitting and of my those acorns are amazing. Hoep you have a wonderful Fall weekend,

  12. I have some old plastic tortoiseshell needles in my collection. I had no idea they were unique as every time I remember my mum or nana knitting, they had a pair of these kicking around. I thought they were a relic of 70s knitting! You can find them in just about every Op Shop in Australia for about 50 cents :) If you want anymore, let me know and I'll keep an eye out for you! Im rejoicing in the new Spring weather down here. Lots of rain, lots of bright green and blossom scents in the air! Xox

  13. Love the sweet baby wearing the hat you cute! Your knitting looks wonderful. I have never seen black acorns before until you showed us the ones you found! Love all your autumn touches. Have a wonderful week Teresa.
    Helen xox

  14. A beautiful model for your knitting, she is gorgeous. The black acorns are so intriguing, I have never come across them before. Hope you had a wonderful weekend, I had family visiting so it was wonderful.


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